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  2. I just did some "testing" to see how the out of balance balls rolled vs the balanced ones. Couldn't come to any conclusions. My rug doesn't roll as true as I had thought. One ball which I know was balanced would be off by and inch or two on a 10 foot roll. I say roll since I just rolled them down a piece of angle iron...didn't want to influence any results with my amateur putting stroke. So, after all that, i'll have to wait until someone does some actual scientific testing at a lab or something before I go down the road of testing all my balls for balance. Really didn't want to start doing it anyway. Thanks for all the responses.
  3. I agree that today's standards have most likely improved upon those 10+years ago, especially given the results I had testing the ProV1s. However, my biggest question is, should that be included in professional testing of Vice, Snell, Kirkland, etc..? When 4 of the 6 Vice balls I tested weren't balanced, that tells me something. Just not sure what exactly it is telling me and how much to take away from that.
  4. I'm new to Mygolfspy, and after following a few threads and going down a rabbit hole on youtube golf videos I came across the topic of balanced golf balls. Something I heard of years ago, but never gave much thought to. So, I turned to MGS to see what they had to say on the topic. Only thing I found was an article by Adam from 2008 "Are your golf balls balanced properly?". In it he links to a video from Ralph Maltby who explains why it is important and how to check for it. A simple solution of Epsom salt and water to get the balls to float and see if a certain spot rises to the top each time. So, I got curious and wanted to test some of mine. I didn't buy a kit, just took some of my wife's bath/Epsom salt and poured a couple tbs in water until the ball would float. 17* of 18 ProV1x that I had were balanced, while 4 of the 6 (new) Vice ProPlus balls I had were not balanced. Granted, it isn't the same sample size since I don't have as many Vice balls to test, but I still think it is telling. I'm guessing the cheaper balls don't go through the same rigor and quality control standards put in place at the larger manufacturers...but have no idea. I've played a couple rounds with the Vice balls, and I have to say I was very impressed. Couldn't tell the difference between them and a ProV1x. Now, after this testing, I know I need to take a closer look at them and see if the balls I actually used on the course were balanced or not. Even still, I think it is too late to tell for that. I imagine playing with a ball can knock it off balance...but not sure. *The one ProV that came out not balanced was one that had at least one round played on it. So, I think I have to exclude that from the results and just test new balls. Next, I need to see how they roll. So, question to all of you. Does anyone test for balanced balls? What do you see, how many are not balanced? Do unbalanced balls really matter on the course? Thanks, Brian
  5. I just found out about MGS 3 days ago, and it looks like I have a lot of reading to do. I love what I've seen so far. Also, happy to be close to the HQ. Are they welcoming to visitors? Would love to check out their space and maybe be a guinea pig for some new gear...how does that work? Brian
  6. Welcome to the forums Brian96 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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