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  1. I play the nike vapor speed irons, and found that my 4i (21) and 5i (24) both go about the same distance (~200 carry). I expect a 3i to match would not go further for me. I picked up a 3h to fill the gap between the 5i and 3w (that I never hit well). I'd agree, that the modern 3i is nearly impossible to hit for a mortal, "utility" clubs not withstanding.
  2. Hey kev, I suspect this may be part of the issue. I'm in decent shape, but I think it's my mental fitness that is lacking. My home course is much tighter and more intimidating on the back 9, so this combined with having (usually) walked the front already, often has me firing two or 3 into the woods.
  3. Hey all, golfer from from South Orange County here. I grew up in NC, but never played golf growing up. I didn't start playing until last year, at 32. I've been playing for less than a year now, and am still struggling to break 100. I'm a 25hc, but really struggle with consistency throughout a round, often having 1 or more holes in the double digits. I recently bought my first 'real' set of clubs. I didn't discover MGS until after, which I regret. Luckily, I bought used and had enough sense to hit a bunch of clubs before buying anything. Right now I'm working on taming my slice, which seems to mostly come out on the back 9.
  4. 1. Jeremy - Orange County, California ​2. 25.3, 100mph 3. Taylormade M2, regular flex Tensei CK 60, -0.5" 4. G400 Max
  5. Jeremy from Orange County, CA Handicap: 29.5 I currently play the TaylorMade Project (a) I really like playing balls with lots of spin spin greenside, but struggle with my tee shots having too much spin. I'd say I'm a "high spin" player, and would probably play the MTB Red.
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