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  1. I should have quit after the 1st hole. Great drive, great 3 wood, solid wedge in, lipped out the first putt, drained the second, par 5. Then the wheels completely fell off. "That's all I've got to say about that."

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  2. Had a great time playing with@revkev and a couple of his friends. Good thing I had a good time, because my game was awful. My driver has completely abandoned me, I chunked ALL of my irons, had way too many penalties and 3 putts. And yet, I can't wait to do it again.

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  3. Rob, 26

    PGA SuperStore,  Naples, FL

    I finally got the opportunity to sneak into the closest PGA Superstore and demo the D7.  I really would like to have the chance to attend one of the challenge days, but the ones that fit my availability schedule are too far away. 

    When I arrived I spent a few minutes wandering around, since I don't get into the store that often.  Let's just say it would be super easy to spend a ridiculous amount of money very quickly.  I then made my way to the fitting/practice bays and connected with one of the fitters.  I told him I was looking to hit the Wilson D7, and after about 10 minutes of digging, he came up with the 7-iron head and put in a KBS stiff shaft.  We tried a couple of the fitting bays but had computer troubles, and finally went to one of the practice bays to get a decent setup for a lefty.  After a few minutes of warming up with my C200 7-iron, I switched to the D7.

    I can tell you right now that the KBS stiff is not the right shaft for me in that iron.  That being said, it was still pretty impressive.  According to the computer I averaged about 147 with my C200 over 15 shots and I averaged about 156 with the D7 over 25 shots, even with a shaft that I know I wouldn't get fitted into.  The fitter who had set me up had disappeared, so I didn't get a chance to swap out the shaft for a different one.  The dispersion didn't seem to be much different between the two irons.  I would say that averaging an extra 9 yards without being any further offline is actually a better dispersion pattern.

    The D7 would probably appear to be fairly chunky to someone who's not used to the appearance, but I didn't find it too distracting.  I've played Ping Eye2's, Taylormade Burners and the C200's in recent years, and don't think the D7 is any worse looking than any of those irons.

    When the hour I had available to demo the D7 was up, I went looking for someone to give the club back to.  I found the same fitter who had set me up, and gave it back to him.  I gave him a quick rundown of what I experienced and he said "that's the best iron in the store right now.  For a mid-handicapper, you can't do better than that.  It's designed to get the ball up in the air quickly and offers great distance."   That's a direct quote.

    Overall, I was pretty impressed.  I like my C200's and I'd love the opportunity to play with the D7's some more.


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  4. Strictly for what it's worth:

    I had a Samsung Gear Fit Pro2 that I got for completely non-golf-related reasons.  I was playing with a friend who had a laser, I was using 18 Birdies for yardages at the time, and it occurred to me that there may be an app I could add to my watch so I didn't have to carry my phone with me.

    A little research, and I discovered Taylormade had "partnered" with Samsung to push their MyRoundPro to the Samsung smart watches.  It gives me front, middle and back distances.  It works with the Sport I'm currently using, and worked with the Gear Fit Pro2 I was using previously.  If I can remember to mark my shots on the watch, which is always an issue, it will give me stats at the end of the round.  These include strokes gained and distances for each shot.  I'm sure if I used the app better, there would be a lot more there for me as well.

    Just another option to consider.  Trying to decide probably isn't hard enough.


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  5. I was put into contact lenses in 3rd grade, which would have been 1976, because my glasses were getting too thick and they weren't really ready with the new plastics that allow a much thinner lens for the same amount of correction.  In 1997, a friend brought me a copy of a golf magazine (I can't remember which one) that had an article about Tom Kite and his experience with LASIK surgery.  That was all it took.  3 months later, I was in Montreal having mine done.  Why Montreal?  Because at that time I needed so much correction that I couldn't get it done in the US.  I believe it had been approved for correction to -7.00, but I was -10.50 and -11.00.

    Two great, uncorrected years followed but my eyes have continued to change.  I wear glasses regularly, although my driver's license actually doesn't call for correction.  I wear contacts on the weekends and doing things like playing golf.  My eye doctor has fitted me with distance vision contacts in both eyes, and I wear cheap readers on top of them when I need to.  

