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  1. I'm curious about the Original One, as I currently play the SLDR Mini-Driver. I'm got some sticker shock of the $400 price, but then again, I'm trying to remember what I spent for the Mini Drive (it has to run around $300 less a trade-in or 2). From the release info, there's the ability to make some (little) adjustments. Once I look at it in a store, I'll be able to get a better opinion on it. Or, would moving up to a Tour Edge Exotic driver at $299 be a better investment?
  2. Ravi New York Odyssey Versa #9 White (Left Handed) - if selected, I'd love to try #9 style of the Stroke Lab Putting is a weakness of my game (too inconsistent).
  3. Ravi New York State Current GHIN Index 16.2 Swing Speed 95 mph Taylor Made SLDR Mini Driver 16 degrees, stock shaft Would test either Epic Flash or Epic Flash Sub Zero (left handed)
  4. Ravi - New York I use a Mix of rain wear - Sun Mountain rain paints and Zero Restriction Jacket Necessity for early season golf in Upstate New York (Buffalo/Rochester area) - see how Senior PGA championship at Oak Hill is, then remember the PGA Championship will be at the same place in a few years. I've had to use my jacket and pants at Oak Hill the last time the PGA was there. I've played through downpours numerous times - Boulder Creek (Streetsboro OH) was the worst weather I remembered but one of the best rounds in the rain. Downpour after downpour. feet were drenched by rest of my body was dry. I'd like to try the Galway Bay pants - if they work, they would end the need to wear multiple layers (golf pants over shorts or regular pants). Thanks
  5. Hello, 1. Ravi 2. New York 3. USGA GHIN: 19.5 4. I used to track my info on an app I used for tracking yardage, but I currently don't use one. I'd like to better know some of stats, especially how far I typically hit my irons/woods
  6. Ravi New York Nikon Cool Shot base model - 5 years old, Black Friday special at Dick's Previously use an App on the phone (can't recall the name). Anyway, I've been interested in getting a new one, and I've seen the reviews and ad for Precision rangefinders. I'm interested in how well they perform again my Nikon Cool Shot. Thank you
  7. Hello, I'm Ravi and I live in New York. My GHIN index in 17.8 I normally play the Titleist Velocity but I've also tried the Oncore Avant I'm probably a Low Spin player
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