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  1. Wow!  Thank you for the opportunity MGS!  This would be an incredible opportunity.  I've recently converted my entire bag to Titleist equipment and I'm never looking back.  3 years ago I purchased my first set of Titleist irons, 714 AP2s that I bought used from a guy who was moving on from them.  I have LOVED them, so buttery and effortless to swing.  I would love the opportunity to test some T200s, fantastic opportunity!  I've been dying for a testing opportunity!


    Thanks again,


  2. Been hitting my TM SIM Max decently, but just haven’t fully loved it yet... hit a Rogue for a long time, would love to put this to the test, I’m going on a golf trip with 6 rounds in 4 days!  I’ve never won any of these testing drawings yet!  I’m ready.  

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