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  1. Yeah...I'm out. Only got 5 group winners right and I had three of them losing in this round. I can potentially have two move on from today, so I'm toast.
  2. Good job on the weight loss. @Kenny B mentioned Dillards, and I'd second that. I've bought several Callaway shirts from them on sale for pretty cheap. Don't know about tall, but they seem to have a pretty big selection. I'd contribute checking out LL Bean online. While they're mostly known for their hunting gear, I used to buy 2XLT dress shirts from them so they'd stay tucked in, and I know they offer polos.
  3. Congratulations, guys. Have a great time. You'll have a bunch of us following this closely!!
  4. Oh to have an empty nest (for a while at least).....mine are 28 and 30, and still with me. Plus, we have a 6 year old grandson who has lived with us since he was 6 months. I love them all, but could stand a little quiet and privacy for a while.
  5. I'm getting tired of hitting refresh. I'm going to get a blister!
  6. I said 6, but the reality is at least two of them are guys that I root for, so I don't want to let them go even though they have done nothing for me so far this year. Currently all four of my guys, two of whom I picked up Tuesday, are a combined -13 for the day and are all projected to make the cut. I can't get J. Day and A. Noren to do that!
  7. Just had a topic related to that this week. You might want to check out this thread to see what others think about that concept.
  8. A lot of good stuff here. I don't play with any strategy either, simply a desire to hit the shot I want to hit even if I can't. Hence, the massive handicap. One of my favorite expressions is "you know I've got to try this." I agree $2 or $200,00 makes no difference. My buddy and I used to say "a dime or a dollar, it's all about the reach" as in somebody's got to reach into their pocket and pull something out. Doesn't matter what it is, if you're doing the reaching it still hurts. Good putting will definitely bail you out. If I could eliminate my 3 putts, I could probably take 5 strokes off my score regularly. No doubt the mental part is the toughest part of the game.
  9. I wish my roster was good enough that I couldn't drop anyone. I basically have 6 guys that I'm not willing to part with. The last 4 spots are a revolving door and I look at those spots as a complete crap shoot .
  10. Sorry to hear about that, Foz. Sounds like a pretty special relationship. I'm glad you have those great memories.
  11. Gotta stick up for my boy @MattF here. He was considerate enough to wear some of the most bad a** shorts available. No one even noticed the hat. Check here for a couple of pics. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/30010-march-22nd-36-holes-tampast-pete/?tab=comments#comment-505061
  12. Couldn't care less. Just want it to be long and in the fairway.
  13. I have my buddy trained to remind me to leave everything long, and I still can't do it. I very rarely roll past the hole. I can tell myself all I want that long is OK, it doesn't change the result.
  14. Got it. I thought it might have something to do with Scooby Doo, but I couldn't put the pieces together. Thanks for the lesson. Can you teach me Gaelic, too?
  15. Congratulations, guys. I'll be very interested to see what you all have to say.
  16. Nice. I used to work in the Dexter warehouse in Dexter, Maine during the summer while I was in high school. The only golf shoes I wore until I couldn't get them anymore were Dexter. I always liked the saddle style. I used to stock shelves for the order pullers. I don't remember the golf shoes, but 30 years later I can tell you that the burgundy penny loafers were stock number 21-336. I must have stocked about a million pairs of them.
  17. I just got a chance to look at it (on my mobile) and saw the number of moves you've made. I hadn't really paid that much attention to what everyone did with their rosters, but it's nice to see I'm not the only one shuffling more than a blackjack dealer.
  18. Interesting how different strategies come into play. I've managed to go 12-4 and have made at least one roster move every single week. My bottom 5 on the roster are completely different than the bottom 5 I started with.
  19. Would you please, for the sake of those of us whose ancestors landed in Nova Scotia about 7 generations ago and are not current on our Gaelic, provide a derivation of the expression "wouldn't have a scoobie?" And I'd take any one of the golfers over Mike Trout.
  20. It's not as tough if Day's back doesn't feel a whole lot better. Still, you never know....
  21. Here are a couple of threads you might want to check out. I think I got them in there properly.
  22. I've got two playing, and just can't decide whether I'm going to try to pick up one or two, or ride it out. As much as I've complained about Alex Noren, I can't seem to let him go........should be easy, shouldn't it?
  23. When you're as cheap an S.O.B. as I am, it's hard to be too brand loyal. I haven't had a lot of luck with Taylormade, but other than that I don't really care too much. I currently have Ping, Cleveland, PGF, and Rife for woods/hybrids and putter. I seem to rotate through a couple of sets of Pings and a set of Wilson irons. I look at it this way: Why be awful with just one brand when I can share the pain with so many.
  24. Rob, Punta Gorda, Florida. - 30+ rounds Twitter, Instagram (00sportsman) 26 - 100 mph swing Ping G400 max, Cleveland Halo 3h, Ping i20 4-SW, Cleveland CG-12 wedges Conventional, although I would definitely get fitted, and do whatever the fitting recommends.
  25. It was a battle all the way, my friend. Without Louis, I was a goner. Castro goes +10 today. Ugh.
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