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  1. I wonder how this owuld affect all their tour staff. I would imagine many of these pros do not want DICK's SPORTING GOODS all over their bags, but they are signed into contracts. I can also imagine that Dick's does not want the overhead of having to pay to play all these tour professionals. I will wait and see what happens. I think this would be a good business move for the current owners of Callaways (to get out while there is still value), but terrible for golf in general. Customer service is king and Dick's has a severe lack of it.

  2. 4-PW Mint Condition. Bored to .370 Seriously need to get rid of them. Have some X100s in .370 tip that are an inch long. Will sell shafts and heads for $280 Paypal TYD CONUS. Heads only $260 TYD. Thanks.



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    Paypal is cwbrion@yahoo.com

    Can also email me at that address.

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