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  1. Took a few days off from hitting to rest body a bit. Sure wish the ranges would open the grass areas.. Practice time since last lesson has been hitting mostly short irons on a couple drills to get the feel for my swing path to change and it seems to be working. It forces me to the change with repitivness. Work to be done but big change and worth every penny of my lessons cost at this time.
  2. Interesting. Looked them up and liking the idea. How long before it dries out in the heat before you need to soak it again?
  3. Im staying my last night in Mesquite and going back and forth between Conestoga and Wolf Cr. I can book twilight at WC or wait until 6am next day. I need to be at airport by 1pm at latest for 3pm flight back to PDX. Can't book Conestoga yet. I might catch twilight at one of them then play local 9 hole course in morning so I leave time for navigating airport. Sand Hollow is my main focus in SG with the plan of 36 a day. Strictly golf, pool, nap, and cocktail trip.
  4. I didn't really think about Covid and water coolers when I typed that. Should've just figured. I actually plan on buying some gallon jugs of water and Gatorade to freeze. While I love golfing in the heat, I have to keep myself cool and hydrated as best as possible.
  5. I plan on playing Green Springs. I will tell him hi for you:)
  6. Headed down to St. George in June so it will be hot. Looking for a cooling pad for my head/neck. Has anybody tried any of the ones out there while golfing. I assume the courses in the area keep water on the course so if all else fails, water over the head will suffice.
  7. Ordered a new to me Tensei Blue 75g X shaft to replace my S 65g Tensei Blue. I will need to pull the current adapter and install a Cobra F9 but I think it will all be worth the end result.
  8. 2nd lesson down. Between lesson 1 and 2 all I really worked on was shoulder turn and hand at top. Went in to 1st lesson -8 to -10 on swing path. Left range at -6 or so. Worked on it between lessons and went into today -5 or so. Overall he liked my work with my hand position. Today was swing path with some drills to get me to feel the proper path. Few simple drills and I was easily at -2 .Some more work and I got to + numbers which I prefer not to be as Ive been - for so long I can play that flight so I will shoot for zero of course but... Two weeks is next lesson and we were bo
  9. pulledabill

    New shaft

    How does one buy a new driver shaft for their current driver head? Hit buddies shaft? Hit random heads with shaft you want to try? Drop 3 bills and pray? I ask as Im looking to buy upper end (used) shaft and it seems kind of read specs and hope it works.
  10. Back at same course today. Struggled with driver on front but chipping and putting much better. Birdied 9 and took the time waiting on 10 to think about game. Wasnt getting getting a good shoulder turn and found myself going to my old comfort zone. Doubled 10 after a great drive but found some sort of game the rest of the way. I will say after hole 8 after a horrendous 6i, I said to my buddy that I had no business being out there. We chatted about focus, goal, and the fact that I knew a new swing will be hard. I followed up with a birdie so that helped regain focus. Yesterday w
  11. Week out of my 1st lesson in years and shot a lovely 50/45. Ive worked hard this last week a few things and it showed even though as a 7.5 I shot 95. Virtually zero and chipping practice really showed and duffed a few, several 3 putts, and missed several short par putts along with3 penalties thanks to horrible iron play and 1 bad driver. The positive was I hit quite a few fairways with my driver which is huge since I never carry a driver as Im too steep to hit it. Driver only hurt me once today. I had wedges/short to GIR and blew it time and time again. Ive actually
  12. Month before my vacation and I will be at Tokatee 19th and 20th. Enjoy!
  13. I do have the advantage of getting most of my range balls free and a chance to see multiple instructors at work at the range. I've taken maybe 6-8 lessons with 3 instructors over the years and so far this guy is miles in front of the others and 1 of them was a PGA tour player. Plus I'm older and I'm motivated to get my over the top fixed. If thats all that happens, it will be worth it. I also am making a 80 mile round trip for the lessons. At this point Id rather gamble $600 and a couple tanks of gas as opposed to leaving yards on the course and killing my hands at the range on a much to
  14. Looking to buy Tensei Blue driver shaft in X or trade my S blue. Open to other X shafts as well.
  15. 1st lesson down and it went well enough that I signed up for a series of 6. 1st lesson was free, 6 paid, then 2 free ones for a total of 9 1 hour lessons. Started out with 15 minutes of talking about shops philosophy, current game, and goals. One thing I liked what that he said that he will work to find what I understand as we all learn differently. Plus he is raising a daughter on his own as did I so for personal reasons I liked that. After hitting a dozen balls we watched my swing and went over a few #s. He liked my setup, grip, and takeaway some of the time, but didnt like my outsid
  16. I remember KPs, LDs, a few recovery shots, and every shot of a round for a couple weeks. If you asked me about a specific hole on a specific course, I could probably replay it in my mind.
  17. Several buddies said give it to keep it in two week intervals as well
  18. Starting lessons next week. Bit nervous because it will be teaching an old dog a new trick. Undoing really year's of over the top. Hoping to click with the pro and he has enough open slots to allow once a week for 6 week which is something I suppose I need to clarify.
  19. First round in over 3 months. Played to a +3 thanks to 3 up and downs. Hit my new driver 3x and found fairways all 3x. I have hope to make golf fun again in terms of scoring.
  20. 3td post injury session. Pulling the ball a bit but struggles expected as Ive made a few adjustments. Little quick at times. My 1st session with my new F9 driver went well. 2nd not good at all, and last night was bad, but a buddy worked with me and we straightened it up a bit. The driver has a Tensei Blue in stiff. I was never fitted and never hit it as I was injured when I bought it but I have hit that head and that shaft but never in combo. It felt soft and my buddy agreed. When hitting my 5w in an X, buddy suggested I should find a driver shaft that matches my 5w shaft since t
  21. My cold/wet weather bag is a C130. It was a black Friday deal so the price was right. I've had it about 4 years and has tons of rounds on it and not a thing wrong with it. Lots of various pockets which I love. My summer/carry bag is I believe a Sun Mountain 3.5 in the style of my beloved Oregon St. Beavers. It was on a close out 2 years ago through Budget Golf. It does what it is supposed to do. No love or hate with it, just works. If I do carry it, the pockets are barely adequate for my water bottle, keys, phone, and the basics. If I cart it, pockets are not an issues.
  22. Never really gave up anything in totality, just dont camp, hike, fish, and hunt like I used to since golf really took hold.
  23. Wrist injury seems to be healed and tonight I took out my full bag instead of just wedges. Even brought along my new Cobra F9 driver. Working on grip, flying right elbow, and swing plane Hit the ball real well with the occasional head scratcher. To be expected since Ive been injured since Dec. Pleased with driver and excited for more time with it. Starting lessons on the 24th and hope to solve my over the top.
  24. Edgewood Tahoe had guys on 18 ready to clean your clubs and shoes for tips. Local CC has free water, ice, and tees. They also have coolers full of ice on their carts. Nothing too fancy but appreciated.
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