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  1. My favorite grip of all time was the GP Dual Durometer Cord. Great combination of tackiness, grip and were just a little softer than most grips. Sadly, they are no longer made. For a couple years I used Superstroke S-Tech grips, which were great. They run a bit small, though, IMO–I usually use one extra wrap, but I had to go to two with those. Won a new set of Ping irons last year and they came with Arccos/Golf Pride Lite 360 Tour Velvet, which are pretty nice, although I was not a fan of the sensor tech. Not sure where I will go when I re-grip, but the Pure grips seem interesting. I don't have a compressor–can they be installed the traditional way?
  2. Steve Dobbs Ferry, NY Walk 90% of the time. Usually with a caddie, but last year we paused our caddie program and allowed members to walk/carry or take a cart. I used a push cart all of last season, an original Sun Mountain Speed Cart.
  3. I have been wearing the New Balance Striker 2.0 for a couple seasons and I love them. I have a wider foot and they offer sizes for me, but more importantly they are super comfortable; I've walked 36 in a day and felt fine at the end. I cannot say I've ever experienced any loss of traction, but thanks for putting that idea in my head ! :)
  4. USGA issues/perspective aside, this was a really interesting read. I end to have a high launch angle—consistent across years of fittings—and consequently have generally teed the ball low. Going to be doing some range testing as soon as the snow clears up here in the Notheast!
  5. DFEagle

    PING G425

    Just saw this Ping microsite for the G425 range. I'm admittedly a Ping fan, but the entire range looks great. Looking forward to new irons soon... https://pingg425.com/
  6. DFEagle

    PING G425

    Recently won a set of irons in our TNL raffle. Pro has already called Ping and told me early first quarter, for what that's worth. Really looking forward to gaming these as they seem like an upgrade on my G400s, which are the best irons I've ever played.
  7. Walk two rounds every weekend. My club's caddie program is on hiatus, so we've allowed pushcarts and surprisingly, to the dismay of the Northeast golf "purists" at the club, the course has not slid into the Hudson! Seriously, I think that allowing the carts is here to stay and adds to the enjoyment of the game as well as general fitness. I'm 62, 5'11" and a 240 lb. gym rat; being able to walk whenever I want has been great. Oh, and for what it's worth, I recently purchased a pair of New Balance Striker spiked shoes and they may be the best combination of performance and comfort I've ever had.
  8. More and more people are going to realize what a great side MGS is. Because of MGS I tried the Snell MTB-X and as soon as my inventory of TP-5s is gone, I'm making the switch!
  9. Steve, New York Driver 100-105MPH TaylorMade TP5X Preference: Tour
  10. Steve/New York State 9.8 Handicap Ping g400, AWT 2.0 Shafts-Stiff 7 iron carry distance- 150-155 Lifelong Ping guy, going back to my beryllium copper Ping Eye2's
  11. Name/State: Steve/New York Current putter: Geurin Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Handicap: 9.9 Would love to see what Guerin Rife has done to improve on my current putter!
  12. - Steve - New York - Guerin Rife Two Bar Hybrid - More a weakness than a strength
  13. 1. Steve, New York 2. 10.0 Handicap Index, Clubhead speed 95-100 MPH 3. Current driver: Ping G400Max, Elements Chrome stiff shaft 4. I would love to review the G410 Plus
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