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  1. I'm starting the search for an electric golf caddie, however, and having a hard time swallowing $1,000 + for a new one. Wondering if there is a market for used caddies and if someone has a provider that they reccomend?
  2. Steve Raleigh, NC Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds Yes 100% of the time Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one Sun Mountain SpeedCart V1 That's it. We'll be selecting the testers in the next 7 to 10 days. So check back here to see if you have been chosen.
  3. #1 Posted 18 hours ago TESTERS WANTED (9) Zip-a Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-e-Dee-ay. My, oh what a wonderful day. Plenty of Zip Core wedges headed our way. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-e-dee-ay! Please excuse the obvious song parody from such a classic movie. But that’s exactly how you may feel if you are selected as one of the nine testers for Cleveland Golf’s new Zip Core wedges. These wedges have a lot of technology going on besides the two extra grooves Cleveland has placed on the face. So yes, you will get more spin, but also more consistency. Steve / Raleigh Cleveland 588 Loft You would Choose 56
  4. 11.4 Pine Needles NC Wilson C200 140 They are a DTC equipment company that focuses on customer service and customized fitted clubs
  5. Name and Location: Steve Jennings, Raleigh, NC Do you putt using a line? Yes If so, how do you currently draw the line? Yes, sharpie Preferred Golf Ball Model: Titelist Prov1 Align XL Choice (color/size/text, etc). Wilson Duo Blue AlignXL
  6. Steve Raleigh NC 95 Wilson Duo Preference: Tour but will test either
  7. -6 will be the winning score.... if the wind doesn't blow
  8. Rory Mcilrory Phil Mickelson Graeme McDowell Jim Furyck Alex Noren -5
  9. Steve North Carolina Golf Pride CP2 MCCplus 4 align Sensr 140cc
  10. Steve - NC/USA - Wilson C200 regular flex graphite - Your 7-iron distance ~150 yds
  11. Steve Callaway GBB alpha Basura shaft 95 / 17 Preferred ST 180 12.5 / Lite
  12. Steve North Carolina Yes Game Golf Do you use a GPS watch? Not currently Which ones? Used the originaly Moto GPS tracker until it was discontinued
  13. Tier 1: Rory Mcilroy Tier 2: Henrich Stenson Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Angel Cabrera Tier 5: Tyrell Hatton Winning Score: -8 Low AM: Even
  14. . Steve Jennings North Carolina 2.Wilson C200 5-GW, Nike 3 & 4 Hybrid, Ping I series sand wedge, Talormade RAC 60 degree, Callaway GBB Alpha driver, 3. 17 4. Get my Handicap back down to 13 or less and consistency
  15. Your first name and home state/province Steve North Carolina - Your current handicap 17 - Your current golf ball Chromesoft Truvis - Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player Low spin (unfortunately)
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