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  1. I’ve been playing Oncore Elixr and Maxfli Tour. I have bought both for $20 / dozen. I won’t play or buy anything else for 2022. I’ve got to research the Maxfli to understand if there is a proper spot to hit it.
  2. For what it’s worth, first I have not read this thread. Second, I bought Sub 70 639 CB irons and noticed a lot of wear after just a month. They told me they use “DT- 4” metal in this forged club. It is very soft I gather. How does this relate to the OP’s original question?
  3. Get them. Your dermatologist will love you. I have two different brands. Both are from bicycling brands - Voler and Pearl Izumi. Voler is a Direct to Consumer brand. Pearl can be bought from Performancebike.com. You can wet them with water in mid summer to cool yourself. You must put them on before you are outdoors sweating. It will take a few rounds to adapt but you will not need sunscreen ever again. It’s useless after 6 holes anyway.
  4. I sorted through the DtC balls. I’ve been playing Oncore Elixr. They advertise the Vero X1 for high swing speeds but it seems like a ball I can hit with the indicated compression. I just got a dozen to try on course.
  5. I’ve been using Oncore Elixr for two years now. They are at least as good as ProV1, same cover and three piece construction and about twice a year can get bought at $20 per dozen in bulk. Good quality balls for swings in the 70-85 mph range.
  6. Hello, My name is Mike...I'm from Savannah GA...Handicap is 13 and swing speed is approx. 90-- 92...I play the Great Big Bertha driver 2016 model. Per the Ping site I'm a G400 max guy
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