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  1. Ok guys thanks for that. So it's definitely the nearest point of relief regardless if you can take your natural stance or swing the club.
  2. Hello guys I would appreciate a definitive answer to this query. I find my self on a position on the golf course where I am entitled to take relief e.g. cart path or other immovable obstruction. I figure out where my nearest point of relief is from the obstruction. However this takes me into bushes where I cannot actually take my stance properly to address the ball or swing the club. Do I need to be able to take my proper stance? Is my nearest point of relief the next nearest location where I can properly take my stance and address the ball? Or is there only one nearest point of relief and if I cant take my stance then that's just bad luck?
  3. My golf membership costs 575Euro per year. This does not include carts or range balls but you have access to play the course 7 days per week. The course it self is consistently ranked in the top 20 golf courses in Ireland. It measures over 7000 yrds from the tips but there are plenty of tee options to suit everyone. We can play golf 12 months of the year as it is a links course and is always reasonably dry. Absolute bargain IMO!
  4. Hello guys and thanks for the welcome. I am based further North than Galway over the border in Northern Ireland. Our weather at the moment is awful and we have had a really wet winter so looking forward to better weather ahead. We have some of the best links golf in the world all within about 1 hours drive eg Ballyliffen GC, Portrush GC, Portstewart GC, Co. Sligo GC, Co. Down, Donegal GC so we really are spoilt. If I had a free month I would love to play golf on the West Coast of the USA in February/March.
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