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  1. Odyssey does not call out a counter weight on their StrokeLab putters. But there is a counter weight. That is why I asked about the PLD. Don
  2. Does anyone know if the stock PLD Tyne shaft is counterweighted? Don
  3. Hi All, I am using FunGolf with my iPhone 8 (iOS 11.2.2) and Apple Watch Series 3 LTE (Watch OS 4.2). If I attempt to change a score on a previously played hole, FunGolf loses hole position. For example, I was recently playing on hole 14 when I discovered an error on hole 11. In the iPhone I adjusted the score on Hole 11. After making this correction, FunGolf keeps going back to hole 11. I can select how 14, but FunGolf goes back to hole 11. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to correct. Incidentally, I have written to the developer of FunGolf on three separate occasions over the past couple of months to help me solve this problem. They claim to have 48 hour response policy. However, I have never heard back from them. Don Barar
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