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  1. Just my opinion...but when I reflect on slow play ruining my momentum, I usually find that I let it ruin my momentum. If I'm waiting on a group, I try really hard not to focus all my attention on the fact that I'm waiting. I bust out the ol' smartphone and scan Instagram. I walk around a little, I talk to another person in my group, I watch another group on another hole hit tee shots...but sitting in a cart or standing by my bag and staring at the group ahead of me usually hurts how I'm playing more than the fact that they're slow.
  2. I think this topic is worn out (no offense to the author/creator of the survey). Slow play is here to stay for a number of reasons.... 1. Most people think slow play applies only to the people ahead of them...nobody wants to reflect on how they could play faster themselves. I'm certainly guilty of this at times, because (see reason 2) 2. People who get out on the golf course and hold up everyone behind them are probably not watching a lot of golf coverage and hearing people talk about slow play...they're not on MGS reading a poll about slow play...they're not reading opinions in publ
  3. - Ben - Nebraska (USA) - iBlade / Dynamic Gold S400 / 3-PW - 170
  4. First name Ben Home State/Province/Country Nebraska ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? No Which ones? N/A
  5. Ben / Nebraska Vokey SM7 52.08F/56.10S/60.08M Overall strong short game...good in bunkers, bump and run, straight-forward shots. Struggle a little off very tight lies. Current handicap - 6.1
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