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  1. I walk whenever I can. I no longer carry the bag but use a push cart which saves the shoulders and has a few storage spots. walking helps me to stay settled from shot to shot, no rush to to hit the next shot.
  2. I played the 2019 version of the Tour all of 2020 and really thought the ball played really well in all parts of the game. A poor persons Pro V. I have picked up a box of the new 2021 Tour and have played them for about a month and a half. I think the new ball is 5-10 yards shorter off the tee and spins more off the mid irons which tends to have it drop out of the air a bit quicker. my driver swing speed is 87-91 usually about 228-235 off the tee and I Carry my 7I about 144 on avg. I like the older version better!!
  3. Have fun i have been playing the Tour over the last three months. I will be interested in reading your reviews and comparing your results to my experience.
  4. Congrats to all the testers! Looking forward to your observations and experiences with the Hogan wedges.
  5. Don _ Pennsylvania Index- 8.9 Currently playing - Cleveland CG Sand Vokey SM6 - Gap Cleveland 588 RTX Lob Strengths- accuracy from 100yds to 85yds in Chip and run shots 25yds and in Decent sand play Weakness - Flighting the ball down-
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