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  1. Yeah, I'd like how your team was looking, too. Or should I say that if I were you, I'd like how MY team was looking. You could've started 4 guys from the local high school team and probably outscore me. Alex Freakin' Noren
  2. So I hear (or would hear if I hadn't gone deaf hitting my Cleveland Hi-Bore.)
  3. Very nice. Fitting will definitely make a difference, and I've heard many people talk about being surprised by their suggested gear and specs after a quality fitting. 4 hours? I'm not sure I'm in good enough shape to do 1 hr, much less 4.
  4. Many thanks to MGS and Bridgestone. I took the e6 on a couple dates, and thought they were really solid. All I can say is I'll do my best to accurately portray how easy or difficult it is to find them in the bushes or fish them out of the water.
  5. MPR, I love this thread. It reminds me of the things I try to do with my 6 year old grandson. It seems you have a really great perspective about it all. Keep us updated.
  6. Congratulations, guys. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say, although it will all be backwards since you're all righties.
  7. I'm about ready to trade Alex Noren for a dozen Pinnacles and a case of Diet Mt. Dew! Edit: I take that back. I'll settle for a sleeve of Nitros and a cup of tap water. Holy crap!
  8. Football coaches still say this. No doubt he's gifted, but until you're the GOAT, you're not the GOAT - potential or otherwise.
  9. Unfortunately, just as Bubba Fett was about to tee off, the Cantina Band showed up and began to play
  10. I would be in SO much trouble if my collection looked like that (and it looks more like that than my wife knows).
  11. This is really cool. Good luck on the project. I'll be anxiously awaiting updates.
  12. to go to Augusta in a '76 AMC Pacer and be admitted
  13. I did it that way specifically so the wife WOULDN'T let me do laundry.
  14. If you take a look at my roster, you'll notice you don't have anything to worry about this week. None of my 4 best scorers are in the field (although maybe Haas will take me home like he did the last time I put him in the lineup.)
  15. so that backstopping wouldn't be penalized
  16. This is really accurate. I've been coaching for 25 years, and when I first started I tried to get all the kids to do things in a manner that was thought to be "technically correct." What it took me too long to learn was that not every kid was capable of doing things the same way, but most kids could be taught something that would make their natural tendencies more effective. It was up to me to figure out what that was. If you watch college basketball or the NBA, you'll see a bunch of guys shooting pretty well with very different techniques. If you watch the PGA tour, you'll see a bunch of guys who consistently make great shots with very different looking swings. Don't get locked into trying to do something a certain way if you can't do it. Find something different that does work.
  17. I've been doing my own for quite a while. It really is pretty simple. You'll probably be as happy with your own results as you will with someone else doing them. Plus, you can use the money you save on more golf.
  18. That is kind of how I feel writing this, but.... I couldn't use post 1000 for any other purpose than to thank everyone for the great time. It's been a real pleasure being part of this community and I'm really looking forward to continuing the experience. I've found it to be a great place to learn some stuff, laugh often, get the opportunity to be listened to and get super feedback on any questions I've had. It's such a departure from a lot of the other forums I've read, and I can't imagine choosing those over this. I hope we can continue to roll on with the same spirit and sense of community that I've enjoyed for the last year, and that you all can continue to enjoy it as much as I do. I salute all you spies!!
  19. Tie matchup going to Sunday. My 4 guys go a cumulative +10, with no one under par. I hate this game.
  20. Well, after watching Fleetwood on 1, maybe I don't want to.
  21. Two of my fantasy guys in the same group as Tiger. Might actually get to see them a couple of times today.
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