    I've got plenty of experience playing sports in glasses, in contacts, and without any correction and I can confidently tell you that you can adjust to just about anything if you give it some time.  I really like the contacts for the ability to put sunglasses on the top, and take them off for a minute or two as needed.  Whatever you choose, just give it some time before you give up on it.

  6. On 5/30/2019 at 12:03 PM, azstu324 said:

    Golf was more for depth perception issues. That still is a factor today though which I've concluded is about 93% mental and 3% actual issue. For both the reasons mentioned above and the depth perception issue, I refuse to wear sunglasses golfing. 

    Sorry, but I've got to ask....what's the other 4%?

  7. The unfortunate part is with the more industry recognition that MGS continues to gain, the more squirrels we'll start to see in the yard. The fantastically awesome part however is that 99.9% of us wholeheartedly support and respect the forum, each other, and the MGS mission so those rascals don't seem to stick around for long. Any aggressive or negative posting that I've witnessed is more so troll-related rather than actual active forum members and they seem to get sorted out pretty quickly. 
    Keep up the stellar work MGS!
    Well put, and completely accurate.

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  8. Finally got around to reading your review, 00sportsman.  Well done, my friend. Very honest and forthright review of the e12 Soft.  Good comparison to the Wilson Duo as well.  Thanks for the opportunity to try it out, although I lost it on the second hole......ugh!  I will probably try it in the future.
    Thanks. Was it really only the second hole you played with it? I would have sworn you used it more than that.

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  9. 1 hour ago, MattF said:

    That's why I do my own work, because 1: I can, 2: it's cheaper and 3: I know it's done right.

    4:  I feel guilty as hell spending money to pay someone to do something I can do for myself.

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  10. Played (a regulation) 9 and broke all the "Rules", as in...
    1. No penalty shots.
    2. No two-chips.
    3. No 3-putts.
    Plus throw in a few "cudda been executed better" kinda shots, and a few "cudda made a better shot decision" type of moments.
    That ever happen to any of you guys? Anyone..? [emoji6]
    Ha ha, so...
    #1. Tee shot left into the rough on a dogleg right .. punch-out was thin, took a bad bounce and was still in trouble .. badly chunked the next one still leaving it short of the green .. chip up left it way short of the hole. 2-Chip Double.
    #2, #3. Scratched out a bogey (uphill Par 3) and a par (short Par 4).
    #4. Long Par 5 .. tested out the driver .. long, high fade exactly into the spot where the fairway bends towards the left .. take a drop... 2 shots later I'm on the far back-right of the green while the flag is front-left; first putt waaaay short .. 3-putt Double.
    #5. Decent tee shot just off right edge of fairway on a Par 4 dogleg left .. good 7i onto the back-left corner of the green .. flag is back-right, and not too far away on a sidehill, uphill left-to-right breaker .. left it waaaay short .. 3-putt Bogey.
    #6. Short Par 5 and tee shot goes straight but right to the outside of the dogleg left and behind a tree .. ok-ish punch-out .. deciding now whether to go for it to the elevated green or to layup short of the hill .. turns out my go-for-it shot ended up in exactly the same place as I would've tried to hit the layup.... pitch on up the hill ok but ... 3-putt Double. 
    #7, #8. 3-putt bogey after catching the right edge of the green (Par 3); then a good chip on and a 1-putt saved a par (short Par 4).
    #9. Straightaway Par 4 from an elevated tee .. took out driver (second time) and hit it long but slightly left and it ended up just in the left rough .. took an "extra" club to swing easy aiming for the middle of a large green .. blocked it straight right and long to watch it come down and take a huge bounce on the cart path .. followed by another huge bounce on the cart path .. followed by it disappearing down the hill going back towards the clubhouse..... Take a drop at the same spot, change clubs, re-align myself .. and watch it block right again in the same direction but this time stopped inches short of the cart path, wide right of the green .. chip on was ok but couldn't sink the first putt... Triple.
    So hopefully a "good learning experience" +12, as I continue on my quest to get to bogey golf.
    Sounds about like my back 9 on Monday. I could have written up something very similar. Almost everyone I know has one of those days occasionally.

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