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  1. Yeah I have used it in a scramble/tournament format but just to keep track of our round another way and then just remove it from stats.
  2. I use arccos and I find that it does not take me out of the game. I had switched from gen 1 to 360 over the winter and finally got to use it and so I was checking the phone a bit more than I would in the round to make sure it was tracking right but that was it. I do check shots when say I duff a chip and am only like 10 yards or more away and it will sometimes not register and I will edit really quick if there was time. I will check after putts too in case I have a light tap in. I think it has the potential to speed the game up and slow it down for some people. I know it can actually speed things up for me because I use my Apple Watch with it and I will get a club suggestion based on smart distance data and that has been very helpful in me better understanding what club to hit at certain distances. I will say Arccos appealed the most to me because it was less I had to do to track shots. Really just have the phone on my person and hit a shot. Not much more than that.
  3. Update to this craziness. They actually called my insurance and tried to submit a claim too the same day I called up to let my insurance know. I had called as a follow up and Geico told me they called and let them know they were not going to cover, obviously, and said they mentioned something about a lawsuit. Gotta love they are willing to spend more than it costs to fix the cart to try and get the money. Seems more and more they are trying to just get me to pay but making any threats. We shall see if they reach out to me again.
  4. That is why I am so perplexed by how they are approaching this.
  5. They actually sent someone out to get us another cart because we were still in the middle of a round. I showed him, said he was the course Pro, and he was like you must have hit something. Yeah, a tree because something made the tire go cockeyed!
  6. I have a sneaking suspicion you might be right. I think maybe because they thought we were a bunch of idiot kids who didn't know how to play because we were "slowing down play" we were within a normal Saturday public course round time and we had a friend who was very new to the game and we were trying to help him and were always cognizant of if we were holding up the group behind us. Sorry for the gripe session! Hey at least I shot under 100 again for the second time in a year. Making some progress!
  7. Oh for sure I am not paying it. It does feel like they are trying to get money from me. I am not sure what broke, I should have asked but I have been a little out of sorts since later that afternoon, I do know that with the steering wheel straight both wheels were pointed out from center. Like a "V". I probably stupidly gave them my insurance info, that is what I get for trying to be an honest guy, and the guy was like well we are going to give this to EZ-GO and then they are going to go to your insurance and it is gonna cost you even more. Scare tactic probably as it was supposed to be the general manager that contacted me and it was the guy we checked in with on Saturday. Also tried to say when you sign out a cart you are agreeing to pay for any damages. Anyway I contacted my insurance just as a heads up, and needless to say I am not playing there again ever.
  8. Hey, so I have something that has never happened to me before in the years I have been playing. I was with my friend playing on Saturday and we parked the carts got out hit our tee shots and I get back in the cart with my one buddy and we go to take off and I was turned left already and was prepared to correct back. The cart just shoots left harder than I have ever experienced and the wheel would not correct and I was off the gas but could not get to the brake in time and we bumped into a tree. Called up the clubhouse and said hey the cart seems to have broken on us. I had noticed that right before I got out the cart seemed to like move ever so slightly like it had gotten the tire on something and slipped down. Fast forward to today, after they said I had to give them info, and they said it was going to be $75 for the parts and labor. Needless to say, I refused to pay for something I did not break. Has anyone ever had that happen before? The course insinuates you broke the cart but you did nothing to cause the issue. I would be honest if I did something to cause it but I am respectable of the equipment. I don't just drive with abandon or anything.
  9. I live in the northern part of Baltimore City. Now actually pretty close to Mount Pleasant off northern parkway.
  10. Hi Sean here! Been a reader of MyGolfSpy for a while and enjoy the content and decided to join up on the forums. I have been playing golf off and on since I was about 15. Recently been trying to take my game a bit more seriously as of late. Live in Maryland, thinking about looking at lessons but not sure of a good teacher in the area. Especially one that will use shot data as well to help with finding ways to work on my swing.
  11. Welcome to the forums seancca :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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