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  1. James / California Handicap: 5 Titleist 716 AP1 7i carry ~170
  2. James / California Yes Sharpie via Template Titleist ProV1 Black Ink: PROTOTYPE
  3. mellow


  4. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Started playing seriously when I was in 7th grade and made the middle school golf team. Played throughout high school but wasn't good enough to play it in college. About a year ago my work colleague got me back into the game and I've been hooked again. So I guess 7 years playing spread out over 15 years. Scoring mostly high 70s to low 80s but can definitely get up in the 90s from time to time What do you love about golf? You can play it a ton of different ways and they're all valid. A relaxing round with buddies with little attention to score or "proper rules" is a great time. Being super focused and imagining I'm back in competition? Great! Somewhere in between? All good with me. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Initially the chance to demo and test products. I haven't won any of the Testers Wanted but that's what drew me in. Since then, reading reviews of products I'm interested in but in a real-world setting and not beholden to the marketing fluff. Where are you from? What is your home course? Chicagoland orginally. Currently in Lake Forest, CA (south OC). Home course is probably Rancho San Joaquin, walkable track at good pricing if you're in the player's club. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Pricing, there are some courses that charge way more than the conditions and design deserve (unless you head inland) Pace of play can be an issue as well. Good thing is the variety, especially further inland there are some outstanding courses that don't break the bank. What do you do for a living? Customer service / tech support / warranty / whatever needs to get done for a bicycle component manufacturer. How’d you pick your user name? Been my gamertag for a while, use it as a reminder to relax and enjoy. Works for golf too!
  5. James / California Handicap: 5 Vokey SM6 48/54/60 Favorite wedge shot is a full swing. Super satisfying.
  6. I've tried CBD for aches and pains (both isolate and full spectrum) and can't say they were effective for me in regards to pain. The full spectrum does make me a little more relaxed and has helped me fall asleep, something I have trouble with occasionally, but the one round I played after taking the full spectrum was hot garbage. So when it comes to golf, it's a pass for me.
  7. Lucas Bjerregaard Tiebreaker: -9
  8. James / Lake Forest, CA Index: 5.7 Titleist 716 AP1 Prowler VT
  9. James / California 8 handicap / 103 driver chs Pro V1x I have played the Z star once because I found one, so not enough experience for a real opinion
  10. I used the Tour SNSR grip for a short while but it was too soft for my liking, though I had no qualms on the shape. Went to a Superstroke Pistol w/ counterweight and can't see myself changing anytime soon.
  11. Glad to see I wasn't nuts in preferring a firmer feel in my balls. All puns aside, gonna send the results to my player partners who swear softer is better.
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