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    Larryd3 reacted to jaskanski in Situation/ Advice requested for a competitive golfer   
    If competitive golf is getting you down - give up competitive golf. For me, the pleasure of golf as a sport, or receational hobby or whatever lies in the enjoyment of the game - period. If you're struggling to enjoy it, then take a step back and figure out why you first took up golf in the first place. If it was purely for the winning, then you've probably missed the point. For me, everytime I step out on to a golf course, or even to casually hit balls at the range - is a win. Golf is it's own reward and it belongs to everyone who wants to make it that way. That's just my opinion - I hope you find your mojo in one form or another in the near future.
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    Larryd3 reacted to TylorJudd in Situation/ Advice requested for a competitive golfer   
    I can chime in here a bit as my partner is a clinical therapist. I don't know what the states has in regards to certifications or who you need to see. In Canada, a psychologist is researched based, not therapy based so there may be some language disconnect here.
    Look for a specialist trained and certified* (key word there) in EMDR, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, golf and anything golf related are not your issue. Performance anxiety is widespread across many facets of our lives. Your brain, like everyone's brain, is lazy. It will always believe that different clubs will change your game. Welcome to consumerism, and our general marketing strategy as a society. If you haven't seen anything about me, I tried to commit suicide to many same reasons like performance anxiety but in parts of my personal life. Your stress, and cortisol, are going to feed your anxiety and make an endless loop. A) your diet feeds into this big time. Take a deep dive into what we're told is "healthy". B) general mindset and outlooks should be addressed. 
    Also, if you're not seeing results with your professional of choice, get another opinion. Mental health is just like golf. Nobody plays the same and every swing is unique. Just as every mental health professional differs in their approach and techniques/training.
    Either way, just my opinion and not to be used as doctrine, and please consult with a health care professional about this as I am just an avid golfer who knows what mental health can do to your life and golf game. I wish you the best of luck going forward
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    Larryd3 reacted to cnosil in Situation/ Advice requested for a competitive golfer   
    I’ll be honest, I don’t understand this perspective, but I am not you.   You are playing amateur events that have no real bearing on you, your family, or your friends.  If you were not going to work and playing golf instead which resulted in your family not being able to eat or have a home then you let people down.   I hope you get yourself to a good place and can appreciate that even a club championship is more about the enjoyment of playing a game than trying to meet someone’s expectations 
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    Larryd3 reacted to cnosil in Situation/ Advice requested for a competitive golfer   
    My personal opinion.   Clubs aren’t going to make you better; and the clubs you had previously don’t reach a plateau and prevent you from getting better.   Sounds like you need to figure out the metal/emotional side if the game.  No reason to be ashamed of you anxiety, it is what it is but that is what the primary issue seems to be.   Sounds like you are putting too much pressure on yourself because of your fathers successes.   Have you tried a system; like DECADE, for course management to remove the emotional side of the game?  I would also say that if you personally don’t want to play in the club championship then don’t,  winning or losing that event does not define you as a person. 
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    Larryd3 reacted to Tom the Golf Nut in Starting over, any tips?   
    I agree with @Kenny B. Find yourself a swing coach/ instructor that will work with what you have and improve it. Small changes over time will get you the desired results in the end. Chipping and putting will reduce the score the most. You can work on that just about anywhere. I used to put hula hoops in the yard or an old umbrella open, upside down and stuck in the ground. I would set goals. Couldn’t stop until 2 of 10 were in the target. Then 5 of 10, then 8 of 10. Then back up 10 more yards and start over. You have to work up to it. It’s not going to happen quickly. Then on the course imagine the hula hoop where you want the ball to land. You can get a 10’ putting mat cheap. Practice you putting. I’m not the best at greens in regulation but I can chip it close and 1 putt for par. Several times a round.
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    Larryd3 reacted to Kenny B in Starting over, any tips?   
    Welcome to the forums!  Some thoughts...
    Coming from softball (slo-pitch and fast-pitch) and volleyball I too tried to learn this game when I couldn't play other sports anymore.  That was 31 years ago.  I managed to get to bogey golf playing a bad slice.  Then one day I said to myself, "Self, you can't keep playing like this, so either give up the game or take lessons."  It didn't take many lessons to reduce my slice to a manageable fade, but I wanted a better overall game.... more lessons and golf schools.  
    Some people can pick up the game easily; most cannot.  Most swing flaws happen because of issues with either setup, takeaway, or transition to the downswing, and there can be issues with all three.  The problem is knowing what your issues are and which one to fix first.  That's where a good swing instructor comes in.  Once you fix the most important issue, then you can focus on the next issue.  A recipe for disaster is to try to fix multiple issues at the same time.  I figure I wasted 5 years trying to get better on my own.  So, find a good instructor.  Interview them to determine if they are a fit for your personality and for what you want to accomplish.  There are good ones and bad ones.  
