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  1. 56 minutes ago, fozcycle said:

    Rained out again yesterday. Our weather is in the process of changing from morning storms to late afternoon storms. So I was rained out after 11 holes on Saturday, rained Sunday, rained out Tuesday after 7 holes. It’s not so much the rain as it is the lightning. We had almost 8 inches since Saturday.....emoji299.pngemoji90.png

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    The only rain I encountered between PG and Carlisle, PA (where I am currently) on my trek north was in Tampa.  You're just living in the wrong place!

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  2. giphy.gif?cid=8fc3c8975cfec13c59396b4536e968fb&rid=giphy.gif
    Ohhhhhh! You got me. Digest is up now. 
    Looking across the league, it's a little interesting to see who keeps trading blows in these big events. 
    These guys have 6 matchups
    [mention=81594]GB13[/mention] and [mention=55774]blackngold_blood[/mention] 
    [mention=55774]blackngold_blood[/mention] and [mention=76176]00sportsman[/mention]
    [mention=70409]GeekingGolf[/mention] and Intern Kyle
    [mention=77450]Jbmullin[/mention] faces [mention=68153]Low Country Golfer[/mention] 
    7 between
    [mention=54754]HardcoreLooper[/mention] and [mention=16499]Bjorns Boys[/mention] 
    [mention=76176]00sportsman[/mention] and [mention=80041]DannyDips[/mention]
    Seems to appear at both ends of the standings but not so much in the middle. Also seems more prevalent in Truth than Digest. I can't really say this is a good thing since there's some teams with a more even spread. Any other system would yield the same results just maybe in a different way. The only way to fix it is random but I don't think that's an option unless we do all events with the same number of matchups. 
    And I'm getting pretty sick of@DannyDips, too! I think I'm something like 2-6 against him. I'm sure he'd be happy to play me every week![emoji16]

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  3. Can anybody figure out why McDowell scored more points than Im who beat him by a shot when Im had more eagles? 
    I'm stumped and also super grateful to win both despite 2 guys missing the cut.
    US Open week boys! 
    Don't forget Im also had 5 more bogies, 2 fewer birdies and 7 fewer pars, all of which more than make up for the eagles.

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  4. You picked a great time to go. It was 65 in the sun almost every day. Have a blast!
    It's a generations old family property on North Haven that we've worked really hard to hold onto and maintain. Here's the view from the porch. No electricity, no running water but a little slice of heaven. When I moved to Florida, I went back into the classroom so I would have 6 weeks every summer to spend there.

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  5. Bar Harbor with my wife and daughter for the week has been fantastic. I packed my clubs to play Kebo Valley but decided against it. There will be more golf, she’s growing too quickly for my liking.

    Nice! I'm leaving Monday and will end up being able to see Mt. Desert from the porch on the island (when it's clear.)

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    ... The English Lit teacher you were playing with gave you a B+?  
    Actually, I probably would have failed because I didn't properly attribute the quote. (My parents both started as English Lit teachers, by the way.)

    Let's just say the rest of the round was a big, fat old F. I actually thought of your comments on the "comfort zone" from another thread as the collapse was happening. At least I attributed those comments to you.[emoji6]

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  7. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair..."

    Par, bogey, birdie, par, birdie, par...."Holy Crap, one under after 6? After two horrible, horrible rounds? On a tight little exec with trouble and water everywhere?"

    Anyone want to guess what happened next?

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