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  1. For me it was more focused practice instead of just hitting balls and hoping something clicks as well as playing proper length and flex of shafts which tightened my shot dispersion immensely. Also, I went from a cheap ordinary unbalanced putter to something that I actually liked and my 3 putts dropped in a huge fashion. Find a way to make par and avoid the big scores.
  2. Nothing particular. Just the build in general as Ive done nothing with bore thrus.
  3. Snow and ice the last few days here in the Willamette Valley Enough to close range down and enough to get mandated for OT everyday as people call in.
  4. Hadnt really touched my clubs since last September minus changing out shafts, grips, and swingweight adjustments. Hot balls to days ago to loosen up a bit and hit balls tonight doing a takeaway drill. Since its Oregon, I am rusty!
  5. Cut the grip and take a peek to see whats going on.
  6. I have a 30" belt sander and Im just not good enough to turn on it. Speed is too high.
  7. I use Grail Golf for most of my ferrules and get the dameter as close to hosel diameter as possible to avoid too much sanding. They cost a little more but worth it as it saves time when doing manually. Ferrule $$$ add up quickly. When I first started out I bought a few clubs from Goodwill to play with. Enjoy.
  8. Whats everybody working on? I just finished pulling some C Tapers out of a buddies older Adams and installed them in a buddies 919 Tours along with swingweight adjustment and new grips. I then took the TT DG 120s I pulled and replaced my KBS Tours in my 919s along with swingweight adjustment and new grips. Regripped the rest of my clubs as well as lengthened a couple Vokey SM8s I bought a few months ago. Hadnt touched the build/ repair end much and it felt good getting back at it.
  9. I live just 3.5 hours from Bandon but still an option if I want to gamble on weather and tee times.
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. I guess for me $150 or less would be my goal for golf. The possibility of rain, the travel time, and the lack of options that fit my schedule to Orlando from PDX are really not the best. Rental car prices are crazy high with Orlando being the lowest from places (SD, Austin, Vegas, PHX, Tuscson, and PS) Ive researched. Green fees seem the highest in Palm Springs, but after some digging around I actually found some reasonable travel, flight, and car packages. I will just deal with the green fees and enjoy my time. The back drop in Palm Springs really looks amazing and I will get more golf in than traveling east.
  11. Got a week off mid Feb. Researching a golf trip to either Orlando, SD, or Palm Springs. Looks like the warmer weather is Orlando but does anybody have an idea which area is more affordable considering its high season? Digging around at all the courses is ming boggling, especially Orlando. Thoughts?
  12. Ive been at Pebble/Monterey a couple times in late December and it was sunny and low 60s Id guess. Lots of peeps out playing
  13. My daughter is coming home from college for the day and neither one if us are turkey eaters so its rib-eyes and the rest of the traditional Thanksgiving food.
  14. I might pay 2 bills to play a course with the exception of Pebble, and that's only because Pebble holds a special place for me in golf history. Whistling Straits is one that catches my eye and I might play it one day, but I only that as I have no idea how much $$$ it is . I cringe a $100 with cart to be honest out here in Oregon
  15. Finding time for meaningful practice in all areas of the game.
  16. I like spikes and wish we still used metal spikes. I haven't crossed over to spikeless as I am concerned about them wearing out before the actual shoe is.
  17. I see him at the Pro Shop side but never teaching. Does he teach at the range or on the course side somewhere?
  18. I was going to Robert Randall at Redtail. Good guy that works hard to find what makes sense to you.
  19. Bad clock management, some bad plays calls down the stretch, and a BS penalty at the end of regulation cost the Ducks a game yesterday. Brown is NOT the QB that will take them to the promised land. My daughter is on the UO marching band, she was hoping for a bowl venue she hasn't been to yet...if they make one...they are very vulnerable. My OSU Beavers are 4-1 and got a little love in the polls with a few votes. Coach Smith has them believing and the trashing of USC 2 weeks ago, and a gritty win against UW has them knowing that they can win games.
  20. What would give you more satisfaction a a pro golfer. Be a part of a winning Ryder Cup team or win a major? I love team sports but love the challenge and fulfillment of winning as an individual. When I watch the Ryder Cup and the sheer emotions of a winning team, Id have to go with a Ryder Cup team followed by winning the Masters.
  21. Id be curious if the fitter built them or TM did? I doubt TM did to be honest if they are that much off. I'd take a grip off and see if if they added a shaft extension? Did you remove a grip and did it have an extension? If the fitter won't work with you, dig around and find out who your local TM rep a call and see what he says.
  22. Little bummed Reed wasnt picked. 4 of 6 have zero Ryder Cup experience.
  23. I carry a 58 high bounce SM7 that I struggle with as courses dry out. Went out and bought another SM8 in 60.08 L grind. Took it out last night on the practice green to get acquainted and love it so far. This is a season and course dependent wedge due to the low bounce and grind.
  24. If my ball is used off the tee, am I allowed to move the ball 1 club length (no closer to hole), or do I play as it lies with the players following me having the 1 club length allowance? Is this the same greenside?
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