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  1. Played Arcadia Municipal today. One of the better courses for me to play. Something like 5800 yards and WIDE open. @fozcycle and @MattF will probably have a hard time believing it after Friday's debacle, but pulled off a 91, with FIVE 3 putts and only 1 penalty (We won't talk about the quad on a 160 yard par 3.) Pulled off two birdies on par 5's. I hadn't had a birdie in who knows how long. Smoked a drive on 13 (only about 475 par 5, probably playing 460), left about 190. Rolled a 5 iron onto the green and left about 10 feet. Missed the eagle putt by about 3 inches. Pushed my drive a little left on 15 (490 par 5), hit a solid 3h just short and right of the green. Went a little long on the chip and ran it across the green one onto the fringe, then rolled it in through a foot of fringe about 6 feet down a little slope for 4. Played my Ping i20's with stiff CFS shafts today, and I think they may stay in the bag for awhile. Did a lot more chipping around the green with my 9 iron, and that really helped as well.
  2. Congratulations. That's awesome.
  3. Ah, the hard rock challenge. It was fun (and kind of painful) last year. Just found a couple of Pinnacles yesterday. I'll keep them in a very special place waiting for the next challenge.
  4. And then there's some of us you can't learn anything from.
  5. I don't know about wind but if you had grass and dirt land on you, that probably would have been me. Heck, I even chunked my putter today.
  6. Which of the million strokes that I took today would you like a picture of? How about this one of me, Foz and Matt?
  7. Congrats, guys. It'll be interesting to hear how the conversion to that style works out. Do us proud.
  8. Yup. I took mine to get some baseline numbers for my G400 fitting, and the fitter said he used to put in earplugs when people were hitting those. Good drivers, though.
  9. You're not the only one who struggles with that, which is why my stuff goes in the left pocket. The issue isn't getting a grip on stuff, it's the glove turning the pocket inside out pulling it out.
  10. You've got more patience than I do. I get them when they leave middle school and get to try to teach them Algebra, or I get them after they already failed Algebra and have to take it over again. Down here, football is year-round so that is my only coaching job.
  11. Doesn't look like it mattered, to me. I set my lineup and you're still giving me a butt-whoopin'. Jason Day decided to go the way of Alex Noren.
  12. Left front pocket has a few tees, divot tool and ball marker. It may have an extra ball, depending on the situation. Right front is empty unless I take my glove off on the green for putting. Back pockets are empty most of the time. I don't like a bunch of stuff in my pockets. I will stick a small towel/rag in the right rear for cleaning the ball on the green, but generally won't notice if it's there.
  13. Saw this last night. Wife didn't know what I was watching. Wife: "Are you crying?" Me: "Naw, I got some sweat in my eyes and it stings." Wife: "The AC is set at 66!"
  14. I hope so. He's been a huge disappointment so far, but I can't seem to just let him go.
  15. Nice. I wish I had the time and patience for something like that.
  16. Well, I'll trade you Alex Freakin' Noren for him. I think he's forgotten which end of the club to use.
  17. which has to play through twice before he can take his stroke
  18. Hey, 289 is 289. Doesn't matter what it hit getting there. You haven't seen bad golf. Just wait until Friday! It will completely change your definition of "bad golf."
  19. although hash browns, home fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, au gratin potatoes, boiled potatoes, potato chips and fried potato wedges are all ok.
  20. I want (and really need) him to be, but I don't see him listed on the website.
  21. Where did you get fit? I'm anxious to see it later this week!
  22. Those are my "probably going to end up wet" balls. I think they're a really underrated ball, particularly at 10 bucks/doz. They're very soft, and I can hit them pretty much as long as any other ball I play.
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