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  1. Bad clock management, some bad plays calls down the stretch, and a BS penalty at the end of regulation cost the Ducks a game yesterday. Brown is NOT the QB that will take them to the promised land. My daughter is on the UO marching band, she was hoping for a bowl venue she hasn't been to yet...if they make one...they are very vulnerable. My OSU Beavers are 4-1 and got a little love in the polls with a few votes. Coach Smith has them believing and the trashing of USC 2 weeks ago, and a gritty win against UW has them knowing that they can win games.
  2. What would give you more satisfaction a a pro golfer. Be a part of a winning Ryder Cup team or win a major? I love team sports but love the challenge and fulfillment of winning as an individual. When I watch the Ryder Cup and the sheer emotions of a winning team, Id have to go with a Ryder Cup team followed by winning the Masters.
  3. Id be curious if the fitter built them or TM did? I doubt TM did to be honest if they are that much off. I'd take a grip off and see if if they added a shaft extension? Did you remove a grip and did it have an extension? If the fitter won't work with you, dig around and find out who your local TM rep a call and see what he says.
  4. Little bummed Reed wasnt picked. 4 of 6 have zero Ryder Cup experience.
  5. I carry a 58 high bounce SM7 that I struggle with as courses dry out. Went out and bought another SM8 in 60.08 L grind. Took it out last night on the practice green to get acquainted and love it so far. This is a season and course dependent wedge due to the low bounce and grind.
  6. If my ball is used off the tee, am I allowed to move the ball 1 club length (no closer to hole), or do I play as it lies with the players following me having the 1 club length allowance? Is this the same greenside?
  7. Hadnt touch a club in over 2 weeks die to a rib injury from a quad crash but today I felt good enough to head to the range to see how it really felt. Took out a few wedges and took some easy pitches until I foundI confirmed I wasnt going to drop to my knees in agony. Took about 20 easy swings and increased it to playing speed. No issues and even hit a few of my buds long irons with no issues.
  8. Ive been struggling with a yardage gap in my wedges so picked up a Vokey SM8 50.08 F grind wedge. I was hitting an old oil can vokey but it just have the pop or feel so I gave in.
  9. Treating myself to at least one new wedge.I play 3 Vokeys but 2 are chrome and 1 is raw. I feel the raw doesnt have the same po as the chrome. Granted is is older but it does seem to just not have the distance I think it should have. Anybody notice a distance in chrome v raw?
  10. Buddy and his cuz were playing at a local course yesterday when the marshall just happened to be on the #1 tee box. They were playing the tips (6850) and the marshall asked them what their hdcp was.Buddy tries to joke and says whatever club is in my hand. Marshall had no humor and told them they are really busy and should maybe move up a box (6300ish). Buddy said he would not and they both proceeded to smoke their drives from the tips. They were a twosome with 4some in front of them. Hole #5 same marshall approached them (they were keeping up just fine and waiting every shot) and told them that they both needed to hit as soon as the group in front of them hit their shots from the fairway. Buddy said he would not because he is much longer than the group in front of them and can reach the par 5s in 2. Marshall didnt like that he wasnt willing to change his game to accommodate the packed course. This rubs me wrong because all their marshalls (minus 1) are all like this and rule with what is almost an iron fist. Its to the point that when we see a marshall coming we say "who ÷&%$ up this time". Complete turn off to this course but we do play it a ton early season as it drains decently. They do a 7/8 minute tee time rotation so maybe thats on them for aiding in creating slow play. Buddy plays to a -2 while his cuz plays to a -6 so both certainly capable.
  11. Ive done the heat gun and the butane torch and go with the butane about 90% of the time. I feel like I got much more control of the heat this way. The other 10% of the time I go back to the heat gun just to remind myself why I like the butane much better.
