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  1. the mad scientist to spend an extra 10 minutes per shot adjusting his calculations
  2. Wow. Sorry to hear about all the issues. Glad you're back with us.
  3. Nice. Foz, Rev and I got a practice round in at Pebble Creek today in preparation for next week's iron man day!
  4. I'd double check the bulbs and sockets first, then I'd be thinking bad ground.
  5. I had an elbow surgery several years ago and when I started to play more regularly, I noticed my elbow would start to get sore about 12 holes in. That was with a set of Ping i20's with stiff steel shafts. Went to C200's with Aldila Rogue shafts, and don't experience the soreness anymore.
  6. Three guys playing so far....14 total holes played.....a combined +6. And it's not even Alex Noren........
  7. I'm going to have to give my wife that line and see if it works. It's a really good perspective, though.
  8. (British abbreviation for Thoroughly Pasteurized Eggnog)
  9. My son, the feral hog hunter, uses his ball retriever extended out all the way. He's had to rescue his ball from a gator a couple of times. I think I posted pictures of one of them in the "pics from the course" thread.
  10. Congrats on the retirement. There's plenty of technical support available to help you keep in touch. We'll be glad if you do.
  11. Excellent. Glad you wrote it up, and I'm glad you found what you were looking for.
  12. iced, with six creams, three sugars, whipped cream and colored sprinkles...
  13. Depending on the green, I use the manufacturer's line for putting. If there's a good spot 6" - 8" in front of the ball on my intended line I can use that to start the putt. If there isn't a spot I can focus on, I'll use the line to make sure I get lined up. I can't seem to get my head located so I'm seeing the line properly, it always looks further right than it is.
  14. Sorry to hear it. What a crappy thing to have happen.
  15. Seems to me the short game will be pretty solid. I just hope he has a great time in competition.
  16. That's pretty much where I stand on it as well. I can play the driver well sometimes but when I put a bad swing on it, it can be really bad. My current driver is in play a lot more on those types of swings. If it minimizes the difficulties caused by a bad swing or bad contact, I'd call it forgiving.
  17. I'm on that train, too. Both of them.
  18. Congrats. It's always good to have at least one of them working. Now for the Rav....
  19. I'll see your head cold and raise you a stomach bug. My son, my grandson, my daughter...now me. Not good. And I was going to get a round in tomorrow morning...
  20. Ouch. Ask your mechanic to get the non-gold-plated starter next time.
  21. You probably know the answer to this. I think it's human nature to consider how the backlash of a ruling like this is going to affect you, and despite the best intentions it'll creep into the decision.
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