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  1. Hi all! I am starting a personal quest of playing public access golf courses that have hosted a US Open. I just booked a trip this summer to Pinehurst to play Course 2! I will play Course 2 and Course 4- both rounds walking with caddies. I must say, I have watched too many YouTube videos on Pinehurst and have become a bit nervous. I know the golf will be a test of my abilities. I want to know how bad it is! What are the experiences? Also, I am asking about what to do after rounds. I am lucky to have a wife that doesn't golf but will travel with me and enjoy spa treatments while I am on the course. What are the good spots to hit in the village after golf and the spa?
  2. First name : Thomas City & State : Chicago, IL Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds : I do, 99% of my rounds each year are walking. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one : No push cart- I grew up carrying my bag of clubs. And I carry my stand bag now during my walking rounds. However, I am getting to the age where I am starting to feel that a push cart would make my rounds much more comfortable.
  3. Congratulations to the selected testers. I am super jealous and bummed that I was not one of the chosen ones. But I am looking forward to the reviews. Good luck and play well to all that were chosen.
  4. Thomas Chicago, IL Titleist 917 D3 18 low 90's TSi3
  5. Chicago Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Currently use CV Sciences Plus +CBD oil as a daily supplement. I would be interested to report differences between the two brands. On course demeanor is mostly calm throughout, but if the game goes sideways, thinking of my last wayward shot brings anxiety levels up. Fitbit Versa 2
  6. I recently replaced my stock putter grip with a Super Stroke Counter Core grip and have immediately noticed an improvement in keeping my hands quiet during putting. I started with the smallest weight (25g) for this season to test. Super Stroke has 50g and 75g weights available. I like how their system allows you to try different weights without re-gripping the putter. I believe Evnroll has an interesting solution to counterbalancing the putter grip. However I have never tried one personally.
  7. Certainly not impressed with QC from Callaway. I wonder what the percentage is for the defective merchandise in 2020 versus the 2019 product.
  8. Thank you for sharing the video. I am intrigued by the use of leather grips and how Paddy describes them as getting stickier as the humidity rises or if rain starts falling. Does anyone else have experience with these grips? What is the tech behind the tackiness? My experience is when leather gets wet; the surface smoothes out.
  9. Thank you for sharing the link to Shaft Shack. I never knew a company like this existed. I will give them a shot as soon as the driving ranges open again in Illinois for testing a new driver shaft.
  10. Now this a true unscientific approach, but I am still convinced of manufacturing issues with Callaway. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Thanks, cnosil. I hoped CC or TS would offer up a spec sheet you would be able to take away from the fitting. It's nice to know that these fitters are not pressuring you into a purchase. I purchased a set of Arccos grips as a Xmas gift to myself and have been eager to put them in play. I had the 5i-putter installed but was hesitant to install them on my driver through 4i. I was planning on visiting the local CC to look at my club gapping and see if it was time to make the switch out of my 4i to a 4hy. I also wanted to double-check that the settings on the woods were still up to snuff. Maybe I have been too patient, but now with this COVID shut down in Chicago, I am toast now with the weather turning nicer! Thanks again for the information.
  12. I have a question about fitting- specifically drivers/ fairway woods. What are the experiences you all have had with a national chain fitter, say a Club Champion, or TrueSpec? If you were fit at one of these locations, did you purchase the equipment from the fitter? Were you able to take the club specs fitted to you away to buy from a third party? On a slightly different spectrum, has anyone gone to any of these chain fitters to have their equipment optimized? As in making sure the specs (loft, lie, weight, length) were in line with what your fitting needs were. I guess this is essentially refitting for your equipment.
  13. I forgot about the Goats! Something I've always wanted to try!
  14. I would say I walk 90% of the time. I enjoy the extra exercise I get during the round. Most of the courses I play here in Chicago are short enough that walking is the best option. The courses in the suburbs are more suited to carts with longer distances between tees. I walk at these longer suburban courses if I'm alone. Now, full disclosure here. I do enjoy the occasional beer-fueled charity scramble once or twice a year. In the city, more and more courses are making the GolfBoard available for rent during the round. I don't have any personal experience using them, but I see the GolfBoard as a viable alternative to the cart. Does anyone have any thoughts/ experience with the boards?
  15. I am also interested in how you fare with the new driver from the online fitting. My questions are. How are you working through and landing on the different driver settings? Also, have you changed the length of the driver at all? Best of luck with the new driver. Hopefully, we all can get out and play some golf soon!
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