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    Framingham, MA
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    Golf!!!! All. The. Damn. Time.

    Also played soccer at the collegiate level.
    Love beer.
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  1. Derek, Boston, Ma iphone 11 mostly indoors, but have outdoor access 365 days a year I can use a net, or not I have both options Thanks!
  2. Derek Northbridge, MA Callaway Epic Flash SZ 8.2 101mph-ish TSi3 Thank you!
  3. Derek/MA Fujikura Pro 2.0 98-103ish I have a tendency to get the real low spinner here and there I have regular access to launch monitor.
  4. Derek Massachusetts - Odyssey - Works 1 Tank Day to Day - some days I roll it really well, others I’m all over the place with my stroke. A tale of two different putting strokes... Please pretend you didn’t see my chipping stats Thanks!!
  5. Derek Ryan - Boston, Mass, US. 30 rounds. Ish. I have all the media. I’m quite social. Facebook:Derek Bremner Ryan. Twitter: @derek_b_ryan. Insta: @derek_b_ryan or @newenglandgolfaddict 10.5hdcp 102.456mph driver speed. I rounded. Current: Soo about that. Apex Pro 19 irons. I’m a club hoe. Rogue driver. Cobra F7 hybrids and 3wood. Can’t touch my baffler rails. Sexy F9 driver 45”(bumblebee please), 3W -.5”, 3h, 4h, 5-Gap f9, King 54 and 60. All 2 Up and with Winn Dri-tac midsize grips. And if we get to picks shafts, I’ll def get a quick fit nearby. Thanks!!
  6. 1. Derek - Massachusetts 2. 10.5 - 100-105ish 3. Callaway Rogue 4. Standard Flash please.
  7. Derek - MA medium - Under Armour pants and Jacket that is covering pants, and 78 other layers. Essentially a sweaty garbage bag. 25* pouring rain and 35mph winds. Pinehills in Plymouth and same conditions Farm Neck Marthas Vineyard. This is New England. If you don’t play in sub 35* weather, you only get to play for a few weeks....
  8. I've been a religious reader of MYGOLFSPY for awhile and thought it was time to donate and get a little more involved. Love to get out and play in the Metro West area in Mass. Probably play 2-3 times a month and throw in 2 buddies trips a year. Nice to meet you all!
  9. Why can't I hit my 3W off the deck today?

    1. glenmore5


      Trying too hard ?


    2. glenmore5


      Trying too hard ?


  10. Hahaha. This is F%#*ing brilliant. Good for you!!! I suppose I could buy one less beer on the course this weekend and send it your way. Keep the content coming!
  11. Your first name: Derek Home state: Massachusetts Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Callaway Rogue/ Even Flow Blue 65/ 67g Current swing speed: 98-100
  12. 1. Derek 2. Sunny Massachusetts 3. 11 4. Fingers and Pencil unfortunately
  13. Welcome to the forums Ryan19Jwu :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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