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  1. I use Callaway Tour iS. Purchased 450 dozen years ago with company logos to give away to customers. Got a great price as they were about to bring out the new model. Still have a lot left. I don't know if it is the best ball for me but I will keep using them until they are gone.
  2. 70% of people wearing the wrong shoe size is probably accurate for any kind of shoe not just golf. Manufacturers produce lasts for the average consumer but most of us are not average. Similar to cars that are designed for people of average height. Short or tall people may not fit comfortably. I wear leather soled dress shoes most days and there are only 2 companies that each have one of many lasts they offer that fit me just right. I learned this by trial and error over the years. We have even fewer options for golf shoes, I have only ever had one pair that really fit well and they fell apart years ago. Sometimes we have to make do with what we can get and make trade offs in comfort, performance and budget.
  3. Everything in my bag is on the chopping block. Will be doing a full bag fit this year and willing to change everything if it can help me lower my scores.
  4. The Pelz book is great, I refer back to it often. Last season it had a permanent home on the coffee table in my home office. I pulled it out a few weeks ago again once it looked like the snow was gone for good. Everything is straight forward and simplified.
  5. Spent about an hour hitting 80+ balls trying to break the habit of starting my downswing with my arms. Not the best day but will keep working on it. Old bad habits die hard.
  6. Signed up earlier this year after reading the site and forum off and on for a few years. I have not signed up to test anything as I currently do not have the time needed to do a proper review. Possibly I will have the time in the future and throw my hat in the ring but not right now. The commitment members show with the reviews and the forum itself is the reason I am here.
  7. Cam and Shawn also do fittings at TXG, they are in some of the videos. From what I have seen and talking to them they both seem very knowledgable. I am going to do the fitting in sections, putter and wedges, irons and then woods in this order. I will write a review after each section is complete. Just waiting for all the new putters and wedges to arrive.
  8. Arbeg Corryvrechan tonight. I love smoke and peat in my scotch.
  9. I had always used standard grips until a few years ago I tried oversize. Night and day for me, I didn't realize how much tighter I held the club with standard size grips. Flow of the swing felt better immediately. Wish I hadn't been lazy all those years and experimented more.
  10. I did a putter fitting a few years ago on a SAM system. Had as good or better numbers with my putter so need need to change. They did adjust the shaft angle slightly and regrouped with a round Edel grip I had tried on another putter. Overall it was good confirmation that when I had issues with putting it was my problem and not the putter. I am waiting for new putters to arrive to do another putter fitting to test new putters and make sure my stroke is still consistent and I have not changed anything for the worse. The cost is basically a round of golf so I think it os worth it every few years.
  11. My oldest daughter's first set were Pings. The shafts were much stiffer than my younger daughters US Kids set. The stiff shafts made it much more difficult for her to get height on her shots. I don't know if they are better now but something to be cautious about.
  12. That would explain it. If so, they did a good job of sucking me in.
  13. I spoke with Cam at TXG on Wednesday about splitting the full fitting up over 2-3 months. I would like to do the wedges and putter first, irons next, driver and then woods or hybrids. I will do a quick review after each fitting.
  14. I asked this question about using a 6 iron at TXG in Toronto this week. Response was that shorter irons can hide flaws in the swing and the 6 iron gave a better representation of the swing and numbers used for the fitting.
  15. TXG's Toronto location is 10 minutes from my house. I have been practicing on their launch monitors the last month. They were shooting a new video while I was there this past Wednesday. Everyone their is knowledgable and friendly. I will be doing a full bag fitting with them this year.
  16. A couple of years ago I had an hour to kill before a meeting so I went to a local Golftown to kill some time. I ended up trying different putters and found an Odyssey seemed to work best. Putts of 10-15' rolled in one after the other and I walked out with it even though I had done a putter fitting e few months earlier and my current putter was still the best for me. Historically I have never gotten along with inserts. About 8 years ago I was given an Odyssey which I had no consistency with so I passed it along to my father. Even knowing this I had visions of saving multiple strokes per round. Practicing with the new stick was great until I started playing with it on the course, I never three putted so much. The putter rolled straight but I had no consistency with distance leaving putts way short or blowing them by the hole. Looking back when I practiced with the new putter it took a couple of putts to dial in distance, this doesn't work on course. I should have known better but I still fell for the new toy looking better and visions of grandeur. The worst part is I have much bigger issues with other parts of my game while putting is by far my best aspect. Since then I try to remember this when walking in to a golf store and have not walked out with a new club since.
