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  1. Has anyone gotten their hands on this new offering from Cobra? Looking to buy a set of Cobra irons and I'm between Forged Ten Black and the Forged Tour...Was hoping for more of a players iron, and I'm not sure if the Black fits the bill.
  2. 1. James, Massachusetts 2.Driver - Taylormade R1TP 5 Wood - Wishon Golf 4-PW - MIzuno MP 60, RIFLE 6.0 50,55,60 - Titelst Vokey SM Scotty Cameron California Monterey 3. Handicap 5 4. Goals: Break 70, Win Club Championship, Improve driving accuracy and approach game
  3. Thats good advice, thanks to everyone who replied. One more question, if I was originally fit for a set of Miura CB's about a year and a half ago, would I be good to place an order with those same specs for a set of Cobra heads? I guess the question is two-fold, is there a big enough difference in the size/weight of the two different types of club heads, and has it been too long since my last fitting? Lot's of questions, but this is a very big purchase for me, one I hope to have for a long time and I want to get it right.
  4. Yeah, that is the issue. The fitter in my area is very good (I've hit a couple of blueprint Miura iron's he put together for me during a fitting and it was a world of difference from my current set), and doesn't take the price of the fitting off of the final club build. Unfortunately, like most things, this decision will likely come down to finances...i can get the OEM clubs for about a third of the price, and could probably use the money I saved to bring any non-conforming clubs to the correct specs....decisions decisions...
  5. This is all very useful. Thanks for the responses.
  6. Hi All, New to the MGS, have a big question for the group. First off, 5 handicap, former D3 golfer looking to replace irons and wedges for the first time in 7 years, currently playing custom fit Mizuno MP 60s and Vokey Wedges. In looking for new clubs, and I wanted to ask about OEM Custom manufacturing. I have a family member that works for PUMA, and my plan is to go to one of my area's top customer club fitters/builders to get my specs, and then place a customer order through the OEM website. However, I have been warned by my fitter that the clubs directly from the OEM can't match the quality of a set he assembles for me (mentioned frequency tuning the shafts in particular). My question to the forum, is does this argument hold water, particularly knowing that a custom set assembled by this fitter will be about double the cost from the OEM? Looking forward to getting some thoughts here!
  7. Welcome to the forums golf4dayz :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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