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  1. Just bought a set of these for my dad for the holidays. These SS Sticks increase your swing speed---pretty non debatable. They are a great workout, regardless of golf. And they are great for your golf swing. So thrilled I bought these for myself, cant wait to give them to pops.
  2. I plan on doing the full 72 weeks and beyond for a few reasons. First and foremost, the results. My swing speed went from 114.5 to 122-124ish in roughly 6 weeks (Today I did the protocol, then lifted weights and then hit balls 2 hours later---which I've never done. I recorded a personal record single speed of 126+ ) so my results are consistent with others that have seen at least a 5% jump. Secondly, from an workout standpoint this is a full body, symmetrical workout. Granted, it's not going to help your cardio or your overall physique----but as far as functional golf strength goes... how's it possible to do any better than the SS Sticks?! Thirdly, as I'll touch on down below---I feel as if doing the workouts on days that I do not swing is a 'kinda/sorta' decent replacement for hitting actual balls. I feel like I am becoming a better, stronger, faster and *more accurate* golfer every time I use them---especially when the comparison is simply not working out at all (hitting balls, lifting, running, etc.). Even after the protocol ends, I will continue to use them---while I might max out as far as not being able to see tangible results over a short-to-intermediate standpoint... If I have the sticks and they've helped me increase my speeds then why not continue using them for maintaining the speed gains I've built (and, as I alluded to in the above paragraph, it's a quality workout and helps my swing!)? When you say 'max out' I think "peak"---which is true to an extent. But you are either moving forward or moving backwards. When I "peak" I tend to "move backwards" slower---thanks to the SS Sticks. Now onto a few other things I've noticed over the past few weeks, one tidbit on the accuracy gains I keep talking about and another note on how this translates to other clubs that aren't your driver: * I track my stats: driving distance, accuracy, approaching (broken down by distance and whether I'm hitting off the fairway, rough, tee box), and putting (putt % from every distance, ditto 3-putt %). Because of this I have a really good baseline for my driving accuracy before and after I started the protocol. I also didn't play my driver in rounds until roughly a month after I started to give me a clean before and after. On a decent 62-swing sample ending in August my results were the following before the protocol: 22% Fairways and 33% Shanks (hooks, slices and tops). Since 9/15 I've had 7 rounds and sent the driver 67 times: 37% Fairway and 40% shank. Sure, I'd love the shank numbers to go down but it is logical that with another 8 MPH of swing speed it would be tougher to control--- but a 77% increase in fairway % is more than enough for me to call the slight increase in horrible shots a pretty big win. 1-in-5 to 1-in-3. Pretty cool. My 3-wood since August is at 34% fairways with 25% shanks (this is what I was primarily hitting off the tee in the month that I bagged the driver)! * I mentioned the 3-wood above and need to elaborate. Throughout the spring and early hit the driver sporadically (mostly in scrambles when my misses didn't hurt the squad) but really played the 3-wood up until a few weeks ago. Since the protocol, I've flipped those two--- I hit driver pretty much every time even when I shouldn't just because I'm prioritizing working on the driver over scoring for now. I did not have a baseline set of data for the 3-wood like I did for my driver in August so I can't make an apples-to-apples comparison for the speed and distance improvement there but from memory, 105 MPH swing speed and a 260-270 yard shot with the three wood sounds about right from 2ish months ago. I don't recall ever hitting a 3-wood on the simulator beyond 280ish, 285 definitely. Today on the simulator I decided to do a 10-swing sample with the 3-wood just to see where that is at---how much distance did I gain there and do I feel more accurate? Original Driver Sample Data (8/8---with additional info not in my other tables): Distance Carry Speed Degree Offline 295 282.5 116.5 -0.27 268 237 116.8 4.2 303 291 116.3 -3.2 294 287 115.4 0.2 289 282 116.4 -5.5 298 291 117.1 -3 293 285 114.2 3.2 284 273 115 0.97 299 288 116.4 -1.49 291.4 279.6 116.0 0.44 (3* offline either left or right is a bad shot, I use that as the accuracy guage. the .4444 at the bottom is 4/9 were on target, that's all.) Distance Carry Speed Degree Offline 268 263 116 1.7 281 267 114.8 -3.7 289 276 112.9 1 245 240 113.1 2.1 261 254 118.3 -7 291 281 114.06 0 273 265 115.4 -3.3 294 288 116.4 3.3 294 283 114.7 2 277.3 268.5 115.1 0.556 3 of my 3-woods, hit today after a full protocol workout and a weight lifting session, went further than my AVERAGE DRIVE of just two months ago. My highest single swing of the either sample was from today's with the 3-wood (118 MPH)! The reason I took the 10-swing sample with the three wood today is because I hit a bunch last night for the first time in a while---and a few went over 300 yards. In two months I've gone from hitting 280 yard drives and 265 yard 3-woods to 310 yard drives and 280 yard 3-woods.
