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  1. Sorry to hear that, buddy. Hopefully you’ll be good and not suffer any symptoms. Working at school’s pretty much like working in a Petri dish and when you add in your other responsibilities, I don’t know how you could avoid it.

    Sounds like it’s putting practice for the next 10 days.

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  2. Those look great!  I'm so jealous that you have the ability and equipment to work on projects like that.  As a fellow lefty, I'm hereby offering my services as a beta tester for your technology.  You can just ship them to Florida and I'll give them a workout!🙂

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  3. 33 minutes ago, MattF said:

    Is being fat an injury?

    (Just trying to bring a smile to everyone's dial)

    If it is, I'm probably fatally wounded.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, jlukes said:

    I think I’m going to be adding a 2 iron to my bag and experimenting with simply removing my gap wedge. 


    I just put my old Ping Eye2 2-iron back in my bag a month ago.  There was a long stretch where it was the only thing I could hit off the tee, and there are still times when I need something that isn't as long and has less dispersion on a bad swing than my driver.  I had been carrying a 60* wedge around for absolutely no reason whatsoever (actually it was because it matches my 56* and I have this thing about breaking them up) so out that came.  I think that was the first time the grip on that wedge had seen daylight in about a year.


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  5. I broke out a different set of sticks and practiced sliding down a slippery hill yesterday.  It's my once or twice a year reminder of how old I've become.
    It was a successful day because I got to spend it with my kid, I didn't fall or hurt myself (or anyone else!) and after an hour in the hot tub last night and this morning, a few advil and some stretching I can imitate an evolved person and walk semi upright in minimal pain from sore muscles!!  [emoji38]
    I did learn I shouldn't buy the 8 hour lift ticket any more, it is a waste of two hours since I was cooked at 6!  I should just get the 4 hour ticket, nap & wait in the car for the kid to finish her full day of fun and be less sore the next day!   
    It was good to see people being good about mask wearing, keeping their distance in the lift lines and being extra courteous as we merged to the chairs.  Much like golf a good outdoor activity that can be mostly safe if you want it to be.

    Lucky you. Skiing is the one thing I miss about Maine winters. We were fortunate to have a small hill in town with a rope-tow and a ridiculously low annual membership (kind of like a muni ski hill.). All day Saturday, all day Sunday from the time I was 4. Some very good skiers came off that little hill.

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  6. Temp was 44* and we had a light crowd(25). My play was horrible, pulling approach shits to left bunker, then could not get out! Usually my ball was under the upper lip. I shot 46/45:91 with only one birdie (#7).

    No golf tomorrow, SWMBO has a contractor coming to demo our pool bath and we will have a frost delay with Temp in low to mid 30’s.

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    Can I assume “pulling approach shits” is intentional? Seems appropriate.[emoji6]

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  7. Not sure you can call what I did “playing golf.” More like “flailing at little balls in the grass with long sticks.” This is a hard game to get good at playing at most a couple times a month. Had a beautiful Maine fall day here in Florida, though.

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  8. If you played in either a Tampa Tour or Todd Wright Tour event, then Yes. The Tampa Tour is a local summer league for individual stroke play events. Todd Wright Tour events are team multi-format events held throughout the year. 
    The only time I've been able to play with RevKev was around last Christmas along with Fozcycle and now I can't recall our fourth.

    The way the fourth played that day(so I’m told anyway), I’m glad you can’t remember who it was.[emoji41]

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  9. FANTASTIC!!!!!  
    One thing i'd suggest from experience helping coach our local HS team.....put some padding on those 4x4's in the 3 bay hitting cage to soften the ricochet's!!    [emoji1]  It was amazing to me how they could miss a 3' target in the middle of the net but could hit a 3.5" post and send a zinger back at them!   [emoji43]  

    I got a chance to share this with the AD today and he was in full agreement that it was something to pay attention to. Apparently no one thought of it in the development or construction stage. He can definitely see one coming back at a kid. Thanks for bringing it up.

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  10. 7 hours ago, Thin2win said:

    You poor neglected soul. If I woke up left handed tomorrow I could likely learn to golf standing over there, but I'd forever be defeated by clothing zippers. I don't know how you all do it. 

    But luckily for you, my wife is left handed so I asked her to see if these tees would work for her. For some reason she thought this was about the dumbest request I've ever made. But for science she attempted it. 

