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  1. @txgolfjunkie Good point, I only did mine for the 115 MPH swing speed as that's the closer data point to my own. As far as creating a table goes, copy/paste your excel data into "tabelizer" (google: tabelizer, paste your data into the large field, click 'tabalize' and then you can copy/paste your new HTML table into the post. Pretty simple. Seems like we had a similar strategy but we eached used our own gut feel with regard to weightings. How did you weight your final table? Regarding Driver v. 7i v. Wedge?
  2. I love data and I'm glad the MGS crew gave us all of theirs! I'm also a fan of trying to use the data to draw my own conclusions; when my conclusions are corroborated by the MGS crew it's better than me going into my spreadsheets with preconceived notions. Biases: I used the Pro Plus in the first half of '18 and V1x's in the second half. I'm a huge Tiger fan so I'm partial to the Bridgestone as well, though I do enjoy looking down at the clean cursive "Titleist" on the ball. I play Mizuno clubs and used a Mizuno baseball glove since high school and it's been 10 years with that glove
  3. An update for me starting with a quick recap: I wasn't in the original protocol but I bought the sticks just to tag along. My routine was a bit different (I just progressed a bit quicker than was advised but nothing too different other than that) but not enough to really change things. In my first 8 weeks or so I got my average driver speed from 116ish up to 122ish, with individual swings up in the 125-126 range. My 3w speed was averaging more than 116 before I took a break. Unfortunately a wrist injury that I had as a high school baseball player popped up again and I had to give it
  4. Yesterday I hit balls with all my clubs with my butt against the back of a chair. I'm a half cm in front of the chair so I need to 'feel it' hit my right cheek on my back swing. Then on my down swing I should feel the weight of the chair in my left cheek right before, as and slightly after I make contact. My right arm is so sore today because it's such a different motion. Firing my left hip back while dropping my club (opening hips to the left while keeping shoulders closed and dropping my right arm) is such a new move for me. Normally I'll do some chair hits and then move the chai
  5. My biggest swing fault is that on my down swing, like you, my hips dont stay thru the wall---as I approach contact my hips go towards the ball. When I focus on my hips and 'ripping' or 'pulling' them left--- either my swing plane becomes very over the top and I slice, or my swing plane is fine and my contact is bad. So I'm debating just focusing on contact and improving with my swing default vs. focusing on the default and taking some short-term steps back in my ball striking. Have you seen any improvement in your hips? And how so? I take dry swings in front of the mirror wit
  6. Update: I've been doing my protocol relatively regularly (2-3x/week) and am in like month 3 of 6 of doing the same thing. I've decided that I'm not going to measure my speeds until I'm done this protocol. While I'm still having some trouble controlling the driver live (when I find a rhythem in the simulator the carry distances have been over 300 as of late) the success I've had with my 3w on the course of late is pretty remarkable. I was out there in the cold for 36 each of the last two weekends and have hit fairways at over a 50% clip and had only 2 penalties over those 4 rounds---
  7. Pelz book is pretty much how I designed my entire short game. I have my 4 wedges and 4 shots for each wedge (Full, Choking up, 1/2 swing and 3/4 swing). It's probably the single best book to help anyone's game. Keeping the stats, while fun for me, is simply for making me better. As you'll see in my response to the next quote---it's already given me some legitimate improvement. But I do only use pen & paper on the actual course. The electronic gagets I use are just my computer and an excel spreadsheet. Yes, there were surprises all over. Putting: I know I'm a goo
  8. I have it all on excel but the formatting is atrocious and I doubt anyone would be able to get anything of value from it. I have a tab for each portion of the game: driving, approaches, putting. The driving is relatively easy: every shot is either left, straight, or right. And every hit is either a hook, draw, straight, fade or slice. So the format is: Driver, No, Left, St, Rt, Hk, Dr, St, Fa, Sl. 3-Wood, No, Lt, St, Rt, Hk, Dr, St, Fa, Sl. 2-Iron, No... etc. Lots of columns and each row is a different round. Approaching is more complicated because I have three different
  9. Update and next steps: So I've tracked a ton over the last few months and have learned a lot about my game. Off the Tee: No. Penalty Shank Fairway Driver 65 31% 42% 37% 3 Wood 75 10% 28% 38% 2 Iron 21 9% 44% 41% 4-6 Iron 12 0% 8% 67% I only get 20
  10. Yup! Definitely seeing improvement on the course which is the reason for all of this! The best part is now that my tee game is improving pretty significantly it's freed up some more practice time to focus on my mid & long iron game which has been lacking. The ball striking has been down and over the past few weeks I've been able to put a ton of focus on that. Also, my dad who's had some health issues over the last 10 years (he's 58) has been swinging the set of sticks I got him for the holidays semi-regularly. First time in ages he's been sore from real physical activity. Really cool
  11. There was a lot of talk a few weeks ago around here about tempo. I played last weekend with one of my most common partners over the summer and after ripping a few three woods right down the middle to start off the round he made a comment about how smooth my tempo was. Tempo is not something I actively think about *at all* but it was good to see him make that comment considering how much stock everyone in this group puts in tempo. We were out to drinks a few days later and he made another comment on how much smoother my swing looks and how good my tempo was. He's a high-70s/low-80s guy and has
  12. I talked a lot in prior posts about accuracy, if you've read them you know I hit it far before the SS sticks---but now am hitting it even further with increased accuracy. I was able to join a new course and get round one in yesterday. It's a tight course that only has 2 holes I could realistically play my driver. My 3-wood was 4/7 fairway with the 3 misses ALL being within 10 feet of the fairway and having good looks at the green. My two other shots were 'misses' that I didn't count for my tracking purposes--- the shot was gorgeous I just mis-read the alignment. I hit 3 drive
  13. Just bought a set of these for my dad for the holidays. These SS Sticks increase your swing speed---pretty non debatable. They are a great workout, regardless of golf. And they are great for your golf swing. So thrilled I bought these for myself, cant wait to give them to pops.
  14. I plan on doing the full 72 weeks and beyond for a few reasons. First and foremost, the results. My swing speed went from 114.5 to 122-124ish in roughly 6 weeks (Today I did the protocol, then lifted weights and then hit balls 2 hours later---which I've never done. I recorded a personal record single speed of 126+ ) so my results are consistent with others that have seen at least a 5% jump. Secondly, from an workout standpoint this is a full body, symmetrical workout. Granted, it's not going to help your cardio or your overall physique----but as far as functional golf strength goes... how's it
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