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  1. First Name / State or Country of residence Rick naatz Handicap 23 Current irons in Play Ping i3 blade The carry distance of your 7 iron. 150
  2. Rick Minnesota 4-6 weeks during summer & Nigeria rest of year MN. Just started playing a set of Ping i3 irons white dot. Wasn't sure at first as much thinner than irons I have played in past. But after first 18 holes really like them. Will be extending up to an inch (I'm 6'5”) but even at standard length worked well. Nigeria. Play an older set of Petron irons that are +1.5” Do not know much about them but were given to me and seem to work okay for me. Ping i3 7 iron. 160 Petron 7 iron. 145 Good luck to all. Thanks for the opportunity to be selected.
  3. Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria 25 hcp; driver swing speed 95-100 Present driver: Ping G2. 10 degree regular flex graphite shaft G400 Max. Hosel position ++. Reg flex shaft. Grip code gold
  4. Your first name and home state or province Rick Naatz. Jos, Nigeria most of the year / Minnesota. June & July 2. Your current set makeup Driver. Ping 2. 10 degree 3 wood, 4-SW. Petron Skyline II Irons +1” extended (I am 6'5” tall) 7 wood. Lynx predator 3. Your current handicap 25 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season Have dropped hcp 3 strokes this year. Goal by end of year 1. drop hcp to 18 or lower 2. to win my flight in Lamingo Governor's Cup Tournament at home course - Laminigo Golf Club in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria in December. I am the only bature member (white man) of the club and have won several weekly tournaments but have never played well in this annual tournament sponsored by the governor. I also would like to participate in the Cobra Challenge as it would be great to highlight golf in Nigeria.
  5. - Rick Jos, Nigeria. Lamingo Golf club handicap 25 - Your current golf ball prefer Callaway soft - High spin
  6. Would love to try the MTB red. Playing golf in Jos, Nigeria much of the year out courses are dry and greens (or browns as we still have courses with sand “greens”) are hard making it very hard to get enough spin to hold a goid aporoach shot. Most players here play a low approach shot short of greens and let it bounce and run up to green. However, as an American who has played and learned the game in the US, I still like play a high approach shot and try to stop it on the green or land on the fringe. Maybe the MTB red will alliw me to do that here in Jos so I don't have to change my game so much depending whether I play in the US or Nigeria.
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