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  1. It's got to be a little disheartening playing in that final group and watching him make essentially zero mistakes. It'll be interesting to see if it forces the other guys who are close into doing something out of character to try to make a run at him.
  2. Keep it up. Looks pretty darn good to me. Anxious to hear how it affects your play on the course after a few months.
  3. Looks exactly like my workouts....if you take away the actual exercise.
  4. talk about the appropriate technique for dropping from knee level.
  5. Why's it uncomfortable? It's all about the match-ups, baby! Just keep winning.
  6. It's good, no doubt. But it's not that special. Heck, I did that three times last round. I just didn't mean to.....and my ball was teed up....and they ended up OB.....or in the water....
  7. Can't deny that was pretty impressive.
  8. Nitro golf balls and Pride Manufacturing golf tees
  9. I mostly agree. I can see manufacturers paying more attention to the segment of the golfing population that is trying to find what works in each individual slot in the bag. I do think there will always be a relatively substantial call for a complete set, however. I expect there will continue to be a pretty big proportion who aren't going to put the time, energy or thought into piecing a set together. They'll still want to go in and buy an iron set, matching 1,3,5 and a putter.
  10. Taylormade burner irons. Hated them from the moment I got them. Didn't like the feel, the appearance at address, the grips or the shafts. Bought them cheap as part of a whole bag (a few clubs of which I'm still playing) but free would have been too much to pay. Did I mention I hated them?
  11. but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't kill that wasp
  12. and do the Macarena instead of introductions to entertain the crowd.
  13. But his blankie couldn't be found, so he had to settle for one of Mickelson' s used long-sleeve button-down shirts.
  14. The course I grew up playing was interestingly suited for short rounds. It was a nine hole course, and every hole had at least two distinct tee boxes, one for the front and one for the back. The really convenient thing was that the #8 tee was closer to the #1 green than the #2 tee was. That meant you could play 1, 8, 9 in a very logical manner. I've played 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 hole rounds on that course many times. It was very common, when I was first learning the game, for me to go with my parents around dusk and just play 1, 8, 9. While I don't necessarily think this is a pace of play thing, I do see the benefit of engaging people in the game.
  15. and heckling Bernhard Langer at the Chubb classic at Lely Resort
  16. Wedgie woke up and discovered his feet were in fact being massaged......by Rosie O'Donnell
  17. they were told to stop playing in the bunker
  18. impersonating Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson
  19. I can tell you what it's not going to be! Not only would I have not picked them up, I probably have a few I would have contributed to the pile. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/5000-golf-balls-spill-onto-wisconsin-highway-sending-locals-scrambling-for-freebies/amp
  20. He took off his driving/ascot cap and slammed it on the ground in disgust
  21. Which worked perfectly, because the alligators got so bored watching nothing happen that they went and found something else to do
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