  3. Just got back from Florida and got those two rounds in. There were positives and negatives. The courses were definetely tight and relatively short. They weren't ideal for me to bomb driver on every hole---so much damn water. So, naturally, I bombed driver on every hole, lol. First round: 15 drives, 7 OB, 5 were gorgeous 300-plus-yard baby cuts. All I wanted was one of these and I hit 4. So forget my 100, forget the 7 that went OB (a few were good but just misaligned), I was happy. I'm 5'11.5 and when someone asks how tall I am I say 5'11---no need to exagerate. I used to say I drive the ball about 280 on average---now I can say, with confidence, that I am a legitimate 300-yard driver. Now... we just need to figure out how to hit it a bit straighter (though 5/15, or 33%, is better than the 25% I was at over the course of the season). Round 2: 7 drives, 3 OB, 2 bombs. I was a bit more tactical here, trying to score, where round one was just about wacking it. Shot of the long-weekend: 400-yard dog leg right par-4 with water to the right. I aim straight down the fairway, hoping the natural ball flight will cut it right down the dogleg. Unfortunately I started it right---but it didn't have cut on it, it just went straight. It had to carry about 285 to clear the water and another 15 yards to clear the bunker. It carried, got the nice bounce & roll after the bunker and my approach was 40 yards to the green with the pin in front. I was a bit short with my approach, tried to finesse it a bit but got up and down for par. Nothing cooler than hoping you carry the water/bunker and then you see that gorgeous bounce beyond!
  4. Halloween Update (Swing speed MPH; all speeds taken from the same exact simulator) 8-Aug 17-Oct 31-Oct Average 115.9 120.2 121.9 Median 116.2 121.5 123.0 Some more detail: 8-Aug 17-Oct 31-Oct 118.45 123.89 125.09 117.07 122.39 124.76 116.8 122.22 124.68 116.7 122.21 124.58 116.55 121.69 124.53 116.51 121.63 124.33 116.38 121.58 123.16 116.37 121.54 123.03 116.28 121.53 122.92 116.05 121.49 122 115.96 120.41 121.35 115.58 120.39 121.13 115.37 119.47 120.47 115.04 119.42 120.1 114.82 119.24 117.13 114.44 117.8 111.6 114.21 114.2 114.15 112.39 Takeaways: Over the six week period from 8/8 to 10/17 I increased both my average and median swing speed by roughly 5 MPH. My slowest non-mishits of the 10/17 sample went further than my hardest hits of the original sample. I was thrilled with those results but was expecting to hit the plateau with most of my shots coming off around 122 MPH. Unexpectedly, and fortunately, the plateau is yet to hit. Last night my first swing was a career long 329 yard bomb that carried 324.6 yards, coming off the club head at 185 MPH with a club speed of 124.53. Woah. Was that an outlier? Nope. I only crossed 122.5 one time in the prior two sample sets. Last night over half of my swings were over 122.5, the median was 123 and if you call the 111.6 MPH a miss-hit and eliminate it from the data it would bump the average to 122.6. Before last night, I never hit the 124 mark... I crossed that barrier 6 of my 16 swings. I'll be down in Florida this weekend and have three rounds lined up. Really interested to see what the accuracy is looking like out on the course. I was about 30% fairway percentage throughout the summer and am coming off 6/7 fairways in my last round (25% of my drives this summer were OB). I think a reasonable goal for myself is 42% of fairways (would be 6 of 14) with a max of one penalty per round. If I'm keeping the ball in bounds and making good contact I should have a ton of wedges into the greens. Cant wait!!! Looking forward to giving y'all the update by next weekend!
