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  1. This isn't a league, it's a Tournament, match play teams that to make it to the end you will play 4 times. The team won twice and would have to win twice more to win the tournament, then we move on to something else. We've had tourneys in the past where someone went on vacation and his partner did have to play alone. Just wondering what everyone else does in this case. The guys are good with not being able to have a replacement.
  2. We are in the third week of a Member-Member Tournament and a golfer on one of the Teams is hurt and can't play. We are wondering if we should allow the golfer to be replaced? This Team played against a single golfer in the second week because his partner was sick and couldn't play. The golfer will be out for months but I'm not sure this should enter into the equation. Seems to me that allowing substitutions would cheapen the Tournament, setting a bad precedent and opening the door for bringing in wringers. Hey, I've had a rough week so maybe I'm just being harsh. What do you think?
  3. We have a situation where a golfer is a 23 handicap, shot an 84 and recorded a 91 for the match. I have his card so there is proof of what he scored. I know we can put in the 84 for him but should the 91 be taken or would this be adequate punishment for highballing his score? There's always the chance that he played twice on the same day and "forgot" to put in the 84!
  4. Bob Joyce, Watertown CT, 50+ rounds per year Facebook-Finally a good reason to use it... 11.3 GHIN, 90 MPH swing speed but working on it Titleist 915 Driver, Talormade RBZ 3 wood, Talormade Burner 19 Degree, Talormade SLDR 22 & 25 Degree Hybrids, Mizuno JPX-900 Irons, 5-GW, Old custom SW, Nike Method Putter Desired Set- King F9 Speedback Driver 12 degree Loft, Speedback 3 & 5 Woods, Maybe 2 Hybrids, F9 Irons either regular length or one length which are interesting and I'd be open to try, This is a really outstanding oportunity, bring it on!
  5. - Bob- Watertown, CT - 15 - Bridgestone E-6 - I'm a low spin player and need what the MTB Red has to offer. Been fighting to get the ball higher for a couple of years and nows the time to try another ball as well as a swing modification. Looking forward to being one of the testers.
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