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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to jump in here: Cobra F8 irons come standard with sensors embedded in the grips, 7 extra screw-in sensors for the rest of your set, and a one year Arccos subscription. The subscription is then $99 per year after the first year. The Arccos subscription includes shot tracking, data analytics on the app and web dashboard, in-app GPS and rangefinder with "Plays Like" distances, and club recommendations using machine learning via Arccos Caddie.
  2. Hi HardcoreLooper, We use an algorithm that takes into account a few different things (e.g., location of first putt, distance of previous shot, etc.) to determine flag location on the green. Basically if you take 1 putt, it is really just a guess, however once you take 2 putts it gets much more accurate, and 3 or more putts it would be spot on. If necessary, it is pretty easy to manually adjust flag location in the app. Just click 'Edit' -> tap on the Putt shot tag on the green -> it will zoom into the green and you can move the flag or the first putt location around as necessary -> then click 'Done' See link below for a video: https://rise.articulate.com/share/6eftZ6lBWXrvEjan7mkuaTIfXtJ854Ji#/lessons/AeThNQ0Fr58mVNZEOQpacyNVrl4-3qps?_k=hq2czq
  3. Foz - I didn't realize this was a counterbalanced grip. Theedpatt's advice for cutting off the screw of the sensor would be the best solution at this point, unless you change putters or grips.
  4. You can made edits via our online dashboard (dashboard.arccosgolf.com). The good thing about Arccos is it automatically would not count a 5-iron pitch out towards your 5i stats. Our Smart Distance algorithms ignores pitch shots, poor shots, and extremely long shots to give you a true average of your club distances. The sensors are guaranteed for 2 years, but are designed to last 5 years or more. They use very little battery compared to our gen-1 sensors.
  5. The sensors on the clubs are impact sensors. Occasionally you may register a shot with a practice swing if you hit the ground, however we have suppression algorithms that will only allow one shot in any given location. The downside to this is if you chunk a chip, or hit two out of a bunker you will likely only register 1 shot and would need to add the 2nd shot in.
  6. Just to follow up on the S7 battery issues. We have made significant battery optimizations to our Android platform in recent updates submitted over the last 2 months. A typical Samsung S8 on the latest build will use approximately 3.1% battery per hole, or 55% over an 18 hole round. Unfortunately our data shows the S7 phones to use on average 4.5% battery per hole (or 81% over 18 holes). Since this is an average there are some users who will use much more than that, which is why I recommend a charger if using this phone with Arccos. We do believe this is a phone specific issue and likely due to the battery issues the S7 line of phones have faced, as there are many reports of these issues online. Older phones such as the S5 and S6 will perform better than an S7 as long as the battery is not at the end of it's lifecycle. With that being said, our Android team is still doing research to see if there is anything that can be done on our end to fix the issues with the S7.
  7. There shouldn't be an issue with the putter sensor on that grip, just make sure to tighten the sensor down as much as possible. If it is sitting loose on the top, the vibrations sent from the putter to the sensor through the grip may be softened slightly.
  8. mooremikea - yes this is true for our gen-1 sensors. When the sensors were turned upside down it would keep the sensors from advertising.
  9. Mooremikea - the sensors activate via UV light, so if they are out of the bag e.g. at the range they will be advertising the whole time. For a normal warm up before the round I would not be concerned as they really do not use much battery. However, if you are doing frequent extended range sessions with the same club, you might want to consider carrying a roll of black electrical tape with you. If you cover the sensor from the light it won't advertise, this is likely easier than screwing the sensor off/on constantly and risk putting them back on the wrong club. But it's really up to you. HardcoreLooper - I'm happy to help!
  10. Our 360 sensors communicate to the phone via the phone's microphone. Unfortunately Apple does not allow multiple devices to use the microphone at once, so if you are on the phone while using Arccos it will not detect shots. Apple also restricts the ability to stream music while we are using the microphone. From a technical standpoint this shouldn't be a problem, but unfortunately due to the OS restriction, we are unable to develop around this. The gen-1 sensors do communicate to the phone via bluetooth, but since they don't use the microphone you can stream music with these sensors. But again the embedded sensors in the Cobra Connect clubs, are our 2nd generation Arccos 360 sensors.
  11. We just so happen to be talking to SuperStroke about creating an attachment for the counter-weighted putters. It is still in the prototyping stage at this point. Currently, if you have a counterbalanced putter, the best solution is to cut the screw off of the sensor, and use electrical tape to attach the sensor to the top of the grip. It's not the most elegant solution, but it does work for shot tracking purposes.
  12. When Arccos 360 sensors were launched over a year ago, they included a gen-1 putter sensor as we had not yet perfected a 360 version of the putter sensor (due to it's sensitivity it is a much different sensor than the iron sensors). We have recently created and launched a 360 version of the putter sensor, and all F8 iron sets include a 360 putter sensor.
  13. Yes, there is no problem playing on a phone without a data connection, as long as the course maps are downloaded beforehand on wifi. When you get back on wifi, all data from your round will load to our servers. The one difference is what Wedgie stated, in that without a data connection you will not receive 'plays like' distances if you have an Arccos Caddie subscription because we can not pull in live weather, specifically wind conditions. You will also not be able to use off the tee Caddie recommendations, because the Caddie needs to hit our servers to run machine learning to come up with a recommendation.
  14. Hi alafollette, The Arccos Gen-1 sensors communicate via bluetooth and can be used in the back pocket with no issue. The 2nd generation 360 sensors communicate via high frequency from the sensor to the microphone in the phone. If the phone is in the back pocket, there is high likelihood that communication from the sensor will not reach the phone as it will be blocked by the body which will cause missed shots.
  15. The new line of Cobra F8 irons come standard with embedded sensors. Along with each set of irons, comes a box of 7 screw-in sensors (1 putter sensor, and 6 regular sensors). This will allow you to outfit your entire bag of 14 clubs with Arccos sensors.
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