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  1. I've been using Vice Pro for the last 4 years. When buying in bulk they are only $26/dozen and for me, they perform as well as ProV1's. I just don't lose as much money when I lose one!!
  2. I've been playing Vice Pro now for about 4 years. I tried all of their models to start with to compare them with ProV's which I played before. I found the Vice Pro to play very comparable for my game and at half the price of ProV's it was a no brainer for me. I tried the Vice Pro Plus and found them to feel harder than the Pro model. I like the soft feel of the Pro model and I get the same distance I was getting with ProV's. So for me, I'll stick with the Vice Pro since I buy them in bulk (5+ dozen) to get the best price that Vice offers. I also like the fact that Vice will personalize them for a minimal cost so I don't have to worry about marking my ball when I use them.
  3. On short narrow or dogleg holes where there's a danger of hitting through the fairway into trouble, I'll use 3w or a hybrid off the tee. I get plenty of distance with those clubs off the tee when needed. On average I use my driver about 10 to 12 times a round off the tee box. If I end up in the trees or other trouble and need to keep a shot really low to go under tree branches then I'll use driver off the deck to get back out!
  4. I got the same phone call from them once I signed up to their site. I don't know where the emails started from however I did pay their $3.95 shipping and got a sleeve of ProV1's so from that aspect I got a sleeve for $3.95. I turned down their offer to send me "custom built" clubs for me to test and I'm keeping a watch on my card number in case it gets used for something else. They claimed they would custom build the clubs for me based on a few questions. Since I have been fitted for clubs before, I believe there's no way you can be fit for clubs by just answering a few questions over the phone. So I told them I wasn't in a position to pay out $500 + dollars for a set of irons to test for 45 days with the promise of a full refund if I returned them. Of course they claim they would be so good that I would want to keep them in my bag. I highly doubt I would want them that bad as the difference in clubs these days is purely personal preference in my opinion. I haven't had any other calls from them since I turned down their offer to test their clubs. So, if I see strange happenings on my card that is traced to them, I'll post here again.
  5. 1. Mike - Florida 2. Hdcp = 14, DSS = 94 mph 3. Callaway Epic Sub Zero 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero Thank you for the opportunity to potentially participate!!
  6. Mike from Florida 61 yo 15 hdcp KZG XCB Custom fit 5-AW - Aerotech SteelFiber I80, R Flex 1* Flat Thanks for the opportunity!
  7. Hi Everyone! Just joined the site not long ago and still exploring the site. So far it's been great! I live in Bradenton, Fl where you can't throw a rock without hitting a golf course! LOL And of course I love living where I can play golf all year round! I manage a large golf group that was created in 1975 here in the area and we play a different course each week. Feel free to hit me up if you're in the area and want to know about the courses here. MC
  8. 1. Mike 2. Florida 3. 13.9 4. Was using Game Golf for the last 2 years till the belt device broke 2 months ago.
  9. - Your first name: Mike - State/Province/Country: Florida/USA - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup: KZG XCB 5-A, Aerotech I80, Regular flex - Your 7-iron distance: 145
  10. First name/home state or province: Mike/Florida Current driver/shaft combo: Callaway XR16 9*/Project X Handcrafted HZRDUS Yellow 5.5 Swing speed/handicap: 94-100/13.1 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft: ST-180 9.5*/Tensei CK Orange Stiff
  11. 1. Your first name and home state: Mike Florida USA ​2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed: 13.8 hdcp 94-100 driver ss 3. Your current driver: Callaway XR 16 9* Project X 5.5 flex 4. The PING G400 model you'd like to review: G400 SFT 9* Regular flex
  12. Tier 1: Rory McLroy Tier 2: Henrick Stenson Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 5: Shubhankar Sharma Winning Score: -8 Low AM: +4
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