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  1. Mike/Pennsylvania 18 46/8 Callaway MD3 Milled S-Grind 52/10 Cleveland-588 RTX Titleist BV SM4 Vokey 60/10 Favorite Shot: When I'm 5-10 Yards off the Green and use my 52/10 Cleveland-588 RTX to land it 8-10 Yards from the hole and watch it roll in the cup. I've done in twice in the last 2 weeks.
  2. Mike/State College I use an older model GolfBuddy Voice 2 unit
  3. Mike/Pennsylvania 18 I keep a pair of the 4 foot Orange/White Fiberglass Snow Stakes in my bag that I use for practice (Alignment, swing length, etc.) and have a 7 x 2 foot putting green in my basement (not the good BirdieBall kind though). Also track putts per round on my Scorecard, current at 38.4 for past 10 rounds
  4. Mike/State College, PA 18 Nike Custom Vapor Fly Irons Steel, R Flex, +2 Degree Upright Black Cat
  5. I wasn't aware of Combine Brothers. Looks great.
  6. Mike State College, PA 100-105mph Still trying to find my golf ball - going back and forth between Titlest ProV1x & Callaway's Chrome Soft X Have never played (nor found) a Snell Ball
  7. I used to travel to Sharon, PA for work a lot and played this course a few times. Hotels within 1/2 mile of the course and all of it not more than 1/2 mile off I-80. You can also head downtown Sharon and eat at the original Quaker Steak & Lube.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'll let you know if I get to play any of those courses. Found this article to that expands into some of the interstates and good golf courses to stop and play as your driving them: https://www.golfadvisor.com/articles/taking-a-summer-golf-road-trip-check-out-these-courses-north-south-edition
  9. Started working with a new customer that has me traveling along I-84 into Western Connecticut then up I-91 into the Hartford, Springfield, Northampton area to work in Amherst, MA. Starting to look at what golf courses I should target to play both along the way and when I'm in the Northampton and Amherst, MA area for the week. Would love to hear any suggestions.
  10. 1. Michael/Pennsylvania 2. Walter Hagen Full Rain Suit (Pants & Zip up Jacket, No hood that has since turned into a pullover since the zipper's stuck!!) 3. Ocean City Golf Trip in April 2016, lucky if it was 40 degrees that day, but 1st golf of the season wasn't going to be stopped by constant mix of Cold Rain & Snow coming off the bay
  11. Finally got a full round in with these AVX. 1st two holes, my drive was 20 yards longer than my usual landing spot. Unfortunately, it didn't translate to me to use less club on my irons with what I would have used in the past sitting at those landing spots, and overshot both greens by 15 yards. 1st hole I was 105 to the pin, normally use a PW; 2nd hole was 125 hard uphill, normally use an 8i. Coming back onto the greens with my 46/8 wedge had some good feel and spin, and pulled off some nice recovery shots to be 1 over after two. Once I realized the distance I could get from these balls, it completely changed my thought process and approach after those holes. I was hitting fairways, 15-25 yards longer, and able to take one (sometimes two) clubs less into the green not just on the longer drive, but less club for more distance on the approaches. That small difference of using shorter irons (even wedges) into the green had me hitting more greens and birdie/par putts instead of par/bogey putts. Also noticed how the ball doesn't scuff or mark-up as much, so nice to see it may last longer too since it's a more costly ball. Need to compare it to a round with the DT TrueSoft now, but very happy with the AVX ball and how it can change my game play.
  12. Mike Pennsylvania 12 Nike Vapor 4-PW, Regular Flex, +2 Upright PING choice - i210
  13. I didn't see another post when searching for AVX, so thought I'd add my recent experience with them. Last week, I signed up for a Ball Fitting with Titleist at my local course. Playing with the right ball had always been a big question for me as I have always purchased on the frugal, mid-grade level vs. probably what was right for me. They had me hit a shot with Wedge aiming for a 50 yard shot first, then a 7 iron, then a driver. With each club, I had a grouping of balls that had different dots on them. After each club, I spoke with the person giving the fitting about the stats on the Trackman that was seen with each shot, the difference in the balls, and how each one felt (The others were Pro V1's and DT Truesoft). I was really surprised by the AVX balls. I traditionally have a higher flight ball that is accurate, but I'm losing distance as I'm usually a club or two longer than most other players at the same distance. This ball had a soft feel, where I could get a nice spin on it with my wedge, but could see it taking some of the upper trajectory off my iron and giving me more distance. I had about the same spin rate with my Driver across all 3 balls, but the AVX was definitely about 12 yards longer and had a different landing angle. It looks like they retail for around $48/dozen, which to me is expensive, but I've noticed I don't lose as many balls as I used to so I think it may worth trying out. I got a couple samples from them, so will post more once I get a round in with them. Curious if anyone else has hit them yet?
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