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  1. Interesting mix of flatsticks used by the best putters on Tour > 1. TaylorMade Spider Tour Red 2. Odyssey Versa #9 White 3. Odyssey O Works 7S Black 4. Odyssey Works Jailbird 5. Bobby Grace MacGregor V-Foil 6. Ping PLD Anser 7. Scotty Cameron Newport Mid Slant 8. Scotty Cameron Select Fastback prototype 9. TaylorMade TP Ardmore 2 Red 10. Odyssey V Line Tank Cruiser https://golfweek.com/2018/05/08/putters-used-by-top-10-in-strokes-gained-putting/
  2. After a 10+ year layoff due to injury, I was finally able to get back into the game last year - and with it I spent the season updating my bag. While technology had changed, as a former clubmaker/fitter & teacher, I knew what I was looking for - and between attending a few demo days, and custom ordering straight from the mfg. (which never happened back in the day), I was able to narrow down what ended up in the bag fairly seamlessly. Due to the weather where I live ending the golf season in October, and courses only opening again recently - I also had plenty of time to perview and HO the latest releases, do lots of reading (including forums like MGS), and watch a bevy of videos. ... And that brings me to the subject at hand - Shortened Drivers, or more specifically using a 3-wood shaft in your driver. Like most of you, I too suffered with accuracy with my driver (2017 TaylorMade M2) - and while some of my misses were a result of rebuilding a swing, some of them were because of the 45-3/4 inch (stock length) shaft. Now I'm fairly tall (6-2), and had competed in long drive back in the day with an even longer big stick, my mind was also telling me that having this long of a driver was not going to help with my accuracy - and reading that my driver was at least an inch longer than what was used on Tour (on average), and that in recent years many tour pros had had their drivers shortened, I also took note that many of those pros were much shorter than I. So I've been a bit torn. So a few weeks ago I stumbled across a video from a teaching pro in England - and he did a basic test in which he compared a TaylorMade driver, and swapped back and forth between a full length (45-3/4") 60g driver shaft and a 70g 3-wood shaft (43-1/2") of the same brand (and it just so happened to be the Mitsu Kuro Kage I use). ... And while his various shot monitor results (swing speed, ball speed, etc) were about the same - not only was his tee shots just as long or longer using the shorter 3-wood shaft (even though it was 10g heavier), but he was drastically more accurate. When I saw the video I all but shouted eureka! I had thought about doing something similar, but was worried about swingweight, and had even looked into ordering some weight plugs to fit my TM head - but this video showed me I didn't really need to worry about all that, and instead it was more about ordering the right already-shortened 3-wood shaft. So I did some shopping around online (eBay), and found one of my preferred Kuro Kage 70g 3-wood shafts, almost new, complete with TM adaptor, and ordered it - and it arrived the other day and I was able to use it yesterday when I snuck out for my first round of the year (though I have been able to put in a little range work the last few weeks). Upon getting to the course I headed to the driving range as is my habit to warm up - and when I finally got around to hitting some drivers, I wanted to test both shafts before heading out, and while the 3-wood shaft did feel oddly short attached to the bigass driver head, it did inspire confidence (especially being as it was over 2-inches shorter), and I decided to leave it in the club as I headed out to my round. Not having been able to swing a club for about 5 months I'm not going to suggest anything silly by saying I striped everything - BUT, I did feel as if I hit enough shots, in comparison to my typical leaves from last year, to form an early opinion. ... And I'm kind of giddy. As the tester suggested, my accuracy window narrowed, my distance is at least what it was last year (and should improve as my golf muscles come back), and I even hit a few that left me with much shorter approach shots than I was used to - and the added caveat is that on holes playing into the wind, where I'd fought trying to make a 3/4 swing with a longer club, I was able to do so with confidence. So anyways, while there have surely been a lot of discussions here about whacking an inch or so off the butt-end of your driver, and people worrying that it would ruin the playability of the shaft, and swingweight and such - my suggesting is to just order a 3-wood shaft. Anybody else see that video, or better yet, has anybody else tried it? Discuss.....
  3. Been hanging out here for a couple of weeks now, and posting from time to time - do enjoy reading some of the comments, even if your ideas differ from my own, and it's really nice having found a place and not having to hear braggarts and their vanity caps and faux 300+ yard driving distances, and the added bonus of all the MGS content. After growing up in Florida and 30-someting years enjoying this great game I was forced into a 10 year hiatus due to injury, and only was able to take it back up last year after surgery and years of rehab. ... Putting a bag together (that I could swing with my new not-120mph swing) was a bit of a chore, spending last spring working at getting a repeatable swing going again (while hoping to remain pain-free) was some work, but I will say the toughest part of the return to the game was regaining my touch around the green - so while hitting full shots came back fairly quickly, it's the stroke-saving shots and putting that's still a work in progress. And then being as I currently reside in the North and out West, winter came and stayed for months - and, other than vacations back home to Florida and another to Mesquite, I only got my first trip of the year to my local driving range last week, and there was still some patchy snow here and there, so I'm really looking forward to this summer. To a greater extend my expectations aren't high, I'm not getting any younger, and while I hope to get back my game of years back I don't really expect to - I'm just enjoying being back outside, playing on green grass, enjoying the company and comaraderie of fellow golfers, and breathing fresh air. Hit 'em well
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