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  1. The goal of this fitting is to get new irons. Playing the mizunos this year has shown me that I find a ton of enjoyment in golf out of a purely struck iron shot and the feel that comes from a soft forged iron. However, I know I need a touch of forgiveness.
  2. Me too, so much that I'm almost ready to try a different shaft than the stock S300 before a fitting. Modus 120x in a single club to test very well may happen before the fitting
  3. I thought about taking both, but want to maximize my time with the fitter. I personally think I'm going to take the set I've been playing. I'll make sure to give as much detail as possible in regards to both what I want out of a ball flight as well as club characteristics. I'll also make sure to tell them that I do have a few models in mind. More than anything, the performance matters to me, but I cant ignore that I do have models that I've had a close eye on for testing. JPX 919 Tour, Srixon Z785, and Callaway Apex PRO all are at the top of my list. Mid to thin top lines, no overly wide soles, and soft forged feel are very important to me.
  4. I'm looking for some opinion on how to approach an iron fitting near the end of this season. I'm for sure going to book a fitting early during this off season for irons and possibly wedges. My question is on which irons to take to the fitting if I have multiple sets. I have two sets, one is a set of Callaway Apex CF16'S that I was fitted for by GolfTec midway through 2017 and a second is a set of Mizuno MP-32'S that I grabbed at a good price off the used rack. The mizunos confirmed that I definitely want to be playing an iron that has more "player's" characteristics, i.e cleaner looks, softer feel. I've been playing the Mizuno's since April this year. Do I take the previous fitted irons that I haven't been swinging, or the ones I've been playing that were not fitted? I would think it wouldn't matter to a good fitter (I'll be scheduling this one with Club Champion), but I think it's not far off to say that there may be less good fitters than not good fitter. All opinions welcome.
  5. Yeah, the irons fit the bill perfectly. They kicked a set of Callaway Apex CF16's out. Had mizzys before the Callaway's and missed the feel Nd feedback of a forged blade.
  6. I've been seeing a lot of WITB posts so I figured it's my turn. Everything is nice and cleaned up on the eve of my annual buddies trip, so what better time than now. We'll start from the top down with the driver. Callaway Rogue SZ 9* with a Handcrafted Evenflow Black 6.0, cut to play at 44.5". Next in line are the fairway woods, a pair of Epic SZ woods, 13.5* and 18*. The 18* is paired with a HZRDUS Yellow 75 gram 6.0 cut to play at 41.5" and the 13.5 is with the stock Aldila Max 75 stiff flex cut to play at 42.5". Now we make our way into the precision clubs with a used Titleist 816 H2 4 Hybrid paired with a Speeder HB 9.8 Stiff Tour Spec. This one sits well between my woods and irons, and gives me an easy swinging 210 yard approach that I can gear up or down 5vyards pretty easily. Getting into the irons we have a recently purchased used set of Mizuno MP-32's with DG S300's found on the used rack for a cool $120 and with a little cleaning turned out to be in excellent shape (these are my gems that filled my desire to get back into a bladed iron). Into the wedges, we have a 50* Sub70 gap wedge with a Modus 120 S, then a couple of Mizuno T7 Blue Ion wedges, 56.14 and 60.10. Next comes the putter, fitted by Club Champion for an Odyssey 7s Black at 35". Hope everyone enjoys, questions are always welcome.
  7. Just got home with this gem of a find. Mizuno MP 32's, 3-P, S300 shafts with original Mizuno Tour Velvet grips. Found them on the used rack at Golf Galaxy for $139 bucks, and then they had an additional 10% off used sets, so out the door for $133. Cleaned them up with some soap and warm water. The faces are in great shape, soles have some very superficial battle scars, and there's a tiny bit of surface rust starting that should be handled pretty easily
  8. So, after I left work yesterday, my Sub 70 50* wedge in Satin finish arrived. Got to open it today and I'll be taking it to the range later this afternoon. I didn't recall seeing any in hand pics of the satin wedge on this thread, only the raw finish. I'll say, I'm impressed. More updates to come after the range session.
  9. Yeah, definitely looks like there are relative lower cost options for pulls out there. I'll see how they clean up and how the perform. I like my PX LZ 6.0s on my gamers but would like a little more feel. Looking into the Modus lineup. I hear the feel softer. Maybe a 120X would be as close in stiffness as I could go? I know they have pretty different profiles.
  10. So, the wormhole has landed me in a different spot that could be fun. I came across a used set of MP 32's with DG S300s on the rack for $140. There is a little surface rust on the tip sections of a few of the shafts, and the faintest hue of rust beginning inside the cut cavity on the back of several of the heads. Club faces look to be in very good condition and the soles and edges seem to have relatively normal knicks and dings but no deep gouges or anything concerning. I think I'm going to scoop these up and see how they feel. Maybe turn it into a small project and look into reshafting on my own. I've been lurking in some of the various threads out there and I especially like the popular "what's your favorite blade" threads. These MP 32s seem to have almost a cult following with a lot of people commenting that they still play and love them and a handful of the "wish I never got rid of them" feelings.
  11. I'm the opposite, I hit towering shots with mine. No good in the wind, but I go after a specific distance, not necessarily looking to max them out. I used to hit them even higher, but learned a few things that helped me reduce the height. I went from a 65 gram shaft to a 75 gram shaft, and went with something a little stiffer in the tip section. I didn't catch the specs on your shaft setup, but maybe going lighter and a more active tip section would be worth looking into? I also have a negative angle of attack, and spin the heck out of my ball. I'm positive hitting down a little more than you are would help with getting that ball up.
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