    Shockingly enough, they work just fine. I was surprised for one. But it seems you are in luck. First a left dash ball from Titleist, now a tee that works for lefties. Next thing you know Ping of going to create a lefties only Forged cavity blade driver. 

    Just a little clarification:

    1)  I'd have to have a soul in order for it to be neglected, so I'm not really that.  I do appreciate the sympathy, though.

    2)  It's not the zippers, it's the buttons and snaps that'll get you.  (Also, the constant ink smear on your left hand from using a pen and trying to find a pair of scissors that will work for you.)

    3)  I already have the Ping Forged Cavity Blade Driver, but it's not lefties-only.  Not only is it ambidextrous, it's also unisex so you and your wife could both use it.  See the picture.  It's amazing.



    I should also add that I'm jealous as heck that I didn't think of this review first!   What fun! (as my father would say.)

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  11. My side nets arrived today, but I haven't gotten out to try them. Inclement weather kind of ruined it for me but I'm just happy to have them. 
    [mention=100208]Shapotomous[/mention] I'm glad to see the Christmas card deliveries have arrived for you and to those you've sent them to. 
    [mention=68414]tony@CIC[/mention] [mention=76176]00sportsman[/mention], I feel for you guys and your wives Hallmark movie addiction. My wife is a unicorn and doesn't watch those or Rom-Coms in general. She'll watch Star Wars and all the Marvel Movies with me though. 

    Glad your nets arrived. We’ve had some USPS struggles down here as well. We do have a really nice carrier who tries to help out as much as she can.

    And hang on tight to that unicorn!

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  12. Don't get me started on Christmas movie/ music and Hallmark Channel. My wife watches those movies from the beginning of October through early January [emoji35]. Hallmark Chanel has ruined Christmas for me.

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    Oh, am I in the same boat. My wife watches them constantly. What’s worse is her sister does the same thing, and they spend time every night talking on their Amazon devices getting excited for the “new one.”

    Fortunately I get to go in the bedroom and watch what I want undisturbed.

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  13. I'm super glad, and relieved, that you enjoyed it. I'm sitting on the north shore of North Haven right now (the only place on the island I get any type of cell service - my phone won't even load your pictures here) looking across the bay at Camden and Rockport. I wondered if you had come to Maine and played the Samoset like we'd talked about. Did you play any other courses while you were here?

    One of my goals in life is to play as much golf next to an ocean as I can.  Not that I expect to do it all that much.  But when the opportunity arises, I figure I'd better jump on it.  My family recently returned from a vacation in mid-coast Maine and on [mention=76176]00sportsman[/mention]'s recommendation, I took my daughters to Samoset Resort in Rockport.  I won't say it was cheap (the three of us played at noon on a Monday for about $350), but it was absolutely worth it.
    I don't know that there's a hole on the front nine where you don't see the ocean.  It's wide open and just waiting for you to take it deep and low.  At one stretch, there are three parallel fairways with just a few trees scattered around.  When you tee off on the middle hole, you have a landing area that's some 150 yards wide.  I still managed to get to within about 10 feet of the Atlantic Ocean, but I still had a reasonable approach shot into the green.
    The scenery is dramatic, but the elevation changes on the holes are what really make the golf fun and interesting to play.  We played the course after a few days of rain, so it was soft and squishy.  I don't know that it ever gets firm and fast, but it would have been fun if the ball would have bounced some more.  
    [/url] The back nine heads inland for a few holes, and it becomes much tighter.  Much more of what I'd expect from a New England golf course and what I'd seen other places.
    It took me a few holes to realize that I needed to put the driver back in the bag until I could see the water again.  My brother-in-law joined us for the back, and I apologized for him not getting the views we had on the front... and then we came to the 14th.
    14 through 17 play near the ocean, with a wonderful "top of the world" tee shot that you can hit absolutely anywhere and still have a look at the green.  So of course, I hit it about 50 yards right onto the 18th tee, and had a clean look with a nine iron at the green.  There is nothing more thrilling than hitting driver off the top of a hill and not worrying a bit about where it goes.  The 18th is a fairly bland par 5 away from the water (a better sequencing would probably finish up on the dramatic par 5 4th), but by the end of the round you've had so much fun, taken so many pictures, and enjoyed everything so thoroughly that you really don't care.  It's not a tough course (barely 6000 yards from the middle tees), but it's one I will definitely play again if I get the chance.

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