    Also, taking lessons does NOT mean that you will automatically start playing better.  In fact, you will probably hit the ball worse until you create new motor skills.  That takes time.  A change can take weeks or months; not hours or even days.  Pros take a year to make subtle changes, but amateurs expect major changes to happen overnight.  When you make a change, it feels "weird".  If it doesn't, then you aren't doing the change correctly.  A watchful eye will help you keep doing it correctly.  Getting better takes a commitment.  Golf can be fun and frustrating; ask anyone on this forum!  How far you go with improving your game depends on you.  Personally, I've found that I can't just go out and have fun playing golf; I always strive to do better, but the challenge to improve is what's fun for me. YMMV
    While going through swing lessons, I also recommend spending a lot of time pitching, chipping and putting.  These skills will help reduce scores quickly.  You will miss a lot greens, and improving these skills will help minimize the high scores.
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    Larryd3 reacted to Rosey31 in Playing with a caddie for the first time   
    I second all that Larry said. Just enjoy the rounds and have fun. It's a great experience and a good caddy will make the time even better. 
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    Larryd3 got a reaction from Dweed in Playing with a caddie for the first time   
    Did those 3 courses last year with a caddie and really enjoyed it.  Just relax and have fun.   I'd suggest doing caddies at all 3 courses.  I actually had the same caddy for all 3 rounds, liked him at Spyglass and asked if he'd meet me at the other 2 courses.  Great having local knowledge, just will make the rounds much more pleasant and hopefully memorable for you.  Nothing to worry about.  If you bring a larger golf bag, they will move your clubs into a lighter ping hoofer type bag so be prepared for that.  All in all, if I go back there, I'd still spend the money on a caddy for all 3 rounds.  Have fun and like I mentioned above, just relax and enjoy.  
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    Larryd3 reacted to GolfSpy_APH in How many of you keep a "Heavy" and "Lightweight" putter for different courses with huge green speed variables?   
    One Putter by way of the LAB Mezz Max and given how it performs and feels there is zero reason for me to look, think, consider it even contemplate another regardless of green speeds. 
    Flat out it just works!
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    Larryd3 reacted to RickyBobby_PR in How many of you keep a "Heavy" and "Lightweight" putter for different courses with huge green speed variables?   
    I only switch putters when I want to use a different putter or want a different look. I have no issue using the same putter on fast or not so fast greens.
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    Larryd3 reacted to Coppo44 in I applaud you Bob Parsons!   
    Bob will sell out.  He will rationalize it one way or the other…. Just like Rory
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    Larryd3 reacted to Saturday Morning Sherpa in I applaud you Bob Parsons!   
    Not sure how many of you saw the announcement that PXG will not renew any of the current PXG players from the LIV Tour - https://golf.com/gear/pxg-liv-tour-public-statement/?utm_campaign=forecast&utm_source=golf.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content={date(&utm_term=GOLFcom Top Stories Newsletter
    It takes a strong backbone to make a stance regarding LIV Tour knowing the potential financial and criticism blow back that may come.
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    Larryd3 reacted to chisag in Music on the Golf Course?   
    ... You are experiencing the selfish. But you don't experience those that play it at a low level because you can't hear it. If I am playing music in my cart, you absolutely can't hear it on the tee or the green. If I am playing music on my remote cart, you can't hear it standing 10 feet away. And I mean cannot hear it at all. I play music to keep me company between shots because it puts me in a good mood. I don't play music to accompany actually playing the game. 

    ... Fwiw, I have run into all kinds of music players. Loud enough to be heard by other groups. Loud enough to only be heard by the group playing and then not loud enough to be heard by anyone but the player when close to their riding or walking cart. Lumping them all together is like lumping together a drunk driver with someone that drives 5 mph over the speed limit on a highway.  
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    Larryd3 reacted to poprocksncoke in PGA Tour & PIF/LIV Golf Merger   
    Statement from McNealy

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    Larryd3 reacted to gavinski91 in PGA Tour & PIF/LIV Golf Merger   
    Second time I've seen you make this comment in this thread - seems a bit ignorant to knowingly repeat false stereotypes because you think it's funny. There's plenty of jokes to be made without bringing in a religious group that has zero connection to this entire thing.
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    Larryd3 reacted to J7Hawkins in PGA Tour & PIF/LIV Golf Merger   
    I have been on the fence but decided to share my thoughts... To be clear, I am no expert and have no more knowledge outside of what has been publicly posted, but in my work in Private Equity and before my current role I have worked with and seen a lot of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) so I'll share my thoughts on the business of the deal accordingly.
    To me, this is a sinking ship merger, similar to how Google and Apple buy small spinouts all day everyday. You have a young startup that has a solid product (LIV having more value in Assests - being the players) but is hemorrhaging cash at an unsustainable rate. Their leader is a political icon, which means his stature and reputation is too important to let the league fail, which it inevitably would. He (most likely) goes to the PGA and offers to sell LIV to them, to which they decline. He comes back with an offer to pay them the  equivalent of 2-4 years worth of losses for LIV (hundreds of M$) plus all business assets (players and LIV Tour) for a small portion of the whole pie and a seat on the boar (possibly non-voting, but we will never know). This protects the leaders image, giving him the opportunity to spin it as a huge win against the Americans to those abroad/in Saudi.
