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  1. Sorry for the consecutive posts in the same thread, but I was wondering...

    Does the bad weather expected tomorrow exacerbate the difference in difficulty levels between the two courses, or does it actually work the other way?

    I can see a situation where the North becomes harder, but the South becomes impossible. I can also see a situation where, for example, the North gets 30% harder and the South only gets 10% harder because it’s already so difficult.

    I don’t really know the two courses well enough to know which way that would go. Does the weather provide a greater advantage to the players on the North, or does it equalize things a little?

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  2. Am I sensing some bias based upon Fantasy team rosters?  How about Pat Perez as the long shot?  [emoji846]
    A huge shout out to Sportsman, with my daughter so sick I had totally forgotten about filling it out this week.  He pinged me for an update on her condition and reminded me that I needed to do that.  That's what being a good sport is all about.  We play to win the game but we want to do it against our opponents best.  Love it!

    Have to say I would love to see Pat Perez pull it off. I’d be really happy for that guy, and you.

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  3. A friend just lost both of her parents within days of each other. I am at a complete loss for words right now. Just devastating. 

    I can’t even imagine how hard that must be. I’m very sorry to hear that.

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  4. +4 75 (40/35)
    6/13 FiR
    8/18 GiR
    28 putts
    First ace today! #17, 121y PW that dunked into the cup. Best part was the group in front was part of our group, and waved us on since we were playing greenies. Heard it hit the stick from the tee box, and every one on the green yelled back that it went in. Super exciting, honestly never thought it would happen. Somehow managed to par the 18th after to finish the round.

    Very nice! Congratulations.

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  5. In all fairness I am guessing that anyone who added players much like yourself didn't do it to cheat the system and just had all well meaning when adding players. With a big league like ours there is always bound to be a few bugs and things for us to sort out and fix. Was great that the draft went as smoothly as it did and was so quick. Hindsight wish I had traded back and picked up a extra 6th round pick or two. 

    Agree 100%. I almost added a couple myself, but didn’t see where it asked for a bid. I’m sure people who haven’t played with this system wouldn’t have known the difference.

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  6. Definitely something going on with the claim system.  Checked about 8 rosters, and 2 of them already had 8 players listed.


    Edit:  Checked a bunch more and some of those have 7 or 8 players listed as well.

  7. We used to play a glow ball scramble in the summer when I lived in Maine.  The balls we used had a hole drilled through, with a small glow stick that was activated the same way bigger ones are.  Light the glow stick, push it into the ball and play for about 2 hours.  We'd only play 9 because that was about all the ball would last.  They weren't particularly hard, but the performance wasn't great.  We always had a great time, though.

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  8. 9 hours ago, Getoffmylawn said:

    I just finished my rankings and turned on the auto-draft.  Sigh.  I hate missing the draft, but junior has basketball practice, and I refuse to be one of those parents with my nose in the phone, especially when he scores and looks to see if I saw it...

    You only get one shot at that, and you'd hate yourself if you missed it for a fantasy draft.  100% the right call.

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  9. Hey!  Guess what
    Today is the -
         21st Day of the
         21st Year of the
         21st Century
    Seriously... nothing can go wrong here!!

    And here on the east coast we just passed 21:21:21 (24 hour time) of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.

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  10. I didn't feel like I should start a new thread for #15000 because we have laughed about the number of posts already.  However, I did want to document this milestone.  
    My question: Is there a 15000 post badge?  I might not make it to 20000.  [emoji51]

    I think they ought to make you a special “Broke 15,000” badge.

    It’s been a pleasure to read what you’ve had to say. Thanks for sharing with us all.

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  11. question about ranking players for the auto-draft. 
    how many guys should i have ranked to make sure i don’t get stuck with the computer picking a random player for me?
    what’s a safe number?

    Take your last pick number and divide by five, then round up if it’s not a whole number. That’s the number you need to rank to be sure. It’s mathematically impossible for you to not get players from that list.

    For example, my last pick is number 366. 366/5 = 73.2. If I rank 74 players, I’m guaranteed they’ll come off my list.

    Given the diversity of picks in the later rounds, it’s unlikely that you would need to rank quite that many, but it will assure you of getting players you have chosen.

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  12. We have well over 500 public courses in Florida - I live in the western middle part of the state. I’m able to access anything on the East Coast in less than 4hours but the Panhandle is farther away than that.

    It’s just too much to handle I think - I’ve played all of them in Rhode Island. 2 I think :)

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    You bring the cigars, I’ll buy the gas.[emoji1303]

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  13. 6 minutes ago, tommc23 said:

    The real question is do you have enough whisky?


    3 minutes ago, Kenny B said:

    Are you kidding?!  This is The Rev!!  😂

    Which means, of course, that there's no such thing!!

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  14. 10 hours ago, GolfSpy MPR said:
    My club setup is pretty well locked in for 2021, but I've been thinking of replacing my bag. I was doing some online bargain bin shopping tonight (as is my custom), but was running into a recurring problem. Basic rule of shopping for clearance golf bags: the link will show you the bag in a classy color scheme, but when you click, the only color left is radioactive unicorn vomit.
    Then I stumbled on this classy bag:
    I love the understated color scheme. And the Pioneer is always a top performer in Most Wanted testing. Found a site that was selling it below normal retail (which is very unusual with PING). Did some checking into the retailer and seems legit; I'll update if otherwise.
    This is more than I've spent on a bag before, but found I had some forgotten PayPal cash, which somehow doesn't count as ordinary money, right? So I pulled the trigger on this.

    That’s a great looking bag. I bought a Traverse II a couple years ago at less than half price and absolutely love it. Those Ping bags are great and you got about as good a color scheme as you could.

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