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  1. Ray, Pinehurst, NC Of course. this is the US golf Capital ! I use a Pacer app in my phone
  2. Ray, Pinehurst, NC Currently play various balls, ProV 1, Srixon, Callaway mostly I have no problems with them and they are inexpensive
  3. Ray, Pinehurst, NC Yes I have used a net No, never used not a launch monitor
  4. Ray, Pinehurst. NC 13 Medium Callaway waterproof,waterproof, waterproof
  5. Ray, Pinehurst, NC Yes - Right handed # 1------ 3 Hybrid , regular flex - # 2 -----3 wood regular flex 16 handicap Currently play a 3 and 4 hybrid (Adams)
  6. Ray Pinehurst, NC 2015 Callaway BBertha 15 TSi2
  7. Ray, Pinehurst, NC 15 Titleist T400 Would like more loft and spin
  8. Ray, Pinehurst, NC Carpet Never owned a practice green Medium 10-11
  9. Ray, Pinehurst, NC Odyssey White Hot Rossie XG Any Piper Style
  10. 16 Handicap, Pinehurst, NC Callaway Steelhead XR - 135 yards That they make good looking clubs but more importantly they are priced what clubs should be !
  11. Ray, North Carolina Yes - Garmin G3 Approach My Garmin G3
  12. Tillery Tradition in Mt. Gilead and the 2 Courses near Sanford at Carolina Trace
  13. Ray, North Carolina, USA 18 Callaway Steelhead XR, Reg. Flex Graphite 142 yards
  14. Ray Pinehurst, NC I use course markers, IE: 100. 150, sprinkler heads Tech (except rangefinders !) should help speed the game up !
  15. Ray Pinehurst,NC Yardage markers and sprinkler head marks I think tech can speed up play but RANGEFINDERS slow the game down !
  16. Ray NC Rossie White Hot XG Mallet Cero Slantneck 35 inch RH
  17. Ray, North Carolina, 15 HDCP, Callaway Steelhead XR, 145 yards
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