  5. This is intuitive, in my opinion. I don't think SS is advertising an immediate increase in how fast you swing the club and how precise you make contact. It's about learning to swing harder and then learning to control it. I don't put smash factor into my posts but the data is there. 8/8 Sample Test: 116.1 MPH, 167.54 ball speed = 1.443 Smash Factor From my 10/18 post: 120.38 MPH, 174.5 ball speed = 1.449 Smash
  6. No, the radar is not mandatory, but you need to have some sort of system for tracking. I use the simulator, which is great for my practice, but also keep detailed stats of my rounds. For example, before I had my break thru on the course, my last round I was like 0/8 in hitting fairways with an average distance of around 250. I'm now 6 of my last 7 fairways in my last two rounds with 3 balls over 300 yards. I didn't have one of those all summer. The trick to improvement is tracking---how you track is up to you.
  7. My simulator had me at 116.5 on a 15 swing sample the day before the swing sticks came in. topped 119 once If I recall correctly. My last session I averaged 120.5 and had one over 123.5---and even more importantly, after having a 25% fairway percentage and a 25% penalty percentage through my last 70 driver swings---My last two times out I hit 6/7 fairways with 4 of them bombs like I've never really been able to produce on the course. There is a reason that tons of tour pros (350, I believe they say on their website) use these sticks. They don't only help people go from 90 to 95, they definitely help people take the jump from higher speeds to way higher.
  8. I deviated because I am not in the official MGS testing group. I'm very physically fit and just felt that I was ready for sets with 5 swings in each set opposed to only 3 swings in each set. After doing 6 of the initial workouts with only 3 swings per side per set---I wasn't feeling much of a 'workout' so I jumped it up to the 5 swings and now I feel as if I'm on the right level.
  9. As someone who started off with rhythm and timing on my irons, but none with my driver---I'd argue the opposite. It's significantly helped. Now if I had good rhythm, timing and accuracy to start---I'd imagine there's a 'take one step back' phase before the 'couple steps forward' though. My biggest fault in my swing is my hips come off the line---so when I practice with the SS sticks I have two main thoughts (three if you include--- "Dont let go of the freakin club again"): 1. Swing really hard 2. Rip my hips to the left to really try and feel that "pulling" motion So it's a bit of both---the training is like 85% 'swing really hard' with a little bit of a focus on ripping my hips open and having a good inside-to-outside swing path. When I actually hit balls my focus is just on the back of the ball looking for good contact.
  10. One of the best parts about this community is learning about products like this one from MGS and SuperSpeed, then seeing all of the positive responses from the community giving me the confidence to go out and buy a great product for myself. With that in mind is the real reason I'm posting the numbers and data from last night's simulator session... So I go into my simulator for the first time since last Friday. I've since played a round of golf where I drove the ball well and did another two SuperSpeed workouts. My last club head averages were around 118.5 MPH with a few over 120 and one over 121. My longest drive ever on the simulator, to this point, was 315 yards. So after my warm-up I take out the driver and am ready to start waking. I've always gotten readings from the one simulator for consistencies sake---but this time it was occupied so I had to use the other one. Not a huge deal as they are marketed as the same exact thing but I like being consistent. Anyway, here were the results from a 11-swing sample (well, it was 12 swings, one was a miss-hit so I didn't include it in the averages. One mishit to 11 good strikes is massive improvement on it's own): Average Distance/Average Carry: 307.7 / 297 (August 8th Sample Numbers: 291.8/280) Average Swing and Ball Speed: 120.38 / 174.5 (8/8 Sample: 116.1 MPH / 167.54) My longest shot from that 8/8 sample: 303 distance, 291 carry, 116.28 MPH, 168.94 Ball Speed, 3.6* offline (not on the fairway, probably in the treeline). My best shot (2* of accuracy): 299 distance, 288 carry, 115.04 MPH, 163.21 Ball Speed, .97* offline. My best shot from last night? 325 distance, 314 carry, 123.89 MPH, 181.61 Ball Speed, 1.58* offline. 