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  1. But, the blaster needed to be recalibrated
  2. In his anger, he used his putter to damage the green
  3. However, he hadn't had his barometer recalibrated
  4. Pretty much what I was thinking, but I kind of picture him as more of a Wizard holding a crystal ball and staff kind of guy.
  5. But you can't spell it that way. It's got to be Shaggin' Waggin' so that you're being hip. If not, you sound like somebody's dad - completely square, man!
  6. Almost exactly what happened to me. I was in the bleachers that afternoon, and stopped on the highway on the way home so I could process the loss of Dale with my son, who was 12 at the time. It just hasn't been the same since. My son still watches all three series avidly, as he has a couple of friends who are trying to make their names. One of them ran all three races, and the other ran the Xfinity race on Saturday. I raced a few more years, then gave it up for basically the same reason. Everything I had was old and worn out. I kept fixing and fixing. I was racing a 12 year-old big spring car against new chassis that were all coil-over. Hard to be competitive that way. I raced almost 10 years, and bought exactly one brand new set of tires. Everything else I ran was someone's worn out rubber from earlier in the year. Even doing things that way, it can be expensive.
  7. I'll go with one of those crystal clear October days in Maine. 50* in the shade, 75* in the sun. No humidity. Very light to no breeze. Dry conditions. Just gorgeous.
  8. That's the upholstery in his airbrushed 73 Dodge panel van with the heart shaped bubble windows and full size mattress in the back! (Nicknamed "The Shaggin' Waggin")
  9. Very nice. I love it when a plan comes together.
  10. only to take 5 or 6 more practice swings because the wind had shifted.
  11. Very nice. Looks like you guys had a great day for it. We've gone over to see the Rays in Port Charlotte a few times. Always amazing to see up close just how good these guys really are.
  12. Played almost exactly how you might expect someone with my handicap to play after not even taking a swing in 4 weeks. Had a couple of good two or three hole stretches, with a couple of looks at birdie, but ended up right on my handicap. Had a couple of disasters, and actually pulled off a three-putt from about 4 feet. (I was trying to hurry, as the mower was literally sitting there running waiting on us.) I did dig out the Eye 2's, which hadn't seen the course in almost 2 years. I still wonder at times why I ever went away from them.
  13. Sorry I missed this yesterday. Happy birthday. Hope to see you in a few weeks.
  14. Dang, I wish I was good enough that the ball I play actually mattered. I'm sticking with the Wilson Duo Soft Optix in orange. They're cheap enough, they're pretty soft which I like, and I can see them. I struggle seeing white balls for some reason. My "probably going to splash one" ball is the Wilson Zip. I think they're a surprisingly good ball for $10/dozen. You all can go back to your Pro V1, Chromesoft, Bridgestone, Snell debate now.
  15. Somebody would have to be looking a lot closer than they should be if they are able to see the flaws in those. I think they look great.
  16. Don't you all worry, nobody can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory the way I can. When it goes bad, it will be SPECTACULAR!
  17. So, like an idiot I went back to see what the status of the bag sale was (and to take a couple of pictures for a friend of mine who wanted to see what might be left.) Since this morning, the owner had gone to his other store and picked up some more and brought them to my local store. There was one, and I mean one Traverse cart bag. $179 bag for $79. There weren't any this morning when I was there. I almost walked out without it, but couldn't leave it sitting there.
  18. How about what I didn't buy..... Walked in to the little golf shop nearby this morning and they had brand new Ping Hoofer and Pioneer bags, as well as Callaway Org 14 bags, for $100 off. Probably 40 or 50 bags total. They were expecting them to sell out this morning. I'm exhausted from the exertion of willpower required to not walk out with one.
  19. I wondered what that stood for...Happy Birthday!
  20. Without judging anyone or anything said previously, I think it's really interesting how emotional this conversation is for people who are strictly observers of the situation. Not just on this forum, but in all of what I've read in other places as well. I've been trying to sort through and figure out what has brought on all the emotion, but I can't really pin it down. Anyone else get this type of sense about this?
  21. Nice! Those are 100% my style. I'd get slaughtered if I brought another pair home, but those might be worth it.
  22. And yet it still may be better than my four. I'm not feeling all that optimistic. I might end up with negative points.
  23. I can see every ball (and most of the clubs) in my bag ending up in that water.
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