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  1. - Matthew - Frederick Maryland

    - Current Handicap = 8.2


    - TP5 or Chrome Soft



    - I am a high spin player off of my driver (2370 - 2640 RPM) and a moderate spin player with the rest of my irons roughly 6800 rpm with my 7i and so one. 


    I also have a Sky Trak Launch monitor of which I can compare the balls in a closed environment and test the spin rates of well-struck shots to add a more in-depth analysis of the balls.


    I have also played Bridgestone Tour B330 a bit last year as well as the MTB and enjoyed them both and have about 2 sleeves of the MTB left of which I can compare all of the balls in a very in-depth and thorough comparison.


    I also work at Worthing Manor golf club and have access to every form of practice you can think of from a huge putting green to a dedicated chipping area to a driving range with actual green targets.


    Lastly, I am able to answer questions that other members might have as I am able to respond within 2-3 hours any day of the week. 

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