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  1. Agree! They chewed up quite a few Texas lights on four strands I strung up in the backyard last year. Of course it was in the middle of the strand. So I left the lights on all day and all night for two weeks straight. I'm sure the shock they got from trying to chew up the cables have deterred them from further damaging the remaining strands.



    My father kept his motorcycle in an unheated shed over one winter, and they got in and nested in it. He ended up having the entire wiring harness on his Goldwing replaced because they'd chewed on it.


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  2. Definitely nice to see what other lefties are playing. I've always played outdated, mixed bags. Heck, the 2 iron from my Eye 2 set is never leaving my bag, no matter what else gets added. It took me a while, but I finally figured out that the only person who's critical about what's in my bag is me.


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  3. Years ago we had 2 squirrels get into our chimney/fireplace. Somehow another guy and me got them out of there and the house. Of course it took a couple of beers and a chase around the house after we got them out of the chimney and fireplace. SWMBO was not amused , either was the cat.



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    They are such a nuisance. They're pretty cute, but that's their only redeeming quality.


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  4. Setting mouse traps in the fall is an annual tradition - although I don't tell my wife since she'd try to figure out a more humane way to get rid of them.


    Not if I could only get rid of all the chipmunks in the same expeditious manner.



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    I had squirrels move into my attic in my house in Maine. Took a hav-a-heart trap, a jar of peanut butter and about two weeks to convince them they were slumming it and needed to move uptown. What a pain.


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  5. It was something with my internet connection at work. I'm in now.


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    My issue was one of those darn loose nuts on the keyboard. I hate it when that happens. Good luck, y'all.


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  6. Never been a big Tiger fan, but I don't know how you can deny the benefit to the game that the excitement around him generates.


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  7. Bought my four year old grandson some Ultra's at the local Walmart. They don't seem as heavy as some others I looked at, but are heavier than the US Kids. Fortunately he can handle them, but I think manageable head weight is more important than pretty much anything else at that age. Got to be able to get the head to the right spot to make contact.


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