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  1. First Session over. I've been doing the training for a week now and here are the results so far.Superspeed Training 1st Week Apr18.pdf Happy with the results so far but the journey will be long I think. The main improvements on club had speed on average of 6mph up to 104.5mph. This means an increase in average carry distance of 19.2 yards. Which is really encouraging. The top speed has only gone up by 2mph (up to 107mph) so far but as you can see the by the results the average is significantly higher so far. What I would expect to happen with continued use is that the top speed (hopefully) creeps up above the 110mph and therefore the average sneeks up too. I will continue to post. I will also be doing a lot more core and general fitness / strength work. Enjoy.
  2. Right So here is a bit of pre superspeed information direct from SkyTrak. I suppose the key is Club Head Speed and this averaged 98.27mph over 15 driver shots with a top speed of 105mph. I have used the superspeed trainer for about a week now so I'm heading to the range to do a session and then hit 15 more drives so I will keep you posted. Pre SuperSpeed Training.pdf
  3. When the radar gun arrives I will also test this with SkyTrak.
  4. If anyone has any further questions they want answered I'm happy to focus on these also. Will make sure I look at swing changes due to Superspeed. I'll also do a pre and updated ball flight look with driver at range.
  5. Hi Everyone. I have recently purchased the Superspeedgolf.com training aids. The idea of this speed over training is to get your body to break through some swing speed barriers to add speed to your swing and therefore increase driver distance. I plan to update this with thoughts, results, photos, the odd video, to show you an honest review as I try to ramp up the speed with the big stick. Stay tuned.
  6. Huge congratulations. Looking forward to hearing how your game improves and how Cobra will help this journey.
  7. It has a few other games to play with friends. An accuracy game that yardage and closeness can be adjusted. The games that can be linked to it to play actual golf courses are good. Only downside was putting not great but gave 5ft gimmies to speed the game up. (If only this was allowed on real golf courses!)
  8. I'll get on it with a dimpled foam ball and revert back
  9. I have had the Skytrak system with iPad for about a year now. It's great. I recently took it and compared with a pro flightscope with one of our resident pros. He was impressed given the disparity in cost. The difference per shot was under 5% on most parameters, and over a 10-20 shot range the averages were almost identical. A great bit of kit for improvement your game. Also use it to play at home using The Golf Club game and this is brilliant. Pretty much any course in the world and can generally play the course that the of A tour are playing each week. Highly recommended.
  10. The swing tip that helped the best was the one below. Mainly down to better hip rotation.
  11. Hi everyone, I am a new member and wanted to say hello. I am a 12 handicapper looking to get to single figures in the next month or so. I have pick up about 6mph driver swing speed through tips from ggswingtips on Facebook. Some pretty good posts. Looking forward to sharing my golfing journey. Cheers. Nick
  12. Vice pro plus The player: Titleist pro v1 Handicap or Ave score - 12 7 iron carry distance with current ball - 172yds Trajectory - mid Putter Scotty Cameron select Newport 2.5 medium The ball: Vice pro plus 2018 Distance - same Trajectory - mid Spin - hop & stop Feel - firm Durability (1 round) - scuffed but payable Rating - Gamer Notes or writeup: Played v similar to pro v1. Got some roll on driver but can get spin round the green when it's needed. I think key with the Vice ball is price point. Almost half the price of a pro v1 with very similar feel and results. Great ball and will continue to use. link is vicegolf.com
  13. 1. Your first name and home state province Nick Northumberland, UK 2. Your current set makeup Driver taylormade m2 9.5deg Taylormade m2 3wood 15deg Taylormade m2 3 rescue 19deg Ping crossover 3 iron Pxg irons 5 - w project x pistol shafts Taylor made wedges e.g. spin groove 50deg and 60deg Titleist s grind 56deg Putter Scotty Cameron select Newport 2.5 3. Your current handicap 12 4. Your goals for the 2018 1. Get from 12 to 6 handicap 2. Improve swing speed with driver from current 104mph to between 110 and 115mph 3. Improve shot shaping Fingers crossed this opportunity is open to UK. Thanks for the opportunity
  14. Welcome to the forums NickDog :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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