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  1. If anyone has any tips to help care for these or help preserve them I'm all ears. The oldest of them are in the picture on a rack I made. There is no covering to that case. I'm thinking about putting a plexiglass cover on it. The driver on the top of the rack is made from one single piece of wood. The heads on the other three have a nice dark rust on them. I'm not sure I would dare try to restore the heads on them. And the bag. The bag is extremely brittle. The slightest pressure from hands picking it up cracks the material.
  2. I have something that I want to show everyone. These have been in my posessuon for about 5 or 6 years now and every now and again I get them out of their bag and admire these. I dont have much backstory on these except they supposedly belonged to my grandfather's uncle. I never got a chance to golf with my grandfather but really wish I had. I took interest in golf just after he had passed. There's a variety if very old clubs here, and look to span across a couple of generations of golf, dating back to sometime around the 20's. Here's a handful of pics I took while I had them out, something I wish I had done a while ago. Maybe someone has much more historical knowledge than I do. Just wanted to share these because I think they're way too cool to not, especially around here.
  3. I got a four pack on the way. How did they compare size wise to the Callaway glove that costco used to offer? I liked the Callaway that they had and a medium fit perfect. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. I also just heard of this. One of my good golf buddies just signed up for it. I'll chime in with his experience soon. He just signed up and got an M6 delivered for his first one. I'm not too sure on the details though. My buddy said you can cancel at any time. Rough idea is you pay a $30 per month subscription and you pick a new driver every three months. How does shaft selection work? What if you immediately dont like your choice for that three month period? Personally I would think its not for everyone. I've found a driver and shaft combo that I'm really happy with so this would be useless to me. What happens when you finally get comfortable with a driver and then have to send it back? For $360 a year, you'd be lucky to test two through the playing season in Michigan. Maybe it would be good for on course testing for someone looking to take their time testing and then commit when ghe next model year comes out at reduced pricing. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. As much as I would love to be part of this test, I need to withdraw my entry. I've mentioned in previous posts that I only like to enter when I feel that it's for something I would use or see benefit in, AND, have the time to offer a quality review. As we are expecting a new addition to the family in a few months, I'm not comfortable saying that I would be able to put the time into a review/test that would be of my best work. Good luck to all, I feel like there really could be something to the stroke lab shaft concept. I think tour usage is a good place to notice the increase in use at the highest levels. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. Eric Michigan Odyssey O-Works 7s Black Strength Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Really cool looking setup there. I've had interest for a while now in putting together a "vintage" bag. I think i have a good start with some free Acushnet Model 100 Pro's. From the mid 70s that I found in the rafters of mybgarage when we bought our current home. Still need to add a couple persimmons and an old putter though and wouldnt mind trying an even older set of irons. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. I agree with most here, timing seems off. That may feel a little magnified with how well the latest crop of drivers are performing. Seems there isn't a bad driver out of this years offerings. I'd be willing to bet that a lot of people looking for the low spin head settled for some of the current spin killers that would have jumped all over this. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. This one hits home for me. I've been a left to right baller since the beginning, and I've always been over the top. My problem for a long time was over the top and open club face at impact. I've been much better at getting the club in a better position at impact and have been able to better match my out to in path with my club face. A few things helped me out. First and most importantly, I've accepted that I'm a fader. That is my natural swing. I've stopped trying to really produce a draw because it only makes my misses even more unpredictable. One of the most obvious issues that I realized when I got myself on video was that I was much more inside on my take away than I realized. I've started doing the Ricky Fowler/ Justin Rose pre-shot routine for every swing and it has helped a lot. I've also been following a guy on YouTube by the name of George Gankas, channel is GG Swing Tips. Very high energy dude, but has a very interesting method about good take away and how to use the lower body to trigger a natural shallowing of the club in the downswing. I am now working with a miss that's either a slight pull, or a fade that simply starts a little right of my intended line. I wouldsay GG Swing Tips has been a huge help if you can wrap your head around the movements he's promoting. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. I definiely think "properly" is key. I had an employee at golf galaxy basically tell me "a wedge, is a wedge, is a wedge, so play what you think feels comfortable". I proceeded out the door knowing that I was better off on my own. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. I've used the grint for a few years now and like it. I've used both the free and paid versions. I didnt end up using enough of the features in the paid version so I went back to the free version. Handicap index, FIR, GIR, penalties, and putting is what I like the most. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. I'm curious to hear some thoughts, opinions, experiences from those of you that have gone through a wedge fitting. I've been through various fittings with various companies, but a wedge fitting has not been checked off my list yet. I think, if you're wanting to shoot lower scores, having wedges that best suit your swing and course set up is very important. I think I have a decent idea of what would fit me pretty well, but will also say that my wedge game is average at best. I'm also a big fan of the guys over at TXG, and after wathing so much of their content, you cannot argue how much of a factor lofts, lie angles, bounce, sole grinds, shafts, and shaft weights go into a proper wedge setup. With knowing how much goes into a good club build from what I see Ian talk about, I feel like you would really be able to take a lot of value from a good wedge fitting. I know I'm going to end up getting fit at some point over the course of the Michigan golf season, just looking for some conversation on wedge fitting experiences. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. What are everyone's thoughts on matching a 3 wood shaft to a driver shaft? Im in the market for a new 3 wood, and am strongly considering the Epic Flash Sub Zero 3 wood. While perusing Callaways website, I noticed they offer the Project X Evenflow Black as a no-charge upgrade. A big part of my wanting to update my 3 wood is due to dislike of the shaft that's in it. My Callaway Rogue Sub Zero driver paired with the PX Evenflow Black 6.0 65 gram is working well for me and I'm considering going with the PX Evenflow Black in 75 gram weight for a fairway wood. Problem is, I dont know of anywhere i can demo that particular shaft in a fairway wood before buying. I was fitted for my previous 3 wood a few years ago but have improved my swing since then. I may book a fitting with Club Champion, but does anyone have experience matching fairway and driver shafts, in the same shaft lineup with the appropriate weights? I did some searching and found moatly old threads from another forum that I dont prefer to visit much. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. 1. Eric, Michigan 2. 13.8 handicap, 108 mph SS 3. Rogue Sub Zero 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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