    The PGA does the deal because they know that LIV will fail at some point and they will have to mop up then anyway and accept players back, so why not take cash now. Plus, cash on hand gives them the ability to reach agreement with DP World Tour and essentially solidify that they (via the newly named organization) will be in control of golf across the globe for the foreseeable future.
    I could be way off... just my purely business analysis of the situation. I can't wait to see how this unfolds and what that PGA decides to do with the LIV tour players.
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    Larryd3 reacted to JohnSmalls in PGA Tour & PIF/LIV Golf Merger   
    Loved the tweet from HV3, and spot on with HV3 hopping on and getting away from social for a while. 
    I am sorry to be that guy--but for clarity sake, a bush hog is a large rotary blade mower most commonly powered by and pulled behind a tractor.  It is used to mow fields with a mix of growth that would be difficult for a commercial mower to clear.  So HV3 is getting away from social and getting back to work.  @PeterHenric
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    Larryd3 reacted to chisag in PGA Tour & PIF/LIV Golf Merger   
    ... I was offered a European Billboard campaign for a cigarette company back in the early 90's and had always said I would never sell out period but also kids would see the image and I did not want to be a part of the cancer causing problem potentially influencing kids to start smoking. They were going to pay me a one time buyout of $15,000 and as a semi struggling actor at the time that was a ton of money. My ex said "It is only gonna run in Europe and we could really use the money right now so maybe think about it?" and before I could answer my 5 yr old son said "Aren't there kids in Europe?"  I was a very proud Dad that day. 
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    Larryd3 reacted to Invader Zim 315 in PGA Tour & PIF/LIV Golf Merger   
    Not a fan of LIV, as I'm a fan of loyalty to the hand that feeds you, and personally I didn't appreciate what LIV stood for.  One thing I do want to say is if you're Rory McIlroy, you should be dang proud. 
    This did not go his way, but my goodness he stood up and fought for what he believed in with such fire it deserves to be praised.  He was willing to bear the emotional and mental burden of fighting for what he believed in, The Tour, and it's clear it took a toll on him.  I guess I just think anyone who stands up for what they feel is right should be praised.  And I hope this deal sees him receive compensation for the great player he is.  
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    Larryd3 reacted to GolfSpy MPR in PGA Tour & PIF/LIV Golf Merger   
    This, so far, seems to be the most substantive take I've seen that makes some sense:
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    Larryd3 reacted to PBH3 in Club Discounts   
    My experience at the pro shop at Fort Belvoir is that they usually charge retail for clubs.  They usually don't have much club inventory, but will order whatever you want.  I would suggest calling the course closest to you.  If you are looking for a military specific club discount the PXG Heroes program is the best out there.  https://www.pxg.com/en-us/heroes
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    Larryd3 reacted to Shapotomous in Golf etiquette when playing thru   
    When in a cart I skip around them and then go back to play that hole later.  I stay out of the way of anyone else out there and am careful not to jump in front of anyone so as to hold them up.   
    When walking then I play a couple balls and hit practice shots to get my pace to match theirs if I don't have a finish time that I need to make it by.  If I have to be done by a certain time then I skip holes and don't go back to play the skipped holes.
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    Larryd3 reacted to tony@CIC in Golf and wearing eyeglasses. Single vision, progressive lenes, contacts or other?   
    Well I just went the other way - with no prescription glasses. I've worn progressive lenses for at least 30 years, if not longer. I did use transition lenses so I didn't have to switch out glasses for sunglasses. I got so use to the progressive lenses that I could use them even for putting without any distortion. However, recently at my eye exam the doc told me my right eye had gotten so bad that I couldn't drive so we scheduled cataract surgery for both eyes (at different times). Immediately after it was like dialing back my eyesight 40 yrs. I now just wear inexpensive sunglasses. - I highly recommend this very simple procedure.  
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    Larryd3 reacted to revkev in Putting Grips - What Say You?   
    I'm right handed and use an interlocking grip when putting - 
    I actually remember when I switched to it - on the first green of Town and Country golf course in Sheboygan, WI.  It felt great - I've tried left hand low for a bit with some success and might practice it just for a change of pace.  I also putted for three years looking at the hole from anywhere outside of 5 feet.  Now I'm looking at a spot on my line about two inches ahead of the ball - I really like that.  
    I don't think it was the OPs intent but since many are doing it I use some sort of mid sized grip - right now its the Garsen Ultimate that I'm testing for MGS.
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    Larryd3 got a reaction from revkev in Putting Grips - What Say You?   
    So thread has gone 2 different directions so I'll answer both.     I'm right handed but putt left-hand low.  Been doing it for years and works for me.    Putter grip that I prefer is Superstroke Traxion Tour 3.0
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