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  1. Is it me. Or does the guy in the back have the look like someone just ripped one in front of him ?
  2. I work with Monte. All I need to say
  3. We recently ordered from Marx Foods and had great success with Iberico ribs. We know others (saw in random thread) had used Omaha Steaks. There are tons of these places and some specialize in high end beef, pork and poultry along with other items. Figured this would be a good thread to discuss.What works for you guys? V
  4. It’s life.You live and learn.EVERYONE I’ve talked directly with that was either an asst pro or head pro.All wished they never got in the business.They work people until they can’t take it anymore.Terrible benefits,little pay , long hours, unfriendly clients.The one benefit is free golf. But who wants to play after a 70 hour work week? Basically a slave for the elitist. This is one industry that needs a complete pay restructuring.One can make more money working less at a fast food counter than golf
  5. Im looking for free swag and team events - trips on this forum. Where can I find this?
  6. golf has such a bad stigma round it.This entire ordeal just flat out reaks have vs have nots.This will only deter from the growth in the game we are looking for and this game is own by disgruntled Jews anyway
  7. First, your pro knows you and your swing.Stick with what he has told you second, the backswing is an absolutely vital part for a properly sequences effective swing.Some of my guidelines have been loading fully,lead shoulder lower than back shoulder,Clubface matching left forearm,handle of club pointing behind heel of back foot,left front knee folded in.From there the forces just unwind into the ball.And trying to manipulate an impact position is completely futile.Only time I focus on impact only is a punch shot or off of a tight lie.The rest of time I just let it happen
  8. Most of these hot topic threads and political posts are coming from guys who don’t even play golf anymore.If golf isn’t your thing anymore.Or you can’t play.Than why post here
  9. All these top tier teams have padded schedules.They need instituting a rule for top tier teams.Every week should be a high end caliber top 25 matchups.If your outside the top 25 your schedule gets padded until you prove yourself.Would show who deserves being ranked highly each season
  10. I’ve played a few courses that allow youths and beginners tee off at the 200 yard makers or 150 markers.We even had a local rule that anyone over 80 could tee off from the beginning of the fairways.The secret is enjoying the game how you want it.Tee off from where it is playable Courses only care about you paying greens fees’good pace of play’and not damaging the faciltiy.A happy golfer will return and pass on a good review of the course with others
  11. Stay in your current position and check for advancements there.Golf is a great game.But working in the business is a huge mistake in today’s workforce.But if you do decide it would have to be in a warm climate
  12. I’m so surprised you are a member on a golf forum
  13. More bogus junk from online experts looking making a fast buck.Its a golf swing and will always be a swing.Any intention of hitting by an amateur turns into Ott-hit fat early-bad bad golf.Walk away from any mention of this junk
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