4 of the 9 hits that I can see (the first two wouldn't fit on the page I take a pic of) carried 300, with a 299 and a 296 not included. Every ball I hit last night was longer than the original sample average from early August of 291 total distance. The slowest club head speed last night was 117.8, the second slowest was 119.24---and every other one was over 120 MPH. 5 of the 9 were over 121. If you recall from the opening, I hit in the "wrong" of the two simulators last night. Because of this I was skeptical of the results---maybe this one is a few MPH off? So I finished my hour long range sesh (another 40-60 swings after the driver), waited for the other guy to leave my 'correct' simulator and then I teed up another 10 or so drivers from there. So I'm expecting the numbers to be a little less because I've now taken a significant amount of swings but I don't feel confident, at this point, that the gains were in fact real. Here are the numbers from my second 10-swing sample (2 mishits in this sample, so it was really 12 swings total): Average distance/carry: 296 / 287 (still a 5 & 7 yard increase over my baseline numbers from August---and this is now after a significant workout) Avg club / ball speed: 120.42 / 168.61(My average speed in session 2 last night was still equivalent to my top single swing speed of the original 8/8 baseline) The longest shot was 303 carry / 313 total; swing speed of 121.58. My slowest club head speed of the second sample last night was 114, which skewed the average down---as my second lowest was 119.5 & every other one was over 120, with 3 swings over 122. Conclusion: I knew going in that I had untapped distance in my driver as my 3-wood was going 270 and my driver barely 280---so I was definitely expecting quick, positive results. However, my swing speed has pretty much jumped from 116 to 120 and I've added about 16 yards to my average drive---to say that I was expecting results like this within a 6-week period would be a massive understatement. And as my prior post showed---this isn't 'range hero' type stuff. 6 of my last 7 drives (all the drives I hit over the last two rounds I've played) have found the fairway in a season in which my fairway percentage this year has been about 30% before two weeks ago. I could not be happier with the SuperSpeed system!
  11. What's described here is the initial protocol---not level 1. I'm under the assumption that the initial protocol is 3 swings with each stick from each side---one regular swing set, one step thru and then the close with 5 green regular swings. Level 1 is FIVE swings from each side with each stick---with the first set being knee swings, the second set being full regular swings, the third set being step thrus and then the close with the 5 aggressive regular swings with the light stick. So it sounds like you're describing that they changed the name of the "Initial protocol" to "Level 1" because the routine is the same.
  12. Appreciate the insight Jon.
  13. I was unaware of this. I've also deviated from the advised path as they want you doing the initial protocol for 4 weeks and I moved on after just 2. Trying to figure out what works best for me with the immediate goal of driver accuracy improvement more important than the longer-term goal of increased swing speed. Where can I find the distinction between what the website advises compared to what you guys are specifically doing with the new set of protocols?
  14. Hopefully nobody will mind my intrusion as I wasn't formally selected to be in this trial but I couldn't resist purchasing the Swing Sticks on my own. I'm about a month in and have started to see both gains in distance and accuracy and couldn't be more excited about using these guys all off-season to get ready for next March or so. Because I've already started, here's the background to get you up to speed: I'm 27 years old and just really started getting seriously into golf last year around this time. After a few rounds in July and August of 2017 I decided I needed to get some lessons and really focus on building a legitimate swing heading into 2018. I got a pack of lessons with an instructor near by, whose simulator I can use even when I'm not getting a lesson, who's goal was to take my over-the-top wild slice and turn it into a little baby draw. Easier said than done but after months of hard work in the simulator I came out on the other side with the wanted baby draw on all of my wedges, mid, and short irons. Long Irons and 3w I was a bit less consistent with, and the driver---well, lets just be straight forward here, the driver was so bad it stayed in the bag until the middle of 2018. By July 4th-ish I had gotten to the point all of my clubs were drawing the ball except my driver. On the simulator with the driver my swing speeds are mostly 115-ish but 60% of my shots are slices and 25% of them are hooks. I simply couldn't use my driver. To make it worse, my 3-wood gets me 270 when I hit it right and the driver only would go 275-280 when I hit it on the screws. I knew there was juice left in the driver somewhere but without being able to tap into it---my driver was useless. Fast forward to the Swing Speed offer on MGS. I signed up for it, ultimately didn't get picked, but my interest was there so I figured I'm probably the perfect person to use these. My hope isn't even for extra speed. It's really for accuracy, which the SS is designed to help. If I can pick up an extra 5MPH to get over 120, that'd be great, but I was hoping that my body learning to swing really fast---and potentially control a 140+ MPH swing with the light sticks---would really help me control my ball striking on my driver. Control Test: The day the sticks came, I went to the simulator to take 15 aggressive drivers