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  1. Anthony Taranto is a dude. He's the reason I'm trying to do it myself after following him on twitter. I got the sharpie oil based pens he talked about and did a pretty decent job on one of my wedges, just think the text looks larger than what he uses, but it doesnt mention depth (maybe 1mm is the only depth you can get??) Also, that magnet thing he uses is great, been searching high and low for something similar but with no luck - I too will look into this junkyard microwave thing. Cheers for the responses
  2. Hi All, I'm sure this has been talked about plenty of times before, but I have a question which I'm sure some experienced heads out there can help me out with. I've been practicing golf club stamping and I am getting 'OK' at it, practice makes perfect I'm sure. I have been using 5 mm stamps which i think are too big, so planning on buying some 3 mm ones, which i think will give a better result. My question is, what depth stamps are available and what are best for this task? All i can seem to find are 1 mm depth, which might be OK, but i wanted to get opinions on it before i purchase
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