  12. Anybody have the price for Grindwork wedges? I can't seem to find anything price wise on the web.
  13. My game was finally starting to show some promise after 3 years of injuries. Carpal tunnel surgery and cracked thumb 2018/2019, shoulder injury late in 2019, and wrist injury late 2020 and in to 2021. Handicap went from 6ish up to over 10 and just fell back to single digits on the last update when a buddy wanted to go over and ride our quads in the sand. "Sure, sounds fun". Fifteen minutes in to a 2 day trip, I missed a drop off in the early morning sun and did a nose dive jamming my right hand and handlebar in to my rib cage. OUCH !! *&^$!!! Xrays showed no fractures but the doc believes there probably is a light fracture that isn't showing up. If you never had a fractured or bruised rib cage, you are missing something special. This is probably my 4th or 5th time over the years from riding or playing ball. Not sure when I will be playing again. My goal is August 13th as I just dropped some $$$ on a tourny, but I have my doubts from past rib damage. I will consider myself lucky as I thought the outcome was going to be much worse when I was mid-air.
  14. The NBC goes to infomercials or whatever the hell they are.
  15. That was my thoughts as well. I figured if I can gain yardage off of cart path, I can also be penalized. I've been playing all my life and he is new so I really had my doubts. If this was the case, I want about a 100 strokes back.
  16. Is the ball still considered OB if it hits the cart path and bounces out of bounds. I've always thought it was but a buddy is saying different,
  17. Thanks for the info. Headed down mid June for 3 1/2 days of golf. Sand Hollow is # priority. I did get an offer from a guy on Golfwrx who works at the Ledges to play with him for cheap. Not sure what else Im playing for sure.
  18. Ive been working on swing change for weeks with most every shot on the range aided by sticks to change my path. Ive taken the training wheels off most of the time and things are going well and the longer clubs are seeing improvement which tells me things are improving. Much better divots or lack off and a straight ball flight with a slight draw at times which I'm ok with. Last night was zero range balls but 30 minutes on the putting green with the main focus being 10 feet and in.
  19. Not a bad idea as it most likely would save you a few $$ if you get an adapter on it. Another place is the pre-owned Callaway website. They also have an ebay store which I think in general is a few bucks cheaper then directly from the website. I picked up a Tensei Blue in X with Callaway Optfit adapter for my Cobra. I do my own club work so I did the change over myself and have an extra adapter for various buddies Callaways when needed. Depending on his driver swing speed, he may need to be 7x and possibly tipped.
  20. Ive been working my tail off on a new swing and lucky enough to get free range balls to do so. Yesterday I had two back to back 5i where I had to work the ball. 1st was on a par 5 and I had about 190 to stick. Kind of between clubs so I played a draw to to get a few extra yards. Stuck it pin high at 12'. Missed eagle putt. Very next hole I hit a bad tee shot right that left me 180 to pin with a tree blocking my line. Decided to play 5i cut with a slight left to right wind. Ended pin high at 10' and made birdie. As bad as my game had been the past year, these shots were a big deal to me. Major confidence booster.
  21. Played 36 at 2 different courses today. 85 at 1st course with 4 penalty strokes and a double par on a par 3. ouch...Struggled off the tee 2nd 18 waa a course Ive never broke 80 at but today I shot 78. Tee shots wish driver were a mix but no penalties. Had 3 birds and 1 double. Made a few putts today, no 3 putts over 36 holes, and hit my irons well. Once I figure out my driver and get my wedge play in shape my scores will come down. Struggling a bit with wedges from 115 in
  22. Sunday night I sucked it up and practiced in the rain.Worked on pitching/chipping with my 9i, pw, 51, and 54. Trying to get back to getting the ball on the ground quickly which is the way I learned and truly prefer. Tonight was the range and really happy with my swing change progression. Swing plane change is coming along nicely at this point.
  23. I used to partake quite heavily many years ago but no more. Of the few times Ive tried it in the last few years, there is no way I could golf as its just too powerful for me. Im sure if took a toll on my game in the day but no proof.
  24. Planned on chipping and pitching practice but rain was coming down so I hit the covered range for my swing drills. Very happy with my ball striking and Im getting some confidence back in my game for the 1st time in a long time.
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