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  1. First name: Steven Home State/Province/Country: Dessel, Antwerp, belgium ​Do you use performance tracking? :yes Do you use a GPS watch? : yes Which ones? : garmin S6 I play daily... Mostly 9holes during the week and 18 in weekends.
  2. As it is only the launch that changes and as long as I'm hitting them fine there is no harm in building up this set. I'm just caught in between as the heads are new but and old club I'm not sure it's the way to go Thanks for your advise
  3. Hi All, Im new here but this seemed the right section to get an answer for a lot of my questions. Long story short I have gotten bridgestone PF 375 japanese forged blades as a gift. They are still brand new however I play mizuno mp 54 now and was wondering a blade with offset compared to my mizuno what are the differences. I did play 2 rounds with the bridgestone and honestly they feel butter smooth. I do not loose distance and play pretty much the same as with my mizuno. Would it be advisable to rebuild these with new shafts I was thinking project x LZ x 6.5 ? or offset blades are not the way to go although they feel good ? Thanks
  4. Welcome to the forums stevenpmjwong :)


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