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  1. I purchased Titleist Woods and irons last year-- TS1 Driver--9.5* Stiff Graphite high flex point to keep ball down TS2 4 and 5 metals. Stiff Graphite high flex point TS 21* Hybrid Stiff Graphite T200 5 through gap wedge Stiff Graphite SM8 54* and 58* X Graphite TeI3 Scottie Cameron with Trillium insert--1997 model Since I changed, my scores have brought my index back down to 7.2. Over the past 5 years, I have lost distance and now at the age of 74, with new clubs, I am hitting ball better and straighter with the multi material shafts rather than straight graphite. I also had a fitting that changed me from a standard lie to 2* flat. That made a significant difference in ball flight and distance. I am slightly closer to the ball with a more vertical take away and come into the ball with an easier swing promoting a high draw.
  2. Last fall I tested 7 golf balls to see which was the best for me. I am 74 and carry a 7.9 index. I just wanted to see if I needed to change away from the pro v1x. I tried Bridgestone B330 and S, TP5 and X, ProV 1 and left dash and just for kicks I put the AVX in for the test. The suggestion from the Titleist rep was to try the AVX because I told him I wanted more feel. I hit shots from 150 with every ball and recorded how many hit the green, how fast they stopped and if I missed the Green was it the swing or a mishit ball. I did the same from 125 and from 100. I then moved to 75 and to 50 and then green side rough. I also hit sand shots. I went back to the tee box and hit all of the balls from the tee. Measured fairway shots only. Finally went to the putting green and spent time with 25 foot, 15 foot, 10 foot and 5 foot putts. The results ended up surprising to me....I felt the AVX and kept distance, accuracy and control in all phases of the game. It just took me about a week going late every evening to do this on the same hole with two different golf balls each time. I enjoyed the test and learned that I needed a lower flight ball that I could still get good spin with and good feel around the greens. The AVX and the left dash ended up being my two favorites but I got a quicker feel with the AVX with my putter and shots around the green, wedges, lob shots from the rough and knock downs came off easier and with more touch so I went with the AVX and lowered my index by one complete shot.
  3. Al Nevada 5 Titleist AP3 7 iron carry is 155 Looking forward to trying the new irons
  4. Al D Henderson, NV 6.4 index Titliest AP3 Gap wedge 48 Degree Volkey SM5 M Grind 54 Volkey SM5 F Grind 60 Would like to test 50, 54 and 60 Thank you.
  5. I live here in Henderson, I play golf several times a week and have played most courses out here. Reasonable priced courses--and first courses off the plane... Chimera is a course that is golfer friendly and not long. 6757 from the tips. Usually in great shape. Rhodes Ranch again not a long course but golfer friendly not too many required long carries about 6700 from the tips Medium priced courses-- Revere--two courses desert style....Lexington is more target golf, Concord is more traditional golf with some shot making required. Boulder Creek--27 holes. Several sets of tees could play to 7300 yards some desert and some traditional looks....Open so wind blows everyday Las Vegas National--Best time of the year to play there is February through May and October through November. When it dries out a tough course Senia is a nice course--not long but some blind shots and some holes that require no drive on par 4's Spanish Trails--27 holes short with fast greens not a desert course Arroyo at Red Rock--layout a little confusing but if you play with someone who knows the course it is a very playable course Coyote Springs--A Jack Nicklaus course--Can play from 7500 down to about 5500 yards. Large landing areas--but the greens are really difficult. Expect to buy a new putter after playing. Higher price courses Reflection Bay--Great course--7200 down to 5400--Bent grass greens, some carry over desert but fair and a good test of golf--A Jack Nicklaus signature course South Shore--7100 down to 5500--A Jack Nicklaus signature course--dramatic elevation changes. Great views TPC Las Vegas 7400 down to 5500--one of the most demanding courses in the desert TPC Summerlin 7255 down to 5850--long, wide fairways--better courses in Vegas to play for the money Dragon Ridge--My favorite course in Las Vegas--some length and some short holes but in the best shape of most of the courses in the LV valley. Southern Highlands--A great championship golf course--private club but out here money talks and you can get on. Home course for UNLV golf teams... Cascata--A very high priced golf experience. Great course. Tough to play and caddies required. A great golf experience. Rio Secco--A re-done golf course--Really interesting golf holes with dramatic elevation changes and again a great golf experience. Shadow Creek--Michael Jordan has an annual charity event here and it was a Steve Wynn Course--high dollar and again a great golf experience. Wynn---Was desert inn now closed--December 2017 If you go up to Mesquite to play Wolf Creek and once in a life time adventure--and great fun other courses to play there... Conastoga is a good course to play, priced well below Wolf Creek Falcon Ridge is another good course that is very affordable.
  6. I am the one on the far left who hit the shot with two friends whose combined age with me is over 200 and with the baby of the group taking the picture we would not be far from 300. My name is Al and I play to a 5.7 index at my home course here in Henderson, NV. We get to play 12 months a year or my handicap would sky rocket. Last August I gave my stiff shaft titeist woods and irons to my 16 year old grandson and bought my first set of non-titleist clubs in over 40 years. The irons are set stronger than the ones I had and they have a regular shaft so I am hitting the ball further and back in the game at 6500 yards and under. I have also moved to weaker shafts in my driver and rescue clubs to gain a better trajectory with distance. I struggled at first but now am back to hitting the ball like a 5 handicapper...Straighter, higher and gained distance control which I lost for a couple of months making the change. I work one day a week as a starter/marshall at a Jack Nicklaus course (Reflection Bay) so that I can play my home course and the Nicklaus course both. I look forward to being a member of the forum and participating in some of the topics. Having worked with two major golf equipment companies, I learned a lot about the market and was responsible to run the research, marketing plans and sales budgets for them as well as several other organizations.
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