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  2. Quick teaser for tomorrow, Ian just texted me and has a couple boxes of Titleist AVX for testing. That's on the agenda for filming tomorrow morning.
  3. Patreon is basically a community of supporters that we provide exclusive content for in return for their membership. This will be things like exclusive Q&A streams just for them, behind the scenes videos, course vlog's of me and Ian playing golf, etc. It's definitely not intended to limit or section off our regular publishing of videos, in fact the financial support from that will greatly increase the quality and content of our free YouTube videos. That's really the overall vision, we want to fund the things like the swing robot, high-speed camera, production assistants, and so on. In the end every viewer is going to benefit from this, whether they contribute to our Patreon page or not. We know that any time a paid subscription is introduced, the natural reaction is to think that the content provider will be saving the best stuff for the paid members. That's definitely not what we'll be doing. We will absolutely be providing a lot of value to members, but it will be quite a bit above and beyond what we do now and not overlapping or detracting from our YouTube channel. Hopefully that addresses that question adequately, I don't want to dive into this too deeply as I'm aware that I'm a guest on this forum and we're talking about a paid platform for us. In a nutshell, the reason we went with Patreon is that we were impressed by their philosophy as less of a "money making platform" and more of a community for creators and viewers to form relationships and support each other as well as the creation of great content. Outdoor fitting videos (i.e. the wedge fitting and tests) will definitely not be limited to members, so not to worry.
  4. That is some serious dedication. I'd hop on that return flight with you in a second too!
  5. They did! (finally) We've got a different course lined up for our outdoor videos though, I'll let it be a mystery until the first video comes out (hopefully) in a few weeks.
  6. We're actually planning to do that soon, we've just recently had an invitation from an extremely nice private course north of Toronto to let us film some videos at their facility.
  7. I'm definitely not the expert, but I'd be surprised if the X spun more on partial shots just based on my experience with testing them and seeing the numbers. Then again, what you've said certainly sounds feasible. Maybe I can grab some partial wedge shot numbers for you guys next time I'm in the studio. Edit: referring to ProV1's here, not the chromesoft.
  8. Thanks for the laugh. Mods, I don't want to be disrespectful of this forum so I'm just going to hold my tongue. I really think people like that deserve to get an unrestrained response, but this is not "my house" so to speak and I respect that. Topline, your behaviour is disrespectful and thousands would disagree with every single word you've written. Except maybe the "fresh haircuts, gel styling and trendy golf clothes", we'll actually just take that as a compliment. Guys, I'm not a forum participant by nature – I started chiming in here for honest feedback which we're happy to take both positive and negative. We read every single comment and make note of everything. But again, I don't believe in letting people like Topline get away with totally off-base posts like that with no accountability. That's fundamentally wrong and something the internet community has fostered for way too long.
  9. Were you lurking in the back somewhere while we filmed this? Won't ruin Thursday's video for everyone, but there's definitely some misconceptions about the 2018 models that we (hopefully) cleared up with this test.
  10. To be clear, ignorant by definition means: "lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular". That poster clearly lacked awareness of the value of the discussion in that video, not to mention lacking awareness that calling someone's work "blabber" is neither constructive or respectful. Have to be totally honest, from the very beginning of the channel I've strongly believed in addressing almost every single comment we get whether it's positive or negative. There are way too many people on the internet taking no responsibility and having no accountability for the things they say. The good news is that generally people are respectful and reasonable, but in my opinion when someone isn't they deserve to get called out on it.
  11. I actually have no idea, as ridiculous as that sounds. To be honest I've been testing both the G400 LST and Max on the course for the last 2 weeks (using demos from the shop), so I haven't had a final club built yet. I will say that after doing the testing in that shaft balance video, it seems a heavier swing weight is up my alley.
  12. We certainly don't mind constructive criticism and we take all feedback into account, but calling 10 minutes of that video "blabber" and "nothing of substance" is pretty ignorant. If we didn't think it had any value, why would we bother including it in the video? Again, we value feedback but try having some respect and consideration for the amount of time and effort that's put into them. You're watching a video for the discussion, otherwise you might as well go read an article with data posted in a chart. Ian's fit thousands of people including tour players, the whole point of the channel is to extract his knowledge and communicate it. Literally anyone can buy a GC Quad and do this test and post the results, there's nothing unique or insightful about that.
  13. Haven't yet, to be honest I hadn't tried any of those brands prior to that test. And I believe you're right, it was the previous generation Snell not the new ones, I'll have to confirm with Ian.
  14. Special shout out to Rob on the Oncor being a part of the test, that's all down to you leaving us a sleeve during your visit. I also tried them when I played yesterday, seemed to perform quite nicely as far as I could tell.
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