swings, without regard for where the ball went---just to get a baseline MPH. The average was 116.5 MPH and I broke 118 MPH once. I didn't splurge on the radar so my numbers are only my driver swing speed on the same simulator (literally the same one, he's got 2 in his shop but for consistencies sake---I'm only using the one for this). I did the initial protocol twice before heading back to the simulator, hoping that I would see the "initial jump" that I read so much about. And my hopes were rewarded. In the 15-swing sample I averaged over 118 and cracked 120 a few times---for the first time ever. I even got over 121 once. Woah. That old average distance of 275-280 was now a solid 290+ with a handful of 300 yarders. My old furthest hit of 305 was smashed with a 315 yard blast. There is nothing like putting in work and actually seeing results. That was about 3 weeks ago and since then I've graduated to the Level one protocol. The big difference between the starting protocol and Level-1 is that you take 5 swings per set in the Level 1 vs. only 3 in the initial protocol. The difference is a workout of 40 swings (I broke a little bit of a sweat, but didn't really feel anything as I do normally work out for 20 minutes a night three times per week or so) compared to 65 swings. When I am done my Level 1 protocol I can now feel it. ([ IMPORTANT: Use your golf glove when doing this---even if it makes you look like a ******** in your gym. I didn't use gloves the for my first "Level 1" day and the heavy stick actually flew out of my hand and snapped in half. Cost me $65 to get a replacement shipped, thankfully nobody got hurt. But the lesson is simple: Use gloves for grip, these are not the best grips on earth). I'm generally sore in my hands, forearms and recently a little bit in my right elbow. I normally have a strong grip but I swing these with a death grip now as I'm petrified I'll have another club fly out of my hands. Also, my left calf feels a bit weird when I swing lefty. *The Big Breakthrough* So last Saturday, the 6th, I got out for a scramble with some buddies. I like scrambles because I can actually try to hit my driver---whereas if I'm trying to score by myself I need to hit 3-wood or 2-iron off the tee. I was about 4 weeks into the training (I only did 2 weeks of initial protocol, not 4, because I feel I'm already in very good shape and wanted to progress a bit faster) and was still at that 118.5ish MPH on the simulator---so I haven't seen a second jump yet. But I'm out there trying to hit my driver and it's spraying all over the place. Mostly fading balls 30 yards right of my target, still hooking too many and no good drives, at all thru 16. Then we step up to 17 which is a par-5 dog leg right. I had been practicing a cut-drive (opposed to my normal attempted draw) a bit as it's very hard for me to swing as hard as possible (or close to it) and close my club face. So I think to myself, "If I aim to the left side of the fairway---leaving me a good, safe, area in the rough to land if I miss a bit left (which I rarely do, If I'm left, I hook it)---then my normal fade will be on the right side of the fairway. If you cant swing hard and close your club face (which is what I was trying to do all day---hit the draw), then play to that fade." So naturally I crushed a 300 yard fade off the tee, leaving us 200 out for a very easy birdie, thus winning the scramble. Woah. Legit first good 300 yard drive on the course in my life. Next hole? Pretty straight 320 yard par 4. I aim at the left green side bunker--- If it's hit perfectly straight, I'm short of the bunker, in the rough in great shape. If I'm left, there's plenty of grass between the sand and the tree-line and if I'm right I have all the fairway and the rough. I go a little bit more right than I'd have liked---but crushed it, carried about 290 to the cart path, got a good kick, and I sat pin-high to the right of the right green side bunker. 2 crushed drives in a row---never happened before. Now we fast forward to this past Sunday. I'm in a match and my opponent is all over the place so I'm playing it safe and just hitting 2-iron in the fairway, getting near the green, and winning holes with bogeys. Once I get up 4 holes I take out the driver. Hit 5 of them on the back. Found 3 fairways and another one in the rough with a good look to the green. All 270+, 3 of em were 300. The miss was a playable hook that went about 150. So at this point 6 of my last 7 drives have been long and straight (ish). I've kept my stats all year: before these two rounds I hit less than 1/4 fairways with the driver and less than 1/2 of fairways with my "accurate" 2i. In just 5 weeks of the SuperSpeed training system I've picked up a few MPH on my drives---but more importantly learning to swing hard is significantly helping my accuracy. I'm so excited to get back into the simulator this week and then on the course on Sunday!
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    I trying to post a picture of my most recent tracking sheet to paste up here but cant seem to figure out how to post anything except a link... Working on it. Stay tuned, lol.