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  1. Did you really mean July for the fantasy golf season? Seems like a strange time to start it…
  2. Dibs on Johnny Hekker - if he's the best punter Belichick has ever seen that's good enough for me
  3. https://www79.myfantasyleague.com/2020/standings?L=65156&W=13 There is a new standings page, but it is the same as the week 12 standings
  4. Just realized there's a ton of spies from MA in the FF league. We might need a post-COVID FF reunion outing. Put some faces to all the names.
  5. I left 16 points on the bench if you count forgetting to activate Thielen off IR... I hope my team is peaking at the right time and not blowing their load before the playoffs start, one or the other... Great write up Berg, as a huge numbers nerd, I loved trying to see where things were playing out with 5 teams in play for a bye in our division. I've never done a fantasy league before, but this free league was by far my favorite I was in this year. 56 teams, 2 games per week, so much stimulation for a numbers guy
  6. I just read this, does this mean the waiver claims I just put in won't count? I'm confused on the wording of the "waiver blackout" "In other words, there will be a waiver "blackout" from Monday night until Wednesday. Any waiver events that you have scheduled between the end of the Monday night game and the end of the Wednesday game will be postponed until after the Wednesday game is finished being processed." Or does it just mean if your league settings is for waivers to process on Tuesday or Wednesday morning it will be delayed until Wednesday at 10 est ish?
  7. I actually like the format as is, but I would say if you're less then .500 you should have to go on the road in the wild card round.
  8. Talk about a confusing backfield you got there with CEH and Bell
  9. I'm just glad he can get his bye week he was complaining about missing. Now he can be healthy and rested for the stretch run.
  10. Off topic, but what do I gotta do to get one of those "broke 80" badges?
  11. This is the best answer. Cook a couple in your pocket on the way to the course and then alternate between two or three balls so that you're always playing a warm ball.
  12. I still find white to be the best. Can't seem to find the colored balls in the leaves. I have a buddy who will play a blue ball. It's mildly easier to find in the leaves, but I find it way tougher to track in the air.
  13. Berg do I make my waiver picks in the app or do I have to send them to you directly? Apparently because I didn't rank any kickers I never got one...
  14. I woke up to 14x14 emails for each and every pick last night. Definitely turn that off in your settings if you haven’t drafted already....
  15. I want a ride on the roller coaster, I went 7th, 7th, and then jumped all the way up to 6th! Are we allowed (read: is it possible to) trade draft picks during the draft? I like moving around the board from round to round when I draft in person with my buddies, not sure if that's doable here.
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