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  1. Mike, State College 8 foot putting green in a finished basement, three holes across the back with catch-all behind the holes. During commercials, or trips to the beer fridge, I go putt 10 balls. (3) from the left side to each hole, (3) from the center to each hole, (3) from the right to each hole, and the final ball putter's choice. Goal is to hit 10/10, but you can't move a ball if you come up short. It's helped with getting more confident with those 8-10 foot putts on the course. Green was purchased through Amazon ($50) a couple years ago, nothing special Medium Speed - 10
  2. Mike - Pennsylvania I've used a golf buddy voice caddy for the past 4 years. I like that it doesn't slow down the game because I can push the bottom (carry on my hip/belt) as I approach the ball. If I need front or back, I have to hold down the button. Sometimes it's slow to update meaning if I hit the button right as a approach my ball, then I hit it again 5 seconds later, sometimes it's a different of 4-6 yards. It also sometimes loses GPS signal at some courses midway through the round. I still usually double-check the distance regardless of what it says with a quick glance t
  3. Mike State College, PA Desired to Test: 440 Swing Speed: 92-95
  4. Thanks for all the info guys. I came to the forum asking the exact same questions. Have been getting better over the past couple of years so decided to get an official USGA handicap this year. Just logged two scores so far this year (PA just re-opened) and was surprised to see my first round had no PCC adjustment. I thought it was extremely gusty that day, and was hoping to see the adjustment, but I guess that just means I didn't handle the wind as well as other handicap scores that came in on that date I'd be curious to query a course's PCC #'s over a time frame and see it loo
  5. We did it - Golf opens today. Hit 'em straight everyone and stick to the rules so we can keep this going!!
  6. Pennsylvania just did a soft opening for Trout Season with a message to continue social distancing when doing so. This has prompted a push to let us golf in the state as well. Not sure if these change.org petitions do anything, but there is one out there to sign right now to Let Pennsylvania Golf: https://www.change.org/p/petition-to-the-honorable-tom-wolf-governor-of-pennsylvania-let-pennsylvania-golf
  7. Local 36 hold Golf Course just announced closing until early April. It's run by the local University, which is closed as well. Golf was the one thing I was hoping to do during these times
  8. Mike / PA 18 Nike Vapor Fly Irons 145
  9. Really enjoyed watching this event last year on TV. Put in for tickets in the lottery but didn't get them. May be traveling through the area that weekend and try to find a ticket outside to get on the grounds at Augusta. Anyone else go for tickets and get them? Anyone else planning on attending?
  10. Just got in, only single practice day tix available.
  11. I'm still in line, this is crazy. Did the Ryder Cup sell out this quickly last time it was in the US? This is giving me flashbacks of trying to get Phish tickets!!
  12. Thought I was special too, but now I think it's more like Ticketmaster's Verified Fan and Code program than an actual lottery. Either way, I'm in the queue!! Was looking at over events that weekend to try to hit too as I'm only going for Saturday tickets. Wisconsin is away @ Michigan Football but the Cardinals @ Cubs all weekend if your flying into Chicago.
  13. Curious if you were still using this? I hadn't used mine in a couple years and wanted to compare some of my metrics now to then. When I went to load the app on my new phone, it's now Zepp and says it's discontinued. Just wondering if you are still using this and it works with the new Zepp app?
  14. Mike/Pennsylvania 20 Handicap Nike Custom Vapor Fly Irons +2 Degree Upright The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 145
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