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  1. Allen Arizona ~16 Ping i3 blade 135-140
  2. Craig, Arizona ~18 hdcp, swing speed 93-97 mph Ping G400 G410 Plus
  3. Craig Phoenix, Arizona ~20 hcp Current: Callaway Chrome Soft Would like to try the soft, in bright yellow
  4. Craig Phoenix, AZ ~20 hcp Ping Glide 52 and 60 Titleist Vokey 56 Would love to try 50, 54 and 58.
  5. Craig Arizona 17 Ping i3 Blades, red dot, steel cushion regular shaft I'm leaning towards the i500 based on the looks/info on the website but I'd love to try either as both would be a great upgrade
  6. Craig Arizona Ping i3 blade, red dot, steel, regular 150 yards I've been wanting to upgrade for a number of years but it hasn't been in the cards. Also just got onto a weekly golf league so I would have a lot of opportunities to try them out. Thanks for the chance. I'm looking to upgrade to graphite shafts if I get a choice as the additional weight loss could help with added distance.
  7. 1 )Craig, Arizona, US 2) ~18 but nothing official, 95-100 SS 3) Nike Ignite, 9.5 4) G400 Max 9
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