  17. I got both of my daughters clubs when they were five. I have tried to introduce them to a bit of everything and let them decide what they want to spend time doing. It doesn't matter to me what they choose as long as they are participating in something. My youngest who is now 11 likes rhythmic gymnastics and dance while my 12 year old likes synchronized swimming. Two years ago I started to take both to a 12 hole course near my cabin when we were there and there interest in golf slowly started. Last year we played more often and this year my oldest wants to take some lessons and spend more time playing this summer. I have always tried to keep it fun. They have always had the option to hit from their shot or place best ball at any time. Also, up to them to keep score. The only rule when they play with me is they must walk. Most kids now spend so much time in front of a computer I try to get them out doing some kind of physical activity any chance I get. I have made an effort to have them try physical activities they can do for the rest of their lives. So far the ones that seem to be sticking are golf, biking and cross country skiing.
  18. I wear a panama hat when I golf or fish. Many styles to choose from and brims of varying widths. If you buy a decent one they will last a long time. I have a few I purchased new over ten years ago and a couple more I got vintage that were made in the late sixties and early seventies. If you purchase a natural fibre panama it should still smell a little smoky no matter the age. If no smell then the fibres have dried out they will start to break.
  19. Thanks for the suggestion Danno. Looks good and 10 years with no issues is great. I have put it on the list to consider. I need to find the time to contact each manufacturer to clarify some questions with each unit. I can ask about quality and longevity but expect them all to say their product is great which is the reason for the post. I find it hard enough to try to decide what to purchase for myself but even more difficult for someone else. Trying to figure out what is more important to my father, weight, features, accessories, ease of use, breakdown size, etc.. Even colour when it is an option.
  20. I had my irons retrofitted to a TLT system (True Length Technology) at Dan's Custom Golf Shop. He came up with the math model for this concept and has been building these for many years. Similar to SL where you are able to use the same stance throughout your set for a more consistent swing. This is done by decreasing the gap in length from roughly 1/2" to much smaller, regapping loft and changing lie angles. I am 6'2" and previously I had either hit the long or short irons well but not both on a given day. Gap, sand and HL wedge are the same length which has been better for pitch shots but still having problems with chipping. I went with Scor wedges and I have no feel with them. Consistency of ball striking has improved and I would not go back to a regular set. I had Dan make some clubs for my 12 year old half way through the season last year and her ball striking improved dramatically. Again, easier to consistently set up to the ball.
  21. Thanks for the link, I read through the review. Tipping of the cart on hills is a drawback since this is a main reason for the remote cart. I would also prefer something more proven in the market. Knowing my father if something breaks he probably won't tell me and just stop using the cart and play less golf.
  22. I am looking for an electric caddy with a remote for my father. He is about to turn 71 and last year started having problems with his knee while he was pushing his golf cart on hills. He rarely played last year and couldn't play in tournaments with his friends so I want to get him a remote caddy for this season. I have been looking at them online for a few weeks and not sure which to get. I don't mind spending more if it lasts longer. Light weight, easy to fold an load are a bonus. I have looked at Kangaroo, Stewart, Motocaddy and Caddytrek. Anybody have any experience with these? All opinions welcome.
  23. I have an eleven and twelve year old playing golf. Some problem courses for kids; 1. Cart only. I can't take them by myself so these courses are out. 2. Most courses are too long even from the women's tees. My kids have the option of playing best ball for shots they mishit. We try to keep it moving. They don't want to be out there too long the same as the rest of us. 3. Long distances from green to the next tee. I want them to walk for the exercise but some courses get a little crazy. 4. Holes that are too difficult for the average golfer, let alone beginners. The kids favourite course is about half an hour from a cabin I have up north. It has 12 holes that use dog legs and small greens rather than length. The longest hole is less than 500yds. Green to next tee is very close on all but one hole and the one is still shorter than average on most courses. Not the best shape but pretty good overall. Also not too expensive. Lots of new and occasional golfers play this course. Maybe more courses like this would get more people to try the sport and keep playing.
  24. I have had a mat for a number of years and really like it. Would replace immediately if something happened to it.
  25. I will post a review of the green in the spring, right now it is covered in snow. I got less than 10hrs with it before winter so can't give any details until I spend more time using it. The green is polypropylene that is sand filled to better allow pitch shots. I used Ike's Turf and information about the green is on their website. I have no affiliation with them other than being a customer.
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